Welcome back to the second episode of our four-part series on the foundational principles I used to build my signature Scaling Code method! In these episodes, we’re diving deep into the specific marketing strategies you need at each stage so that you can have more clarity and confidence throughout the journey of building your business. In today’s episode, we’re focusing on the importance of validating your offer before investing in building a funnel and why building connections is the FASTEST way to get your first few sales.


I’ll be sharing:


  • Exactly what you need to do in the beginning stages of your business to avoid wasting resources.
  • How to find and connect with your ideal customers to make your first few sales with nothing but a sales page (if that!).
  • Why you should then use these relationships to learn about objections and how you can refine your offer and message to make it irresistible.


… and so much more.


By keeping the process simple, focusing on your community, and building relationships you can avoid wasting time and money on a funnel and marketing assets that probably won’t work. Before you do ANYTHING you need to make sure that your offer is something that your audience actually wants and needs and are willing to buy.


Tune in to learn how I started my business and what I did to validate my offer from the very beginning. This is what led to me scaling all the way to multiple 7-figures and I’ve helped hundreds of others do the same. 


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Emily Hirsh: 


Hello and welcome back to the second episode of this series. So if you’re just tuning in, I am doing a four part series this week on the podcast. So we’ll have a couple of extra episodes dropping this being one of them all around the scaling code that I created. So this is a resource I created back in February that breaks businesses down into four phases and then ties exact marketing strategies, marketing principles, and even podcasts and resources that you should consume based on the phase of business you’re in, which really each phase, your business changes a lot, you as a CEO has to evolve, and I think it brings a lot of clarity. but So if you haven’t yet, you can go take our quiz at embodiedmarketing.com/quiz and find out what phase of business you’re at and then get the resources that we have as a follow-up once you have that phase of business. We created a really awesome PDF guide for each phase that has marketing strategies, advice, I also pulled podcast episodes specific for you in that phase of business, book recommendations and a free training. So it’s pretty epic. And then this week on the podcast, I’m talking about four different kind of core principles that are within the scaling code based on the phases. 


So you could go back and listen to yesterday’s episode. I talked about using the resource of money versus time in your marketing and how that shifts as you move up the scaling code. Today, I want to talk about validating your offer before building your funnel. Now this is another core part of the first two levels of the scaling code. So it’s the connector phase and the builder phase and I teach this and actually in my programs within our company, I have two programs. One is meant to help you validate your offer, which is a merge. And the other is building a funnel, launching ads to it and getting ads live and sales through your funnel, which happen at two different levels of your business. So my theory and teaching around this is first of all, in the beginning of your business,


If you don’t have money to invest in building a funnel and creating basically more ease on your time by not needing your time to make sales, you have to use time to validate your offer. And since you are using time, I think keeping it very simple in terms of How much you have to create to make sales is the best route. Also a funnel and ads amplify. So if you have an offer that maybe isn’t going to sell or something’s missing in it, something’s missing in the offer or something is missing in the positioning of the offer. If you spend resources of time and money to build an entire funnel around that, you might get leads, but you’re going to struggle to make sales. So the first thing we really want to do is validate an offer. And so this is the first phase of the scaling code and The intention is to sell your offer five to 10 times. Now, obviously the price of your offer is going to vary. Like the lower the price, the more you’d want to sell, the higher the price, the less. Because if you tell me your offer’s $10,000, I probably won’t say, oh, validate it five times before you can do any ads or you can build a funnel. But for the most part, with average costs per offer, all the way ranging from e-commerce to services, I’d say five to 10 sales will validate your offer.


And in that first phase, you’re getting those first five to 10 sales, and then you’re kind of getting your revenue from there to about the $60,000 a year mark. Okay. So the reason I teach this and the theory I have is validating your offer needs to be kept really, really simple. And I did talk about this a little bit yesterday in yesterday’s episode, but I’m going to break it down even more. So if we keep validating your offer really simple, the way that I think this should be done. And if you look at most successful business owners way back in their beginning time, including myself, this is the way we do it, which is make the least amount of resources as you have to to sell it. 


