We’re BACK with part 3 of the mini podcast series where I’m breaking down the foundational principles of The Scaling Code so that you can have more clarity on what you need to focus on in your marketing right now. In this episode we’re talking about whether or not it’s time to bring multiple offers into your business and HOW to do that in a way that’s going to bring in more money without you reinventing the wheel or needing a new audience.


I’ll be sharing:


  • Why you DON’T want your additional offers to detract from your core offer, and how to avoid it.
  • The strategy behind taking what’s already working and expanding that to more of your audience with upsell and downsell offers.
  • How to know when it’s time to do this in your business so that you don’t try to grow too quickly and end up having to backtrack when you get stuck.


… and so much more.


This is how we create what I call a “value ladder” so that you can essentially create your own ideal customers by developing an ecosystem that supports them at every phase of their journey. This is when I really get nerdy with business strategy because it’s insane how simple and yet wildly profitable this is.


Tune in to learn how you’re going to build a million-dollar business while serving even more of your audience WITHOUT putting massive loads of work back on yourself.


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Emily Hirsh:  


Hello everybody. Welcome back to episode three of this series, the special series we are doing this week. So just to recap, if this is the first one you’re tuning into, I’m doing a four part series just to kind of announce and share with you some core concepts that come from what I am calling my scaling code. This is a new resource I created earlier this year that breaks business down into four phases. and pairs a marketing strategy with each one of those phases. And we built out an incredible quiz with incredible resources all around each phase that if you haven’t taken yet, definitely go take at embodied marketing.com/quiz. It will tell you what phase of business you’re in right now and then exactly what to do based on that phase. We also give you amazing resources, podcasts, a free training, book recommendations, and a whole PDF guide that’s specific to the phase of business you are in. So it’s pretty epic. So today’s episode, I want to talk about one of the other core concepts that comes up as you move up the scaling code.


And that is when to create additional offers and build out a value ladder. So there’s oftentimes mixed opinions on this out there. You have some people who say one offer, one funnel, a million dollars. And then you have others who teach, you know, almost right away, building out what’s called a value ladder, which means products and offers at different prices that go up. And I think, As with most things in marketing, and it’s nuanced and it depends on your business, it depends on your goals, it depends on your audience and their needs. But for the most part, I see that until you’re at about $10,000 a month in revenue, so six figures,


You are probably not ready to focus on anything else besides one single offer that you really hone in on and not only hone in on perfecting the offer but also a strategy to sell that offer. and  I think then as you move into the multiple six figures and get ready to move into the seven figures, at some point it becomes time to possibly add an additional offer into your business. And again, we’ll vary for everybody when this is. But the best thing to do is look at your existing leads and your existing audience and figure out with a potential additional offer, how can you capitalize on them more?


So if you are in this builder phase, which is above 60K a year in revenue to a million dollars, then you are likely either getting to a place or already at a place where you’re generating leads and you’re building your audience and you are increasing that and growing that. And so therefore you probably have 90% plus of your audience and your leads you haven’t bought from you. And maybe some of them are either not ready to buy your core offer or your core offer doesn’t fully solve their problem because they want more support, which makes room for either what’s called a downsell or an upsell and to kind of build out that value ladder. So when you get to that point of usually around $10,000 a month, you can start considering and for some it’s way later. Like I have a client who is one single offer and she’s at half a million dollars a year and doesn’t need to add an offer. Just can keep scaling what she’s doing and we can add an offer down the road. 


But when you get to the point where you feel you have a good percentage of leads and audience that are not converting to your offer and you could serve in some way, you can create an additional offer for them. Now it has to be for the same ideal customer. Like this doesn’t mean go create a whole different offer for a different ideal customer. That’s basically like starting a new business. Same ideal customer, different phase. So my rule of thumb when I talk about creating a downsell, so an offer before your core offer in terms of price is how can you create ideal customers with that offer? So I think I’ve done this very well in my business and our foundational offer called Emerge, its outcome is to help you create, build and sell your offer for the first time without paid ads, without a funnel, organic marketing. And my intention and goal with that program is to actually make you money. So then you can move into our next program, which helps you build a funnel strategy, build a Facebook ad strategy, start ads and start generating leads and getting sales through a funnel.


