It’s no secret we consistently get amazing results for our clients and in this episode I’m truly peeling back the curtain and giving you the 3-step strategy for how we create predictable cash machines for our clients using paid ads.


I’ll be sharing:


  • How to create predictability with your funnel and get it to a place where you can guarantee when you put money in, you’re going to get 3x, 4x, 5x, or even 10x back.
  • That once you have a funnel you can rely on, sales and revenue goals are just parts of an equation that you follow to get the results you want.
  • Why you end up hitting ceilings as you scale and how to adjust your strategy so that you can keep growing.


… and so much more.


If you simply look at the numbers, we consistently get a 3.8x return on ad spend. Meaning that for every $1 our clients put in, we’re getting them nearly $4 back every single time. There is no better investment you could make in your business, especially if you have a predictable strategy like the one I help you create in this episode.


Tune in if you want the secrets to successful Facebook ads and how to take your business to greater heights that you ever thought possible!


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Emily Hirsh: 


Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. I hope you are having a fabulous Thursday. I am not feeling super great. I might sound a little off. I’ve been, you know, when you’re like fighting something and you get a sore throat and then it goes away, then you get a sore throat and you go it goes away. I’ve been on a really rigid supplement plan after doing a bunch of blood work and testing and I know for sure I would have been way more sick right now had I not done that because I feel like I’m fighting it, I’m fighting it, I’m fighting it. I was around some people who were pretty sick, like maybe COVID. And I think I probably got that germ, but I’m finding it. So I’m taking it super easy today. And yeah, I went last night. I don’t know why i’m just giving you guys an update but i am i went last night to the comedy mothership in austin and it was so much fun it was called bottom of the barrel so you put in like the audience puts in words or questions or anything that they want comedians to come up and like, use as jokes. 


So it’s really off the cuff, which I loved because comedy is really funny. And you know, people come up and do their kind of skits basically. But this was like truly off the cuff. So it was awesome. And then you had no idea who the lineup was. And we ended up getting to see so many amazing comedians. I don’t know the names, my brothers who were in town know A lot of the big comedians, I don’t. So they were super pumped, but Shane Gillis was one. And then Joe Rogan came up at the end with Shane Gillis, which was a total surprise. I have not laughed harder in my life. Like it was so funny. My face literally hurt from laughing for like three hours straight. What great medicine is that? You know, I gotta, I gotta go more because comedy is so great and just such a healing thing to laugh. Anyways, today’s podcast episode.


I wanted to give you guys a little step by step formula that I thought through that will give you some clarity in how to bring success to your marketing. I think as usual with marketing, there’s a lot of overwhelm. There’s a lot of nuances. There’s a lot of ambiguity around what should I do? And it ultimately oftentimes creates paralysis for people. So I think this will give some clarity around how to look at your marketing based on which step that you’re in here, which there’s three steps that I want to talk about. So the first part is.


This is ultimately how to turn your funnel and your ads into a predictable cash machine. like When people talk about funnels and ads and like making money when they’re not actually having to be on social media, it’s because when they spend $1,000 on ads, they predictably make $3,000. That’s one of the best investments you can have. in business, right? If you create your own funnel, that three, four, five, even 10X is your ad spend, name and me another investment that when you put a dollar in, you get three, four, five, 10 out quickly, right? I don’t think people really grasp that. I was actually talking to a client of ours who came on the retreat and she gets like a 13 X return on ad spend. And I was like, your extra cash that you have, if you put that back in your ad spend, think how much more money you would make, right? Like you’ve created an investment machine that you own. That’s incredible. And I think that helped it kind of click for her. Like, Oh, you know, if I take some of this leftover cash that I have that I’m saving that I’m putting back in the bank and I put it back into my ad spend, I’m going to get 13 X back.


That’s insane. Like you should keep scaling until you aren’t doing that anymore, right? And like you hit a point, you should keep scaling unlimited because there is no investment out there that can do that that easily unless it’s like a very high risk investment. I mean, if you think about real estate or stock or the other ways that you can invest, like you’re not getting a 13 X return on your ad spend in a month. or return on your spend. So how do you get to that point? How do you create that for your business? The first step is predictability. Like in order to do that, you have to be where this client is with us, which is we have our projection calculator and we know exactly based on data. If we spend this much, we’re going to make this much.