Like it’s not about the shiny sales page or the 70 emails or 20 emails that you have to plug into a sequence or even the webinar and the opt-in and all these things. There’s for sure a time and a place for those things, for an entire funnel, for a sales page, for email sequences, for generating leads, for ads. Those are all very, very important, but they’re not necessary to validate an offer. And so what I teach is going through a process of number one, developing And if you have one, refining your offer to make sure it’s irresistible, to make sure it really speaks to your ideal customer’s pain, frustration, and desire. And going through a process that I have to do that, which I actually teach in the free training if you are in the connector phase that’s connected to the quiz. So take the quiz, watch that training. But making sure your offer is hitting those marks,


And then in terms of resources, all I have you build is a sales page, simple, simple sales page, just so that when you talk about your offer with people, you’re able to send them somewhere to buy it. And that’s it. I don’t have you build multiple pages to a funnel or email sequences or anything. You do have to obviously have the delivery side of your offer. So in my Emerge program, I teach creating a customer journey and like onboarding emails and an experience once someone buys your offer. So you have to have, you know, the minimum to make it a good experience within your offer. And then the way that I teach how to validate your offer is actually through making personal connections. And I teach doing it through Facebook groups, communities, social media, other people’s communities, and being a guest expert. It takes a little bit of that hustling, right?


You have to have a lot of conversations. You have to engage in conversations with your ideal customer and see if you can open the door to get those first few sales. and This definitely takes time, but it works. And it actually works sometimes faster than a funnel because of how much optimization you’d need in a funnel. And in these cases, you’re going straight to the source. You get those first few sales and then you can build the funnel. And so this is the exact process that I teach, right? And honestly, this is how I built my business pretty high up when I first started.


This was eight years ago, so things have changed a little bit, but eight years ago, what I did was over time, and like I kind of did this by accident. you know I didn’t follow a clear process. like I’ve laid out and emerged because it took me making mistakes to figure out what that clear process is. But I created an offer that was good and that ultimately ended up being my service for people’s marketing, Facebook guides, what I have now, but it was all me delivering it. And that took time. Like it took me saying yes to other things and realizing that’s not what I wanted to do, or that wasn’t going to move the needle the most for them to refine my offer. But if I had a process like emerge, I would have had clarity much faster. 


But then I would go every single day into like 12 different Facebook groups that were all filled with entrepreneurs, which was my ideal customer. And I would search keywords for any type of post that would be relevant to me. So I would search the keyword of funnels, marketing, agency, Facebook ads, and I would search the keyword and it would show me all the posts in the group that have been posted since I last searched. And I would engage. It would either be someone asking a question about something, a strategic question. Sometimes there’d be like screenshots of ads and ask for feedback. Sometimes there’d be people straight up asking like, Hey, is there someone who can do my ads? And I would respond to almost every single one of them. If it was relevant, I’d provide value. Um, I’d help someone in the thread if that was relevant. And then if the door opened, I would move it to the DMS and I would probably get on a call with them.


And so I did that every single day for a really long time until I was booked out with clients. And then I started getting referrals and everything started taking off from me, but that’s how I got my initial clients. It took time, but it really worked. And I’ve taught this strategy now to several people and it works. Right. And so I teach in this, in the free training, I teach you how to do this, but it’s finding communities. And then it’s having one-on-one conversations. It’s not cold outreach DMing. It’s actually building the start of a relationship and then creating the space for the door to open where you can talk about your offer. This is the fastest way to sell your offer. This is the fastest way to get feedback about your offer because you might be in a conversation and someone might say no. And why they said no is an objection. So now we look at it and we say, okay, they said no because of time or they said no because of this. Do I need to shift my offer? And this saves you from having to spend all the time on an opt-in page, email sequence, ads, learning ads. That will come, but let’s get you your first sales in the bank. So that’s what I teach. That’s my Emerge program. I’ve built an entire process around this and the goal is to validate your offer.


