Welcome back to another episode of the Embodied Marketing podcast! In today’s episode, I am analyzing 8-figure entrepreneurs Alex and Leila Hormozi and some of the key takeaways I’ve learned by following their brand. In this episode, I’m specifically talking about how innovation and taking risks play a crucial role in the success of pretty much every company that’s successful today.

I’ll be sharing:

  • The importance of continuously experimenting and thinking outside the box in business.
  • Why you need to constantly test new ideas, content, and strategies, even when you have a successful business model.
  • Why I want you to reconnect with your unique strengths and creativity to drive your business forward.

… and so much more.

The #1 takeaway I’ve gotten from the Hormozis is that you absolutely can not stop being curious about your business and need to be willing to constantly shift and evolve. Not every experiment will succeed, but each one offers valuable lessons and opportunities for growth.

Tune in for a deep dive into these super valuable lessons I’ve learned from 8-figure entrepreneurs who are CRUSHING it right now!

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Emily Hirsh:

Hello my friends welcome back to the podcast I hope you guys are having a fabulous week I cannot believe we are almost in June and it’s summer here officially in Texas you’ll hear me complain about it a little bit on the podcast for the next few months, we officially have hit a forecast of like 92 °f high every day in the foreseeable future. So our spring is over. I have a garden that is thriving though I have to water it. I think I spent like 45 minutes yesterday just watering. And my husband’s like we can put in a drip system and I’m like I know we just haven’t prioritized it. But also I kind of like watering like it’s my meditation. You know? So anyways, it’s going to get hot. We’re figuring out our summer plans because we always leave for. As long as I can in the summer here. So anyways next week I am hosting a private retreat for my mastermind girls and I’m so excited. This is included in my 6 month mastermind and it’s coming to the end of our six months so we’ll be reopening that mastermind elevate soon probably in mid -june, and one one of the parts of the mastermind towards the end is an in-person retreat here in austin texas.


So it’s going to be amazing. We’re going to do some incredible workshops and business strategy breathwork sessions. I have a couple other guest experts coming to support and or in a beautiful house with a pool downtown Austin so all right today’s podcast episode is. More so going to be me just talking about something that I personally thought about today and felt like was an important message. And usually when I feel that that is the reason you know there’s a reason someone needs to hear it so I was thinking about an entrepreneur. That I follow which I also limited the amount of people I follow significantly in the last 30 days. So my feed when I do look at content is very very curated to only things that either I know the people personally or I get genuine inspiration from their content. And one of those entrepreneurs is the hermosies Alex and Leila Hermosi and I don’t actually agree with all of their teachings. But I mentioned this in a podcast episode a while back how it’s actually important I think that you follow people that. You don’t necessarily have to agree with everything that they say but you respect them and that’s kind of Alex and Leila. 


I think they’re incredible entrepreneurs. I don’t resonate and agree with the work 12 hours a day, seven days a week mindset anymore nor do I think that’s necessary to be successful. I think genuinely they’re doing what they love and it’s their life and it’s no one’s responsibility or right to kind of criticize that. But. You know they don’t have kids. They have a very different life and so there’s parts of their content that I don’t agree with but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect them as entrepreneurs and I think they are some of the smartest entrepreneurs I’ve ever met I’ve had the opportunity to be friends with them in person when they used to live in Texas and. They lived like 5 minutes from me and they are both very intelligent people and I get a lot of inspiration from them and I was thinking about how if you watch closely both of them but especially Alex you see. That he’s constantly experimenting with new things new types of content, new angles, new topics, new ways that he’s recording his videos and even new ideas and how he generates leads and one of the you know I knew Alex personally and so I got to watch the way that his brain thought and processed and came up with ideas and I can tell you one of his greatest assets in my opinion witnessing him is that he’s always thinking outside the box.


