Following my life-altering Alaskan retreat last week, we’re talking about tapping into your intuition, inner knowing, and purpose so that you can run your business from a state of flow, not force. I’m exploring the concept of balancing masculine and feminine energies to unlock creativity, achieve clarity, and elevate business success.


I’ll be sharing:


  • Insight into the Alaskan Embolden retreat and some of the exercises we did to help my attendees achieve MASSIVE breakthroughs.
  • My journey from a rigid, checklist-driven routine to embracing a more balanced and intuitive approach to running my business and showing up for myself and family.
  • How you can CREATE space for flow by going on walks without your phone in the morning, doing activities that help you connect with yourself and others, and breaking away from your day-to-day routine.


… and so much more.


This conversation of masculine and feminine energy has the potential to be convoluted and abstract. I know I didn’t really “get it” a year ago, but now that I fully understand how to leverage these energies to help me not only thrive in business but operate from a sense of purpose I will never go back.


With this episode, I challenge you to step out of your rigid structure and mindset and step into the possibility of having more than you could have ever imagined.


“Business gets to be this easy. Success gets to come through ease and flow, not force.”


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Emily Hirsh: 


Hello and welcome back to the podcast. I am back home from Alaska. If you followed my stories last week, it was unreal. Like every part of it, the women there obviously were incredible. Everybody who was there was like, okay, there’s a bigger thing happening. There’s a reason you’re here. There’s a reason we’re all together. And then on top of that, I mean the experiences that we had were amazing. Alaska is so beautiful, so much untouched beauty there and just an energy and you just instantly feel such a deep connection.


And I was telling the girls on the last day that since I really committed to my May 4th event really since I took my 30 days off in February and then the things that have come from that so Alaska is one of them the event I did in May the retreat my mastermind like there are so many ah small but yet so big synchronicities that happen in such an immense amount of ease that it’s actually crazy. It’s not crazy because this is how it works, but I was never able to run my business like this. like If I look back a year ago, in how I would have run a retreat like I don’t think I would have been able to definitely not to the level that I am now and like the profound transformation that happens but I would have been way too stressed and way too worried about extreme structure and like rigidity and controlling everything that I don’t think I would have been able to let go enough to let it flow and When I run these retreats, I learned this from a mentor of mine, but they don’t know what’s happening. So like each day is a surprise because I want them to show up and really practice receiving and not needing to like be in control and know everything. And I went to a retreat and this is the way it was structured and it was extremely beneficial because it was one of the first times that I was in that experience.


And so I plan the week, but I leave open space for things to flow. Like we might need longer on one thing. Someone might have a breakthrough or might really need some sort of a workshop that I literally come up with that day. And then we end up teaching that workshop. It feels like I’ve planned every detail, but so much is like also letting it flow. and And this last week, like everything from, I mean, two examples I can think of. First of all, the workshops were really not off the cuff, like I knew what I was going to teach, but I would base them off of what we just did and kind of the state people were in. And then I’d bring them into a workshop and then as I’m doing the workshop,


It would kind of evolve. It’s kind of how I do this podcast too, like very intuitive. Anyways, so we had multiple occurrences of actually what we were doing, like working out perfectly. One of them, which was fun, was there’s a town called Whittier in Alaska and there’s a one lane tunnel literally through a mountain to get to it. It’s the longest tunnel in the United States. And it shares like cars and trains go through it and it’s one way. So you can only drive through the tunnel to get to the town on the half hour of every hour. And then they close it and they switch it for the traffic going through the other way. So I knew this, right? But we’re going about our day and we had our hike and like, I didn’t know how long things that we’re going to take. Like I didn’t know how long a five mile hike was going to be and then lunch. And we pull in to go into this town and it’s like.


12 29 like one minute before and i’m like this is so weird because i didn’t plan for us to be that on time like it just happened for all i knew we were gonna have to wait 20 minutes and then same thing we go to whittier we we do what we want to do there we go shopping a little bit in the little shops it’s like a little fisherman town we we go to leave and it’s like three minutes before the top of the hour when we leave and i’m like of course and then Get this. So Alaska is very foggy. If you’ve ever looked into going to Alaska or you go to Alaska, then you know this, but it’s very rare to see Denali Mountain, which is the biggest mountain in the United States. It’s like more than 20,000 feet tall.