So we have created, and she’s been with us for a year and a half. And over that time we have created a strategy, a funnel that’s predictable, right? We know if we get a hundred leads that I think it’s like 5% convert. So five will buy. Initially, then she converts more on the back end because she’s got a 90 day nurture sequence. But we have created a consistent strategy that is now predictable. And I think most businesses do not have this. Now, how do you get there? Well,


Part of it you have to get there is through focusing on a single strategy, focusing on a single funnel and getting it to the point where it is predictable. And you have put in the work and the time and the energy into optimizing it so that now you know your cost per lead. You know how many leads you’ll get with your ad spend and you know how many of those leads will buy. And that can take for some people longer than others, but it takes optimizing the entire experience. So what contributes to that? Well, everything, the strategy itself, the ad copy and creative, the targeting, the experience that the leads are opting into. So if it’s a webinar, like what’s actually said on the webinar, the content of the webinar, the pitch of the webinar, the follow-up sales emails, the bonus, the way the offer is being positioned, the offer itself, and then the nurturing of those leads who don’t buy, right? Like that is, that is the entire funnel experience. So in order to get predictability, you have to optimize a single funnel, a single strategy to get it to the point where you have nailed the core metrics. Cost per lead, sales conversion of those leads. And all those things I just listed are the different levers, the different components of the funnel that you can shift and you can pull and you can make changes to. So if you have a funnel right now and you’re barely getting any leads in.


You’re either not even spending money on ads and running ads and getting traffic to your funnel, which is a problem. Or you have a problem with the front end messaging. Like you find the first place where it’s dropping off, which typically is either you’re not getting the leads, the leads aren’t engaging or the leads aren’t buying. And those things, those three things all have contributing factors to optimize the funnel and ultimately get it working. So your first step, which this could take one month, this could take three months, this could take six months, is committing and making it no matter what, I will create success with this funnel, with this offer. And if that means shifting my offer and shifting my offer positioning, I’ll do that, right? This is where my core value of marketing always works. It’s just a matter of when you focus in and then you commit all into making that work, even if it means shifting your offer in the process. So first step, you’ve got to create predictability. So right now, if I asked you, Hey, Do you have a strategy that if you put 100 leads into it, you would know how many sales you’d get? Or if I said you have to go get 100 leads, you’d know how much you’d have to spend and what you’d have to do to get that. If your answer is no, that’s the first step, creating predictability, a consistent strategy. And usually this is also done between evergreen, ongoing running all the time funnel and the live launches. That’s my favorite model. If you’ve listened to my podcast, you know, I teach that where I think every business should have some sort of ongoing. Every single day you’re getting leads, you’re getting sales, you’re bringing them into a funnel because that creates consistency and predictability. And then to create cash infusions in the business, I think you should do a live launch about every three months. to go invite back all the leads who haven’t converted and create extra cash for your business. Because live launches will always convert higher in terms of sales, but it’s not predictable for a business to only do live launches. 


So creating predictability between an evergreen and a live launch funnel strategy where you know how many sales you get, you’ll know what your output is based on your input. So you’ll know how many sales you’ll get based on how many leads you get. And if you’re like, well, I’m getting no sales then, and you’re getting leads, then the problem is either the experience that the leads are going on that gets overwhelmed. They’re not clear. They’re not confident. They don’t see your process. They don’t believe in your process or. It’s the offer and the offer positioning. That’s the two things that it can be. So you got to address those and then get those sales to create that predictability. The next step is now creating projections. This is the exciting part because now once you have predictability, you’re able to say, okay, I want to make X amount of money. I want to make $10,000. Well, that’s super easy to determine once you have predictability because now it’s just math. I want to make $10,000 and here’s my data. Here’s my sales conversion. Here’s my average cost per lead. So now we just reverse engineer. If I want to make $10,000, how many sales do I need to make? And in order to make that many sales, how many leads do I need to generate? And in order to generate that many leads, it’s going to cost me X amount of dollars. That’s my ad spend.