And so whenever he’d give business advice and I would hear it or he’d talk about his business. It was always like okay the norm is to do X Y Z The status quo was X Y Z But what if we flip that upside down and we do it this way instead and you know he’s always done that and you can see that In. All of his content and what he’s done from his webinar that he did last year to how he wrote his book and published his book, all those things and so it got me thinking about how important experimentation is and I think that way too many entrepreneurs stop. Doing this and I and I actually think people stop doing it pretty early on. But if you think about the very beginning of your business like just starting it and maybe you’re there right now. But if I reflect back on the very beginning of my business I didn’t really know what I was doing right? I didn’t know. Where I was going, what I was doing, what was going to work. What was not going to work like I Really just had the next step figured out in what I wanted to try and was dedicated to making something work. And it’s in those times where you do a ton of experimentation and I teach this in my emerge program that it’s a phase of business where you need to cast a wide net and then you need to see what works and then narrow that down.


I Don’t necessarily equate this to throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks because they don’t think it’s fully random. What you do during then like I think there’s some intention and some strategy behind it. But you still don’t know what’s going to work So the more that you try the more opportunity you have. Something will work and I think in those beginning stages because we don’t have evidence yet or we don’t have an exact strategy or an exact offer or an exact method that we know is going to work. We Try a bunch of new things and we experiment and we think creatively and it’s Like. Don’t really have anything to lose right in that stage because you’re like well I’m not getting the sales that I want yet. Anyways I haven’t really grown my business and created that success yet. So therefore I have nothing to lose to try this crazy idea because I just have nothing to lose. But then as you grow as an entrepreneur as you gain a little bit of momentum as you gain success as you maybe start making sales and generating leads and you’ve got a strategy that’s consistently working. Well then you have more to lose if you try something and it doesn’t work. Because you’re comparing that to what is working and you’re like well I have this thing I have this offer I have this strategy and it works if I try this thing over here and it doesn’t work like that’s going to take away from this but what we don’t realize is when we stop experimenting and we stop thinking outside the box.


And we stop trying new things. We are losing opportunities for something that could maybe work even better. Not to mention how important it is to try things and to evolve and and shift your business like name 1 business that in the last three four five years hasn’t evolved and is still successful. There is nothing. Like you have to evolve. The only way you’re going to know how to evolve and know what to shift and change is trying new things. So I was just thinking about how Alex has got you know the hermoses have a $100000000 portfolio right? Like they’re crushing it and they’re still yet. They’re still looking at their content and I know. Are probably saying to their team because I’ve I’ve seen these conversations before I knew them very well they’re probably saying what can we try let’s try this. Let’s try this let’s do this and they’re trying different things and actually I think it was last month that I saw Alex. Make a post about how they tried having him talk about a bunch of different topics from health to relationships like expanding out from business and that it didn’t work out for them like it wasn’t actually as.


As successful as they wanted it because it attracted people for the wrong reasons and it was an experiment they’re doing and that he was going to go back to business content and I was like that’s so cool because here’s Alex with this massive massive following and $100000000 portfolio already as successful as he could possibly probably need or want but is still in the game because he loves it testing and trying new things that he has no idea if they’re going to work or not and I just think that’s such a valuable lesson for all of us. To sit with and remind ourselves of how important experimenting is, how important thinking outside the boxes. How important it is to be unattached to trying something and if it doesn’t work. Whatever move on and I also remember and put together that I think it was like two or three months ago I saw a video from Leila Hermosy and she was like yeah it’s harder now when we try something and it doesn’t work everybody sees like everybody sees us kind of fail because we have I don’t even know what they’re following is probably like a million between the 2 of them or more and so you try something. It doesn’t work. It’s kind of obvious that it’s not working. I don’t think it’s as obvious as they think it is but still, you’ve got this big following. You’ve got this big business. You try something. It doesn’t work and you fail quote fail everybody’s going to see it gets harder right? The risk increases but not really.