It creates its own weather so it’s super rare. I went to Alaska last year with my husband and we didn’t even get to see Denali like not even get close to it like we didn’t even see it from where we were which was at one point pretty close to where you could have like seen it if that it was clear. We wanted to do a flight tour last year, my husband and I, and we tried for like three or four days and it was canceled every day because of the fog and the weather. Okay. So I planned a flight tour to be the grand finale on the last day of the retreat, already pre-planned, like planned before I even could see the weather forecast. Okay.


The only crystal clear and I mean crystal clear day of the week was the day we had the flight tour. And I’m like, this is not me. Like this is, I didn’t plan this. I didn’t look at the weather forecast and say, Oh, I bet you, you know, Friday is going to be clear. Like this was planned three weeks ago before there was a weather forecast. And we asked the guide, not to mention also, we had a freaking bad-ass female pilot, 23 years old, fly in our plane, like so cool. And you so we asked her, we’re like, how often do you get to get to Denali? Like how often is that? And she’s like, oh, last summer, not a single time that I flew there. Was it clear enough to go to Denali? This summer it’s happened one other time. Like this is so rare.


So I was like freaking out. I’m like, you guys have no idea how incredible this is. And we go into it to the plane and I asked the company that the people working there and the pilot, I’m like, are we going to get to see Denali today? And they’re like, Oh yeah. Like you’re going to fly through it. You’re going to fly through the mountains and we’re going to go land in a glacier lake in the mountain range. And I was like, what? Like, are you kidding me? And she’s like, yeah, you know, it’s good enough weather. We get to do that. And you guys, like, if you saw my stories, you know, photos and videos can’t even do it justice. And even those were absolutely beautiful. 


It was the most stunning, unreal, beautiful experience I have ever had in my life. And I’ve had a pretty some epic trips and epic experiences. It was unreal. We were in the mountains of Denali like right next to them, flying through these untouched Gorgeous mountains and then we landed in this Glacier Lake Nobody there like it’s in the middle of the mountain range sunny short sleeve shirts on Never happens and we’re flying. I mean it was incredible and at one point we were flying and I just started crying I’m like I I I have no words. Like this is, I can’t believe this is my life. I can’t believe this is happening right now. I’m so grateful. And I was just overwhelmed with that. So not to mention the amount of breakthroughs and business strategy and business ideas. And it was exactly as I intended. I know I’m going for a while on this, but it was exactly as I intended it where like some of the best business strategy talks that we had were on the five mile hike. 


Or on the last night, we sat down just hanging out. It was like 11 p.m. We needed to go to bed, but we sat down at the kitchen table and we started bouncing a couple of things and talking about one of the girls had a launch coming up. And then from that came like, hey, what if you did this? And I was like, what if you did this? And then all of a sudden this idea was born that was right in front of her and right in front of us this entire time. for a specific offer that like everything fell into place. Every problem that she had before about like, should I do this or should I do that? Everything she’d done up until that point, even experiences way before her business now made sense. It was insane. It was like, I had goosebumps in that conversation and I was like, this was my intention. 


Like that is, was my vision for this retreat was that you’re not stuck inside in these workshops like all day to get your breakthroughs but you are having freaking fun and adventure and connection and you get your soul and you feel alive and then you go to have a conversation and you have the best idea you could have ever come up with or you have this huge clarity or this huge but limiting belief of yours pointed out and that was like the exact experience for every single one of them the entire week. And, you know, after the retreat, we have a chat group with the girls. And I mean, every day is still right now, my phone, it’s like, this has happened that, that, that’s incredible for me. Like so-and-so reached out to me and has 65,000 followers and out of the blue asked me to be on her podcast. And I got three pay in full sales while I haven’t been on my computer in a week. 


Like all these things that it’s like, Oh my gosh, business gets to be this easy. Like success gets to come in that way and through ease, through flow and not this force. And me of all people did not understand this just about a year ago. Like I did not understand this. So that’s what I want to talk about today is this concept because It is such a challenging concept to explain because it’s not something you can teach logically. And the me a year ago, this used to frustrate the shit out of me because I was like, give me the steps. Give me the manual. Like tell me exactly what to do so I can have that. And my mentors were always like, it doesn’t work that way. Like it’s an experience. It’s a feeling. It’s a knowing. And I was always honestly so frustrated by that. So if you’re listening to this and you’re like, what does that even mean? I’m going to attempt to explain this because I know we’re logical beings. And if you haven’t stepped into doing business in this way, I am telling you with all of my being, it will change your life. Especially if you are a female business owner. 