I just reverse engineered it to be able to make ten thousand dollars. So this client who came on my retreat she’s a client of ours. She’s been a client of ours for a year and a half. She’s incredible. And we were talking about this and I said, literally, you know we set goals on the retreat for the rest of the year. And she set a really exciting goal. And I said, you have so much predictability and so much data in your business that all you have to do is take this goal to my team and let us reverse engineer it and give you what your ad spend is. Like it’s literally that simple. And once you hit that point in your business, I mean, the sky’s the limit, right? Because you can put any number.


Now you will probably run into things where you hit a ceiling. and the sales conversion maybe starts to go down or doesn’t improve, the more leads you put in and you’ve got to maybe add in a downsell or expand out to different traffic sources. like There’s different things I call that the expander phase of business where you need to expand out in order to scale and not just only scale exactly what’s working. But your next step, so first predictability and then projections. And that’s the easy part, right? Because now we take the predictability and the data and we just do math. And we come up with, if this is my sales goal, this is how much I need to spend. And then we execute that. And I can’t tell you how many people with a predictable funnel don’t actually run projections and implement their marketing in that intentional way. If you have a predictable funnel and you know if I get a hundred leads, I’m going to get this many sales consistently, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be increasing your ad spend and understanding like this is how much money I want to make and then reverse engineering it because it is that simple. This is one thing I love about marketing is once you get past that first step of creating that predictability, now it’s just math. Now it’s just data, right? Until it’s not, and we need to address that to get to the next level, which is then the third step, which is scale. So now we confidently increase your budget and align your budget to your sales goals because it’s math.


As you scale, like I said, you might run into hitting those ceilings, which could look like, okay, I’m increasing my ad spend and my cost per lead is going up. Okay. What should I do about that? Well, maybe I need to expand to more audiences. Maybe I need to have a lot more copy and creative with my ads. Maybe I even need to expand to a different ad platform because I’m tapping out Facebook, right? Or I’m still getting all the leads, but my sales conversion is going down or it’s staying the same. So I’m not making more money. Okay. Maybe we need more nurturing. Maybe we’re bringing in pretty cold leads. And so we need to have even more of an incentive or shift the experience to get them to buy. So looking at when you hit that ceiling, okay, how do we expand out to accommodate to now reaching even more cold traffic?


Now, if you don’t hit that ceiling, it’s like this guy’s the limit. That’s why I told this client who’s doing so well is I’m like, you should just basically keep increasing your ad spend until the numbers stop maintaining. And then we fix it. Right. Or until you can’t handle the delivery. Cause that’s also a part of it. It’s like, if you make too many sales, can your business handle it on the backend? But scaling now looks like increasing as much as possible. What’s working? using those projections and then expanding out to different avenues. Maybe you have a downsell to get more revenue out of the leads you’re already bringing in, or maybe you move to a different ad platform or you add an organic strategy or you add some more nurturing, right? To scale that number.


So everybody has the goal of having this predictable cash machine. I mean, it’s invaluable to have a funnel and a marketing strategy that you know, what your output will equal based on your input. That is extremely valuable for a business and most don’t have this. So if you don’t have this right now, your number one priority is creating predictability in your business by focusing on a single strategy and a single offer that you can crush because that takes nailing the messaging, nailing the strategy, nailing the experience in order to get to that place. And then once you have that predictability,


It’s overcoming the fear of scaling, right? Which I worked with with this client is like the fear of increasing her ad spend to that level. The fear of increasing her sales and her lead volume to that level and what that would mean for her, right? It’s just uncharted territory. So this is how you turn your funnel. and your ads into a predictable cash machine. And this should be all of our goals in our business because it creates extreme sustainability and predictability, which is very, very important for a business. If you have this, you can predict your revenue, right? You can predict your sales goals, you can set an annual goal and then actually know exactly what you have to do to get there versus be like, I hope I make it, right? If we don’t have any predictability and we don’t know what levers we can pull to increase our sales, it’s going to be challenging to hit our goal, which ultimately is what leaves us frustrated because we have these goals and we’re like, I’m doing all these things and I’m not hitting them. So this should be your number one priority. If you want support like this, if you want us to implement what we have done for this client over the last year and a half, this is what my team specializes in, coming up with the funnel, coming up with the strategy and then taking the data and making it mean something to know what actions we should take. So you can go to, book in a chat, and I will talk to you all next week.