Because who actually cares right? You just move on from that, you shift and you adjust and so my reminder today in this podcast episode is really to just give yourself the time to think am I still experimenting like am I still. Connecting back with myself and my connection to my ideal customer and leveraging my strengths and my gifts and what I know best because when you start a business That’s the way it is. When you’re starting a business you’re leveraging some sort of unique strength talent skill that you have and you’re leveraging that and you’re starting your business and you’re trying a bunch of things but then somewhere along the way we usually stop doing that for the most part. So am I asking myself am I doing that. Like am I creating the space for creativity whether that comes to my marketing or whether that comes to my offer my lead generation my content creation. How I connect with my ideal customers. How I connect with my customers. How I run my business. And that’s one of the beautiful things about entrepreneurship is there actually is no one size fits all this is how you do it rulebook because every entrepreneur is unique has different experiences different skill sets different strengths right.


And when an entrepreneur leverages those within their business. It’s going to look different than everybody else and so as an entrepreneur you get to make the rules you get to make the rules for how you run your business How you set up your offers how you sell them how you price them. How you market how you create content. What platforms you show up on how you build your team How you scale your company like there are no rules you get to make the rules and I think we so often forget this because we start to follow either a thread of what worked for us a little bit and we think if we. We get away from that too much then we might crumble or ruin everything or we hire a coach or we join a program or we see somebody else do it and we try to do it just like them and we forget like we are the magic and this is how you can see like I’ve seen this happen many times where. I’ll see one business doing something one way or an entrepreneur doing something one way and then I’ll literally see someone in the same industry doing it the exact opposite and both are working and it makes 0 sense like it doesn’t make logical sense. It’s like they can sell with no sales calls this high ticket offer. They cannot sell without sales calls and they have to do it this way. 


You know it doesn’t make sense but it’s possible because that is the game of entrepreneurship you create this culmination of your strengths your experience your gifts with your connection with your audience and it’s extremely unique and part of that has to come from experimentation from thinking outside of the box and if I think about some of my best and most successful ideas. And initiatives, projects or offers that I’ve done. It’s when I turn the noise off from everybody else and I go inward and I think about my connection to my ideal customer. What would light me up. What would be easy and natural for me. And leverage my strengths and then I create from that place right? and sometimes it doesn’t make sense to people around you. Sometimes you’re even like I don’t know how I’m going to do this but I’m going to do it so today for myself included. We’re going to just think about what would it look like if we experimented just a little bit more if we detached ourselves from everything having to work right away or it has to work or it’s a complete waste of time and realize that actually the more you try things. Obviously with intention behind them. But the more you try things the more you actually create opportunity for something you maybe didn’t even think about before coming to life and it could be your best idea yet your best pivot yet your best offer yet. But you’re not going to know it’s like that saying we don’t know what we don’t know.


And if we stop experimenting we will put ourselves in a place where it’s like we’re we’re on a treadmill and we’re doing the same thing and it’s groundhog day and we’re like why is it my business growing and now I’m so bored and I’m getting burned out and I’m not fulfilled and I’m not lit up and it’s like because you stopped. Putting life into your business. You stopped experimenting, you stopped getting creative. You stopped thinking outside the box you stopped creating from a place of connection to yourself and your ideal customer because for whatever reason you got in your mind that somebody else had the answer or somebody else had the exact strategy. So. I felt inspired to share that with you guys today. I thought that it was a cool kind of example that I picked up on. And I also like I said I know the hermosies and I know that Alex the way that he thinks is a huge contributor to his success because he’s able to think differently he blazes the trail. And I think the more you can do that as an entrepreneur the more opportunity and success you create and also in order to do that a lot of times we have to turn off the noise where we have to limit the noise and we have to filter the noise so you hear a podcast or you read a book and you’re like I’m going to take this and I’m going to leave this because that wasn’t. In alignment with me right now and it doesn’t make it bad. It doesn’t make the person bad like I said. I think it’s important to get a lot of different perspectives on things but you also have to have intention behind your consumption so that you don’t allow it to subconsciously alter your actions.


Right? Everybody thank you so much for tuning in. We have a special series coming up soon. So I’m excited for some announcements and free resources that we’ve been working on for a while that get to release soon and I will talk to you all next week.