This is extremely important because it allows us to operate in a way that is so much more beneficial to our creativity and actually leveraging what is already inside of us. And I do talk about this in business, like leverage what you’re already good at, right? That’s a shortcut. Like set up your business and set up your life so that there isn’t resistance and you’re in that flow. And so doing business in this way for everybody, but especially a female, is life changing. And so just hear me out while I explain this. I’m going to try to explain it. It’s a challenging thing to put words into. And it’s like, I always say like, once you know, you know, you come to one of my retreats or you were in my mastermind and you have an experience with me that allows you to open this up and see it. You know, one of the girls, and my mastermind, she came to my retreat and the mastermind retreat, and she said, you know, we we were about to do a big breathwork session, and she was like, I just don’t understand, like, what is the work? Like, everyone talks about doing the work, and then they feel more at peace, and they feel this huge growth, and they wake up and all these things. And she’s like, what is the work? Like, what are the steps? And she asked this before breathwork, and I said, and the facilitator too just said, let’s actually ask that question after. We go through this experience and from there we went into like a three hour long breathwork, talking experience processing. And she had the biggest breakthrough probably of her life and was beautiful to watch. So incredible. 


And there’s a picture of her with the breathwork facilitator. mid breakthrough that is extremely powerful. And I showed it to her after and I said, this is the work right here. Like you can’t know it logically. You can only feel it anyways. I’m going to explain this and we’re going to see if this helps you. If it makes sense. If it doesn’t like, honestly. listen through and see what can come through for you, but you may not yet be in a place that this makes sense or you might be like, okay, like I’m totally open to this. So this is the concept of creating harmony between the masculine and the feminine. And this is not like, I feel like masculine and feminine at this point, it’s overused sometimes. And it was something, you know, a year ago, I would have rejected, I would have been like annoyed by this concept. So it’s funny that I’m now talking so much about it, but it’s because I understand it, but it’s not a new concept. Like this is, you can go back in religions, in all different spiritual teachings, and they they teach this. It’s also the same as like yin and yang, right? Which is a very common way of looking at two energies. And basically the masculine represents doing. The masculine represents executing the logical brain. And most people live very much all the time in the masculine. The masculine is very important. And this doesn’t matter men versus women. Both need harmony between the two.


So the masculine is also the yang on yin and yang. It is the, the go get it, the do it, the logical, the movement, the energy output type of energy, right? So as business owners, we spend a lot of time in the masculine. And the masculine is essential. like You need that. You need to get shit done in your business. No matter how you know how you look at it, like you need it. And you’ll sometimes see entrepreneurs who are actually too far on the feminine energy side, which is also yin. And they’re like in the clouds, like they have all these ideas and they’re in flow and they’re happy, but nothing’s getting done. Like you need the masculine. Okay. More often than not, there’s an imbalance, especially for women that were way too much in the masculine. And this is. where I was, right? I was like a robot, like just do it. The habit truckers and execute and like push and oh, here’s a challenge. I’m just going to push through it. I’m going to make it happen. I’m going to constantly be doing and I’m never going to pause and take a second to be. I didn’t know how. 


And especially high performers who thrive off of structure and discipline and really creating such extreme structure in their life that they can’t even feel anything anymore. That was me and one of um the girls on the mastermind was talking about how ah they set up their day and this is like so funny. They set up their day. This is funny because this was me. This was me a year ago. They set up their day. They have the morning ritual and the afternoon ritual and the evening ritual. They have the checklist and they can’t go to sleep. They can’t go to sleep until the checklist is done. And I’m laughing because this was so me not that long ago. And they were saying it in a way of like, it’s so great because they get all these habits done. And like, this is this is the key to being super productive and making sure you still do your workout and all these things, right?


And I just smiled and I said, you know, those are all really great. And they do have a plus like having rituals, having routines, having habits for sure. I have that too. Right. But when you get so into crossing off the habits and crossing off the things, then the intention behind why you’re even doing those things is now lost. And the connection to yourself. and your body is not there anymore. And so I have the habits. I have all of those things, but I also understand the harmony now between going, let me check in with myself for a second and see, do I want to do this today? Is this serving me today? It’s not always want because there are sometimes things that you know We don’t want to do, but it is in our best interest. Another way to put that is like, is it dream affirmative? right Is it something that is going to move me towards my dream, my goals, and in in my highest version of myself? right Or am I just doing it to check it off the box and could I use something else? So anyways, I shared that. I said, you know when you live your entire day off of a checklist, And this rigid, rigid routine, you are a robot at that point. You might as well be a robot, right? Because you’re not feeling anything. You’re not experiencing it in anything. The intention behind why you’re doing things is now to check it off a box versus actually experience it. So that’s the masculine. 