Once you validate your offer, you move into the builder phase, which is, okay, now we’re going to take this successful offer because it’s validated. We know people want it. We understand the ideal customer who bought it, and we’re going to build a funnel around it. We’re going to determine what is the best funnel. What is the best experience to bring cold leads into your world and bring them to your offer. And ultimately this just creates a lot more sustainability for your business because you can’t have, you know, five conversations a day forever in your business to make your sales. That’s just not scalable. It is appropriate for validating your offer though. And so then we go into the very important elements of building a funnel. And in that training, if you’re a builder, I teach you how to determine what that strategy should be. 


And more importantly, what the topic should be, what the experience should be and all of those things. So my method is validate your offer through connections, then take those connections and that connection to your ideal customer and build a funnel around it to now buy back your time. Now, there are some exceptions to this. If you are somebody who’s like, I do not have the time to have all of those conversations every day, you still have to do the work with your offer. You still have to do the work in making sure that your offer and what you put out there is irresistible and you’ve really connected to your ideal customer’s emotions. But you can choose to invest money to skip this step, right? You just have to see that initial money. Like if you say, I want to go straight to building a funnel. I want to go straight to ads. That’s fine. You just have to understand it might not be right away that you make your money back because there might be some optimization and refinement that needs to happen, right? And I know people have done this and I even have clients who have done this and like it has worked out fine, right? It’s all about how you see it and seeing how you go into building that funnel.


When you’re in the part of validating your offer, the more simple you can keep it, the better. Because if we come back to and remember that sales come from connection. Sales are a byproduct of connection and then having an offer that people really want and need. If you have those two things, it’s going to actually be very easy to sell your offer. You just need the people to talk to. Then you have to create scalability and sustainability in your business, which is what you do through a sales funnel, which is a very intentional process and also something people kind of mess up, which is creating a funnel based on what they saw somebody else did and not for their actual ideal customer. So this is a big differentiation between my first and second phase in the scaling code.


And I do often see people kind of skip that first phase and they do have to come back because they don’t have the connection to their ideal customer. They don’t have the clarity around their offer. They haven’t created an irresistible offer. And the reality is no funnel and no ads is going to help you sell an offer that people do not want. Or they don’t think they want it because the way you talk about it is not connecting to what they really want So that’s kind of the process in the beginning is the messaging around the offer and the offer itself So when you go to build the funnel and you bring cold traffic new people in It’s very clear what they want what they’re getting and that you know, they want it because you’ve proven it


So that’s my take on that. That’s the difference between a core difference between the first and second levels. And again, you can choose to bypass that first level. You can’t bypass the messaging. You still have to do the work on who is your ideal customer. Do you understand them on a deep level? Is your offer irresistible and has it been created for your ideal customer and their pain, frustration and desire, but you can bypass the time it takes to validate an offer by building out a funnel. The last thing I’ll say is if you fall in a boat where you have an existing audience like me and you launch a new offer.


That doesn’t put you back in phase one on the scaling code because you have an audience. So when I launch a new offer, I am already in the building a funnel phase immediately for it because I have an audience of people that I can launch it to and I really know. And so I know it will sell, right? Because I’ve spent eight years building a connection with my ideal customer and creating offers for them. And so that’s another exception is if you see a business or an entrepreneur launch a new offer and it immediately sells. Well, that’s, yes, they created a good offer, but they created the offer because they have a good connection to their ideal customer and they have an email list and they have an audience and they have people that they can launch that to. So, all right, everybody, I will be back tomorrow with episode three of the scaling code series. Go take that quiz. If you haven’t yet embodiedmarketing.com/quiz, the quiz itself will bring you clarity, but the resources on the back end of the quiz are. We could 100% charge for them. They’re so good. So, all right, I will talk to you all tomorrow.