If there is ANYTHING that can make a case for consistent, valuable content it’s THIS → I literally have a client who followed me for over a year – engaging with my social posts, listening to my podcast, reading my marketing emails — knowing that she wanted to work with me, but I didn’t have the right offer for her yet. Then, the day I opened enrollment for my mastermind we exchanged two DMs and she dropped $25k, paying in full. Since then she has enrolled in more of my offers and has referred several other clients to me. In this episode, I am sharing the behind-the-scenes of all of this, and how you can nurture your audience in such a way that creates a “snowball” effect in your business.


I’ll be sharing:

  • Why nurturing your audience with consistent, high-quality content is vital for long-term success.
  • The reasoning behind why immediate return on ad spend (ROAS) should not be the only metric guiding your marketing efforts.
  • How to play the long-game in business to scale quickly while making an IMPACT!

… and so much more.

So many business owners neglect or underestimate the consistent, no-strings-attached content because it doesn’t directly lead to immediate sales (most of the time), but when you’re too focused on the immediate ROI you lose the opportunity to truly connect with and build a relationship with your audience.

Relationships that lead to $25k sales and life-changing impact.

Tune in for how YOU can nurture your audience and leverage your content to achieve long-term gains and take your business to new heights!

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Emily Hirsh: 


Hello my friends, welcome back to the podcast I am sitting here after hosting my mastermind my elevate mastermind retreat last week and oh my gosh I feel like if I talk too much about it I might cry. I still have so much processing if you’ve run retreats and or you’ve run events or you’ve created experiences where you know I’m not exaggerating and I’m not trying to make it sound better than it is but you literally change someone’s life. It’s incredible and overwhelming and takes a second to process after and just really comprehend and fully allow the space for the immense gratitude. Like that’s the best way I can describe it: the gratitude that I feel for my path and the people and the experiences that have contributed to where I am today that has allowed me to now create. This level of an impact so I and the retreat ended yesterday in the morning and I know now better than before than you know a year ago to really honor the need for space and processing and so I finished up the retreat and.


I knew I couldn’t go straight home to my kids. I needed an hour so I stopped at my favorite coffee shop and I just kind of journaled and processed and I could feel that I was like on the verge of beautiful tears. But when you hold a retreat. You are the facilitator so you’re holding the space for everybody else’s processing and transformation and I mean we went deep like we went so deep and it was so beautiful but I could feel that and so I then I talked to a friend and came home. A long meditation long journal went out to my garden and just got 10 hours of sleep last night. I took care of me because I really on such a deep level now can see that I have to not have to I get to do. The work and walk the path and hold my own energetic space and really create the opportunity for me to lead the way in so many ways but it starts with me and so. In the past when I’m teaching about only marketing, which marketing is amazing and I’ll never that’s what this podcast is going to be about. But you know you can get away with teaching marketing and not really doing the work on yourself right? or.


Hustling and not having any capacity or stillness or deep like reflection and introspection and processing when you want to do this work where you are holding a massive amount of space for processing. Generational trauma and beliefs that people have believed for forty plus years you’ve got to do the work to be a leader meaning you have to look at those things in yourself. What those beliefs are that you have in those patterns and those things you’re not seeing and and a lot of times. That has to come from I believe mentors outside of you mentors and and learning from others and so I finished up the week and I think it was day two I texted my husband I texted my husband and I said you know I have a moment in the morning to myself before I kind of kick things off and. I said this is my purpose like this work is my purpose and I’m so grateful and I said I can guarantee you in a year from now these retreats are going to be completely sold out within days of us announcing them because they are that good I just got goosebumps saying that. Because they’re life changing like absolutely life changing and it’s not all me like yes I create the experience but I bring in the tools and I curate an experience in a specific order and very intentional.


But I brought in experts. I brought in workshops that I’ve personally participated in that somebody else taught me like I curated this into an experience bringing all of my past experience into one and I just feel like I am I’m like a vessel of this work. You know it’s not me. It’s not like It’s not the same as teaching my marketing knowledge right? It’s an embodied experience. It’s not tactics. It’s not strategies and the beautiful thing is everybody says this even myself once I realize this you guys as business owners. You think the answer is in. The tactics and in the strategies and give me the checklist and give me the 1 2 3 and what to do and I get it because that was me less than a year ago I get it and I was actually frustrated I was like I don’t understand I want to be here tell me what I need to do and I’ll do it and that has a place. The tactics and the strategies have a place but they will not go very far without the deeper layer work around your beliefs who you want your future self to be which oftentimes requires undoing beliefs. Without bringing up and processing trauma that is holding you back because you’re stuck in a cycle. You’ve built your entire identity around something. That’s really not serving you but it is and when you address those the tactics the strategies become so much easier.