The feminine represents flow, ease, creativity, energy giving activities, right? So if we look at an actual activity that it represents, it’s like calming yoga compared to CrossFit, which is masculine, right? And the feminine is also very important. This is our oftentimes connection to our body, our feelings. It is really where you access that deeper level of creativity, where there isn’t the structure, it’s the feeling, it’s the being. And a lot of times in business, we see this and perceive this as unproductive because it doesn’t always feel productive when you’re in that space. And so the ultimate goal.


The ultimate outcome is that you find harmony between both of these, masculine, feminine, yin, yang, you need both. And I think it is very rare to find someone who is an entrepreneur, especially female, who is embodying both of these. I tend to find that you have someone who is very extreme on one side or the other. You have sometimes spiritual female entrepreneur teachers who are very far in the feminine, but their business isn’t getting shit done. Like the ideas aren’t being executed. They aren’t taking all of this creativity and this flow and the and everything they experience in the feminine and bringing it to life with the masculine. And so you see that oftentimes in the spiritual space I fight because people there are naturally more into feeling and their body and the feminine. But you again, you need the masculine or you get the other side of the pendulum and you get someone who’s super extreme in the masculine, especially some female entrepreneurs and all male, like most men are fully very much in the masculine, which they can be a little bit more. And this means you know they get shit done, grind it out, like how I used to be. If you go back and listen to my podcast a year ago, this was me. And I thought this was how it was done, right? And so you need both of these. You need the creativity, you need the flow, you need the ease, and you need the execution and the doing. And when you can fi when you can feel what both of these feels like,


It will change your entire life. So I want to talk about, so first of all, explain that concept. And now I want to try to bring some actual tangible ways that you can experience this more because it’s, again, it’s a feeling. It’s like, once you know, you know, but you, there is no manual for how to get there. But when I look at the women who just came to my retreat and I look at what just unfolded and this has happened in my mastermind. This has happened in both retreats I’ve held and I look at the experience and then I see these messages come through and I watch the transformation of the business ideas.


Every single one of them after leaving the retreat has sent some sort of thing that either just dropped right in their lap like an opportunity or a sale or they, you know, had this idea right after this retreat, these things are coming through. And the reason like that is ultimately what you would call alignment. The reason that they are able to access that is because they were able to come back to their body. They were able to come back to their heart, to that connection. And that’s done through feminine energy. And so this is the key to so much in business. What you have to understand is that business done to the extent of unlimited potential and growth, must have some sort of flow and ease to it. That doesn’t mean you don’t work hard. That doesn’t mean you don’t put in time. That doesn’t mean some seasons are going to require more grinding. Hard work is not the same as force. Force is like when something isn’t working and you’re getting pushed up a wall and you’re still trying to push through that wall.


Force is when you have those moments and those feelings of like, I really freaking hate this right now, but I’m just going to keep doing it anyways because I don’t have a choice. Force is the only way to do this is this, right? Ease is not also the same as easy. Ease means flow. Ease means lack of resistance, right? So when you create the space in your business to embody both of these sides of the spectrum, masculine and feminine, what that looks like is you give yourself this space to create alignment through connecting back to yourself, your heart, what you feel, what your intuition says and you allow the space for creativity. You get out of the rigid box that we’ve often put ourselves in or the constant doing and you pause. I love finding this through a stillness practice. It’s found in the places that are least Intuitive, I don’t want to say intuitive. It’s found in the places that are not where we typically go to find answers because we are so conditioned that the answer only can come from doing or the answer can only come from somebody else. 


And most of the time, the answer you already have. It might take a coach or a mentor to help you see it and give you the perspective or create the space for you to have the stillness to find it. But you know, my rule of thumb, like now in my business is if I’m experiencing a day with extreme force and I feel like I’m pushing up against that wall and like nothing’s really working and I have all this resistance. I just am like, we’re gonna do this tomorrow. Like nothing is as urgent as we make it and I need to pause and I need to think about this and I need to come back to myself, right? So when you can find that in business, so what that looks like is having that space. That space for what does alignment look like to me? What would light me up? What would light my soul on fire? What feels like the path of least resistance, not the easiest path.