But I actually make you money first in Emerge to get you ready to move up into the next level. And then as you move into the next level, it’s like, okay, now we’re just going to do it for you instead of you having to do it, right? So each one feeds each other. They don’t take away from each other. They have different outcomes and they support each other as one ecosystem. And that’s a very healthy value ladder. What you don’t want to do is create a lower priced offer where you solve all the problems that your ideal customer might have in buying your core offer and now they don’t need it, right? And that’s a fine line. And so if you’re at the place or maybe in the future you’re at the place of considering adding an offer, sit with the question of how can I create ideal customers


For my core offer, like how do I create more ideal customers? What’s a problem I could solve? What’s a result that I could get them? It’s probably, you know, more micro than what you teach in your next level or what you provide. And this is true for service for product businesses, it’s also true. It’s probably adding different varieties of your product potentially, or you know I think of skincare law or supplements, it’s like adding something else that the same ideal customer might want and supporting them even deeper. right So how do I create more ideal customers so that this supports my core offer?


Or you could go in a different boat, which is, I think my core offer is actually serving a pretty foundational person. And I want to go after the people who might need more support. They want to get to their end result faster and easier with either more support or done for you or more hand holding or something higher touch. That could be more so of an upsell. And then ideally, you’re able to add these offers into your funnel that’s already working.


And so your goal is like kind of the phases of marketing, your goal is to validate your offer, right? That’s the connector phase of the scaling code, validate your offer, get your first five to 10 sales. And then, you know, as you’re continuing to sell that offer and validate it through connections and conversations, to move into the builder phase, where now you build a funnel around that offer and you start generating leads and you start generating an audience and you now sell this validated offer through a more automated way, through a more consistent way. And then what I’m talking about in this phase is the expander phase. And technically I say that that starts at a million dollars, but there’s a transition, right? You don’t move from the builder phase to the expander phase overnight. So once you’re at the multiple six figures, you’re making 10K plus a month, you’re considering adding additional offers and building out your value ladder. And it does not happen overnight. And so again, people will be at different phases, but now you’re looking at expanding. Now you’re saying I have something that consistently works. And I need to expand that reach. So I need to expand my reach to my existing audience. I need to expand my reach to my existing leads with potentially additional offers. Or I need to expand my reach with additional funnels. Maybe I add in a live launch or maybe I build out a specific funnel talking to this person in my ideal customer you know category. Or maybe I expand to different paid ad platforms or maybe I expand to a different content channel, right?


So when you go from builder to expander from six to seven figures, now you’re taking what is working and the super solid foundation that you have and you are expanding it to new channels or a wider variety of your ideal customer that you can serve. Because ultimately, let’s say you’re generating a thousand leads a month just to keep the math easy. And if your sales conversion is good at 5%, then 95% of those leads, so 950 of them, are not buying your offer right away. Some are gonna take a little time to nurture and end up buying your offer, but also some might not be ready. So now with the exact same ad spend and the exact same effort to get those thousand leads, you add in a downsell. And let’s say that you know three, 4% of those people take your downsell. Well, you just massively increased your revenue without spending more, without really doing a lot more work besides the creating of the initial product.


But you’re not ready to do that until you’re bringing in enough leads that that makes sense. If you’re in the builder phase and you just started ads and you’re getting 100 leads a month, it doesn’t make sense to put that level of effort into the messaging and the strategy and the creation of another product as it would to take all of that effort in the resources and focus it on your core offer, right? So the ultimate goal is when you do decide to add to your value ladder and add an additional offer, that you’re able to do so in a way that just increases the success of what you’re already doing and expands that success. So that is the expander phase of the scaling code is when you’re at a million dollars and it’s about expanding what is already working, probably trying some new things, but really trying to scale what you’re already working, but expanding your reach or expanding your success because


It’s not about at that phase. And I actually just said this to a client of mine on the retreat. I said, you know, the phase, she’s in the builder moving into expanders. She’s making about a half a million a year moving into the million dollars this year. She’ll hit. I said, it’s actually not about doing more, right? Like you are maxed out at the resources that you’re using and it’s not, oh, it would be nice to get to a million million dollars and do less and get some of my time back. No, it’s a necessity. Like the only way at that point for you to go from six to seven figures, especially multiple six to seven figures is to do less is to optimize what you have and get more out of what you’re doing. Like strategy, intentional strategy really comes into play here. So.


That is my thoughts on when to create additional offers in a value ladder. And that kind of introduces the next, the phase two and three of the scaling code, which is the builder phase to the expander phase. If you’re in either of these, take our quiz, embodiedmarketing.com/quiz to get access to all of the resources for each phase. It’s pretty epic what we created. So some of you have already seen it. There’s so many amazing things, so many like gold mines in this quiz. I’m super proud of it. Alright, you guys, I will be back tomorrow with the fourth and final episode. And we’ll talk about what marketing is like when you’re at the multiple seven figures, the final phase and the scaling code. Thanks so much for tuning into this series this week, and I’ll talk to you soon.