So much more clear and one of the things that is a part of my mission is I think there’s a place for both. I think the tactics, the strategies, the masculine if you will of business the get shit done is very important and there’s a lot of people who teach only 1 or the other. Think that has an absolute place. It is necessary and I will continue teaching it for as long as I can imagine right now. However, the other side needs to be fully integrated with the strategy and with the tactics and it’s one of those things where. Like just trust me on it because you don’t know until you know and then once you know you can’t unknow. So once you realize like oh this is the work like this is what’s going to take you know a few days of me doing this work and create. Years worth of progress like this is not a knowledge from my brain. It’s a knowing from deep within me then you never go back because once you have that secret and you’ve actually experienced it. It’s such a hack if you want to use that term. It’s not the easy route like are you kidding me? I mean it’s deep exhausting work to be addressing lifelong beliefs and bringing awareness to your patterns and your habits and all these things but it is so rewarding. So anyways, I text my husband and they said I found my purpose and I said.


I think I now know why I was so deeply called to all of this work I’ve done since October of last year. It was so that I could walk the path and then lead the way for others who are brought into my world and I knew back then that I was being called to something different. And at first I definitely thought it was just for myself like I’ve always chased you know, improving and growing but I didn’t realize it wasn’t just for me. It was so I could create the space for others and when you walk through an experience that. Not only changes the lives of others but actually is going to have a generational impact like as soon as 2 of these women who left last week in my mastermind they shared exactly how this was going to impact their kids like if they immediately went home and changed. The way I just got full body chills they went and changed the way that they were communicating with their kids showing up for the kids like oh like the power in that is so deep and so rewarding and I’m just so grateful. So. I’m not going to start crying because that’s not what this episode is about but I just have to share it because it’s deep on my mind coming fresh off the mastermind and the beautiful thing is in about two and a half weeks I get to do this again in Alaska and I’m so excited we do still have 1 spot left right now.


Um, so if you’re interested in still coming to Alaska I can guarantee you it’s going to change your life I can guarantee you that there was someone considering it and she’s like I don’t know if it’s a good business decision and I said is it a good short-term or long-term business decision like are you looking at only the next month and you know the impact and how much you have to do and and if it’s good. Are you looking at the long term of transforming yourself and then she was like oh yeah, it’s the long term. So um, if you go to embodiedmarketing.com/retreat. You’ll see Alaska and if you’re interested in being a part of my elevate. Mastermind you can go to embodiedmarketing.com/elevate and get on the waitlist. We’re probably opening the doors to that in mid -june all right? So today’s podcast episode is inspired by finding something out about 1 of my mastermind girls and. I had to share this with you guys because I think this speaks to the power of marketing so deeply but also the power of consistency. So one of my mastermind girls is incredible. They all are, but. This one in particular she signed up for my mastermind before I even really launched it like within an hour pay in full signed up. Um, no sales call just two dms painful I think I did a podcast episode on the fact of.


Ah of like yes I could say oh I made 25 k in one day or I could look at the years I spent nurturing this individual. She’s also gone on to refer many people to our company. She also now works with us as a done for you. Highest level client. She is also going to Alaska so her. What you would call customer value for my company is extremely high and so when we were at the retreat I was like how did you first hear about me like I was just curious and she’s like you know what get this? you guys she goes. It was a visibility ad in 2021 I saw one of your content ads and I started following you and I started listening to your podcast and I wasn’t ready to become a den for you client because I had my ads pretty in control. Pretty easy, pretty low maintenance. I did a call with your team because I wanted to work with you so bad. But I wasn’t ready and so as soon as you launched the mastermind. It was what I was waiting for and I was like holy shit a visibility ad that if I was to put a guess of the value that she has. It brought my company between referrals, all of the offers she signed up for and like the customer value I mean’s $100000 from 1 person from a visibility ad you guys and did I know that no could I track that absolutely not.


Right? There’s no tracking software that’s going to track back and say this individual came from this specific ad months ago a year ago and signed up for your retreat or your mastermind this is the power of marketing. This is the power of consistent marketing. So I want to talk about this because if you like I do believe that our industry and the level that we can track which is a positive thing the level that we can track has. Taken away from us understanding an intention that should be behind all the marketing that we do so let me explain. We now have the capability to track and say exactly how many leads we got exactly how many sales we got from those leads therefore an exact. Ah, Roa or roi on our marketing ads spend which is great. What we can’t see is the things like this is the individual who saw the visibility ad who went to follow the Instagram , who consumed my podcast for a year and then spent $25000 in a day with my company. We can’t see that with tracking it’s impossible. There’s no software out there. There’s no ability to track to that level. So when we allow our actions and our motivations to be only influenced deeply by the immediate return on ad spend.


Which is an important number. It’s not an if or that it’s and here we need both. But if we only see that as the reward for what we’re doing with our marketing. We’re missing an entire opportunity and if you think back to marketing before Facebook ads. Years ago, right? How did companies market billboards radio ads door-to-door sales maybe flyers now. Could you track from any of those. Immediate like we got 100 leads and 2 sales from this flyer in this restaurant? No, right? You did it for what purpose visibility brand awareness and and you did it as a business. No questions asked like that’s how you market it. It was to get my company in front of as many eyes as possible trying to be in front of the right people of course like you’re going to go on a radio ad and hope that the listeners and try to be strategic that it’s the right? The right audience same with the billboard same with where you put your flyers. Like you have some strategy behind it. But it’s a non-negotiable that you do that because that’s how you marketed your business now with digital marketing which has so many upsides to it. We’ve kind of forgotten about that though, we’ve forgotten about that intention.


