You’ve seen some of “those people” in your feed. They talk about “the hustle”. What the Hell does that even mean?

I think it depends on the stage of your business that you’re in.

When you’re just getting started, it means late nights and long hours and “YES” to every opportunity. It sometimes means pushing yourself, working for less than you’re worth and sometimes even watching webinars until your eyeballs burn.

Next level, it may mean finding team members to help you grow your business. The hustle becomes strategy and process and trial and error.

When we see people talking about “ease and flow”, yes it can totally happen but it doesn’t mean that you’re not doing something right if things feel HARD for awhile.

See, you have to take into consideration where you are in your business. Every successful person has done things that are tough.

They’ve taken calls in their car or their closet because they don’t have a proper office.

They’ve taken jobs that aren’t ideal to keep their business afloat.

They’ve worked long hours for little pay to prove themselves in their industry.

They did what it takes to get to where they wanted to be.

They put in the work. No excuses.