Oftentimes the path of least resistance is filled with discomfort, right? So it’s not easy in terms of like you sit back and do nothing and then you pair that with Executing the shit out of it when you know, it’s right and this is a constant dance, right? You are constantly going back and forth between these two energies and And I feel sometimes like when I talk about them on social media, like I was going to just talk about this in a story, Instagram story. And I was like, it just needs more concept because it needs more context to it because it’s not like you just sit back and you’re like, okay, like I’m going to just manifest and I’m going to see what comes to me and it’s going to drop in my lap you are creating the space to turn inward, to get quiet, to connect. Like we are so disconnected from ourselves and we have so much wisdom. And the ironic thing is we usually use that wisdom when we first start our business without even realizing it. And then as we get into newer territory, that we haven’t ever been in before or that we feel unqualified for, we start ignoring that wisdom. We start second-guessing it, right? And so you’re creating the space for that connection and then you’re still executing it. 


So when I look at these women and I was going to share how cool it was to wrap up the week and then see the chat in our chat group of all of these guys with all these incredible things to share like sales that came in this week, opportunities that landed in my lap, clarity on an offer, clarity on a revenue amount, clarity on how I’m spending my time and how easy all of it felt. And the reason why is because they went, they experienced this season of connecting back to their self, of getting out of the day today, of putting themselves in nature, hiking, journaling, experiencing what it felt like to open their heart again. And then they brought that feeling into business and now they get to go and execute. That’s the harmony of the masculine and the feminine. And if you don’t have both of these together, you will either be a robot doing, wondering why it feels so hard to get to the next level, Or you’ll be on the you could be on the other side where you have all these incredible ideas, all this deep connection within yourself, and nothing’s getting done. You need both. Both are very powerful. 


And that’s something that I have created and and across our business, including our marketing offers is bringing both of these to the forefront because they’re very important and extremely powerful when used together. So if you have at all looked at what I’ve created the last six months and I mean, I am living my dream of like, Oh, I want to go travel. I love to travel and go to Alaska. Like I’m going to host a retreat there. And then everything happens so easily. We sell it. We fill it with the exact amount of people who are supposed to be there. The entire retreat feels easy to put on and everything happens like literally perfectly. There was no force. There was no stress.


It’s because I’ve embodied those two energies. Same with my May event. Like I, from ideation to event was five weeks. That’s insane. That’s actually like impossible for most people. The only reason I was able to do that is I constantly. I’m creating harmony between these two. And for me, I’m much more naturally masculine. Like if I wasn’t intentional, that’s my default. But I am intentional every day about bringing the feminine energy in, which by doing it every day, I now quickly can see when I start to get out of balance and I can recenter myself. So I hope some of this made sense and it is definitely something to like contemplate and ask yourself, like, what are a couple of things that I could do every day to connect back to myself?


To slow my pace down and feel, like truly, and what creativity would come through, what thoughts, what things that I never say because I just shut them down with like, I have to do it this way. You know, that’s something I used to always do is I used to say things like facts, you know, I have to do this. I have to live launch every month. I have to do it this way. It’s like, that’s not a fact. you know so what are things that you can do typically the the actual tactical elements you can implement to create more of this are super simple go for a walk without your phone wake up in the morning and spend an hour without your phone


How can you be more and do less on one of the hikes with the girls who is a very successful client of ours actually we were talking about her next phase of business and she’s in a massive up leveling phase where it’s like her role in her business is completely changing. And she said. Yeah, I want to be able to grow my business and make more money and do less. And I said, what if the only way to grow your business right now was to actually have to do less and be more?


And that was her biggest takeaway of the entire week was that, that sentence of like, no, it’s not a nice to have. It’s not like, Oh, it’d be nice if I could grow my business and, and do less like in terms of hustling, being in the day to day, packing her schedule. But it’s not like an set it’s not a nice to have, like that’s actually essential. You hit a point where the only way you can get to the next level, and I hit that point, the only way you can get to the next level is by learning this connection, learning how to be more because it unlocks creativity, it unlocks alignment, it unlocks


So much that you can’t access when you live 24 seven in the masculine energy, you can’t. So, all right, you guys, I hope this was helpful. If it was not, then come back in six months, listen to it again and see if you get any more takeaways because it’s kind of one of those things where it’s like, you’re either ready to hear it or you’re not. And it’s just too important to me because it’s so life changing. It took a little bit every day for me to finally understand this like I had some big Realization some big experiences mostly through my retreats, but then it’s been a daily practice since then to Experience this every day. All right, everybody. I’ll talk to you on Thursday.