And so there is a piece to your marketing that you will not be able to see the immediate return and the intention and the goal needs to be consistency. So if we break down what has brought me this individual in my mastermind. And the amount of revenue that I’ve generated from the relationship with her. What did I do? Well 2 things visibility ads and consistent content after she was in my world and I did it without a strings attached so number one to do is. If. You don’t have consistent visibility ads and consistent lead generation ads where you see your audience growing every single day and your leads in your list growing every single day you are missing out on opportunity and you are not seeing the long term. Now. Of course if you’re in the process of building out a funnel or creating your offer. You might not be ready for lead Gen ads but that’s a goal that every company should have every company should have a goal that in the near future if you’re not already, you are growing your audience and you’re growing your list and you understand that the value of that goes beyond the immediate reward. Return on ad spend. We need return on ad spend. We don’t want to be not profitable with our ads. So if I go back to 2021 when she saw my visibility ads when I was running ads they were profitable but I actually don’t even care if I just break even like let’s say I do a live launch or I do something and I run ads.


I don’t care if I just break even on those initial ads because I know that the 98% of leads that I got who have not taken action yet some are going to in the future I know that because I’ve proven it time and time again I can see the long term investment. So what was I doing right? then. Running visibility ads running lead generation ads committing to I need to see a minimum of a break even return on ad spend and also I know that my commitment is to do this consistently to do this every day without question as strategically as I possibly can. Trying to get it as profitable as I possibly can of course looking at sales metrics looking at quality of leads but also understanding this is playing into a much bigger picture and not being so hooked on the short-term result that I’m blinded by the fact that this is supporting my business a year from now. And then the second thing is once somebody’s in my world following me on social media or on my email list right? My podcast I have consistent content to nurture them with out strings attached because what is nurturing is not. Let me put out 7 podcasts and if I don’t get a sale I’m quitting nurturing is being there for your audience. No matter what it’s showing up to your committed amount frequency and quality of content. No matter what? so for me.


That’s been twice a week since I started my podcast I mean we’re on what like 630 something episodes I don’t know the direct roi my podcast has brought me its purpose is actually not direct roi its purpose is to build a relationship with the people that my ads are bringing in and that are coming into my world. And when they are ready they will buy 1 of my offers and I trust that and I do it with no strings attached, same with my Instagram I don’t see social media as a large percentage of the purpose behind it is growth. I see it as a nurture tactic. I understand yass you grow followers and that’s like maybe 10% of the purpose behind it. But more than that it’s about the relationships you build with the people who follow you and being consistent and getting all those touch points and for this specific individual. I didn’t have an offer that was right for her yet. But then as soon as I did she was buying it within an hour so this speaks to the power of consistency and to not allowing the short-term rewards to overshadow the long-term gains. And to understand that a part of the purpose behind marketing is yes making immediate return on ad spend I get it ideally, you need to be at least breaking even if not profitable a lot of our clients are 3 x four x return on ad spend some even higher. There’s still a long-term payoff for them.


They are still getting probably 90% plus of their leads who are not buying right away as future sales so understanding that a portion of your marketing is also for the long term gain for the consistent visibility of the consistent lead Gen and what happens is you eventually hit this point. Or it’s a snowball where you know that no matter what as long as you’ve got an audience and you’ve got leads. You can put out an offer to serve them and it doesn’t matter what’s happening with the economy, your business society the industry you’ll be fine because you have that your audience and your leads are the foundation to your success. That’s how I know my business will always be fine I don’t care what happens with the economy I’ll just pivot and keep serving them and I’m going to be fine because I grow my audience and my leads every day and I do it as a non-negotiable and we do it as strategic as possible but still. Intention behind it is consistency so allow this to really make you think, have you been so focused on the short term gains that you’re not looking at the long term. Do you have a strategy that prioritizes consistency. If you look at your business the last six months and you look at how many leads you’ve gotten how much audiences you’ve grown. Is it very much. Are there intentional actions and resources being put into that from your business because if there’s not It’s a huge opportunity for you and you’re gonna have to commit for.


More than a month to see that start to pay off three six months and then you hit that snowball and then all of a sudden people have been following you, maybe participating in one of your live launches. They’re ready now to buy you’ve already paid for the lead. You’ve already paid for the audience you’ve nurtured them and they’re ready. I promise you it happens in every business. So I wanted to share that story with you guys. Thank you so much for tuning in. Thanks for listening to my beginning clip about the mastermind. I appreciate the space to share some of these things intimately and vulnerable with you guys because I feel like this audience is like my family and um. I love being able to show up exactly who I am and whatever you know is happening in that day and hopefully kind of provide that insight and therefore value for you all right? I’ll talk to you all on Thursday.