In this episode, I‘m going to be breaking away from my usual scheduled programming of tactical marketing info and sharing some personal and vulnerable insights into what it’s really like running a 7-figure business. This is going to be a deep dive into the emotional and mental struggles that business owners and CEOs often face but rarely talk about.


I’ll also be sharing:


  • The unspoken difficulties of being a business owner, including feelings of isolation and the immense responsibility that comes with leadership.
  • How as your business grows, so do the challenges. I share my personal growth and how I’ve increased my capacity to handle these challenges.
  • That when you face overwhelming challenges, it’s important to pause and reflect rather than rush into action. This helps you understand the lessons these challenges are trying to teach.


… and so much more.


The thing is, if it was easy to start, build, and grow a business, everyone would do it. Over time, with every challenge you face, you build a tolerance and expand your capacity for what you can handle. That is what really sets you apart and what will get you through to your biggest levels.  


Tune in for a super vulnerable episode that I hope makes you feel seen and gives you some tools for remembering who you are, why you’re doing this, and that you ARE so so capable.


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Emily Hirsh: 


Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast. Can you believe we are in July? I cannot. This year is already halfway over. I’m like, where did it go? How are we already this far into the year? time it just goes so fast. And as much as I try to slow it down and enjoy the season with my kids, I don’t know, it just feels like it goes so fast. Maybe it’s the kids. I feel like everybody kind of feels that way. So happy July. And we are about to head into our summer fun month. My non-negotiable living in Texas is to get out of Texas in the summer. So we usually head to the mountains.


And we’ve got a really fun trip planned coming in a couple of weeks. All right, so today’s podcast episode is not going to be a tactical marketing and strategy episode. So if you tune into this podcast for that, you can just skip right over. This episode and I sat down to record this podcast and I’ve got you know a list of content ideas that always come to me but I just was not feeling like recording a tactical marketing podcast and it’s my podcast so I’m not going to today.


I think that any CEO, business owner, honestly person is going to get something out of this episode. But when I hit record, I was like, you know, I don’t know. I might, I might actually not record this one. We’ll see because it’s a little off the cuff and I just want to kind of share from my heart and see where that takes me. So I titled it when running a company is hard because I really want to validate and connect with all of you business owners and CEOs, because there are seasons and moments and days that are hard. And I don’t think enough people talk about that. A lot of people out there and business owners talk about and share the great parts of owning a business, the freedom, the autonomy of your time, no cap on how much money you can make, all of those incredible things. That is one of the reasons why we do what we do, right?


But if it was easy, everybody would do it. And it is not easy. And it oftentimes can feel extremely isolating and lonely because not a lot of people get it. And that’s kind of where I found myself last week. I was going through challenges, not just in the business, honestly, like all fronts with my kids, relationships, my personal relationships, yes, some things in the business, myself and my own growth that made me kind of face some things like basically everything but my CrossFit workouts were a struggle last week.


And I found myself feeling really alone because I do have a lot of entrepreneur friends, but for whatever reason, I wasn’t reaching out to them. And a lot of people in my life that I see or I talk to on a day to day basis have no idea what I go through on a day to day, like what I’m accustomed to, right? Sometimes, and I don’t mean this in a negative way at all, but sometimes, you know so. Sometimes there are people who aren’t business owners who when they talk about the challenges that they deal with, I’m like, you have no idea. I would love for these to be my challenges and it doesn’t take away. Obviously their challenges are extremely valid and real to them. But I think as business owners, we build such a massive capacity and tolerance.


To handle challenges because we have to, right? Because at the end of the day with our business, and especially as you grow a team and you grow your business at the end of the day, it falls back on you, right? So you have to build capacity. And I was talking to my mastermind group last week about this, about how as you grow, as you grow as a CEO, as your company grows, as you increase your revenue, as you increase your impact, as you increase the team that you have and the size organization that you have, nothing gets easier. It actually gets harder. But the main thing that changes and has to change is your capacity and tolerance for the challenges. Because if you look back, I can guarantee you, you know, if you look back on your early days, the challenges that you faced then are probably nothing compared to the ones you face today.


And I think this could be true for life too, right? Like when I think about having one kid versus three, it’s like a whole different game, but I had to have one and build up the tolerance to be able to have three and be able to handle that chaos and all the things that come with three kids. So that’s one of the pieces is I think that it can feel lonely when the level of challenges that you sometimes deal with as a business owner compared to let’s just say average people is so much larger and you don’t even really know how to explain it. Like that’s where I found myself last week is I’d be at CrossFit or in friend groups that were at business owners and people would be like, how are you? And I’m like, it’s not even worth it for me to try to explain this because it’s not really going to help me. And like, you’re going to be like spinning after I tell you all of this, right? Which is also probably a belief that I have.


Right. And it keeps me, kept me feeling alone. So first I want to talk about this because I don’t think enough people validate and normalize the fact that sometimes business can be challenging and can feel lonely. And that’s why this is not for everyone, right? So that’s number one. Number two, I have come a very long way in how I handle challenges. And it was really cool last week where.


You know, all these things were happening and it was not all business. Like half of it was, half of it wasn’t, but it all compounded together into me being like, I just don’t want to do any of this. I’m just going to go work out. Definitely used working out as an escape last week and I knew it and still did it. but I think that I used to handle challenges where I would immediately go into action like there was no time to sit with why they were happening and what the lessons were and actually like get quiet and process and listen because I didn’t want to experience the pain or the fear or the struggle that came with the challenge, whatever it was, I would want to feel okay and happy because I’m very programmed to always be okay and always have it together. It’s very unnatural for me to be any different, which has pros and cons. But what I realized is, oh, like by constantly trying to move right into being okay, I’m just skipping over the lessons and I’m running towards a solution while potentially completely missing the lessons that I should be learning. So I realized as I was going through this last week that as much as it sucked, it was actually such an indication of my growth because there were days where I was like, look,


I’m actually not gonna do anything about these things like we’re we’re gonna address XYZ or I’m gonna share you know this with this person whatever I have to do but I’m gonna sit with this like I’m gonna sit in it I’m gonna sit in the middle the messy middle until I have clarity on the other side And, you know, it was one of those weeks where you’re like, can I just go get a job? Like, can someone just tell me what to do? I don’t feel that way anymore. And I did not mean that, but it was like,


I don’t want to do it. I don’t feel motivated to do it. And so when I feel that now, I just actually let myself feel that way. I don’t move into forcing myself to do something and I don’t want to do. Does that mean I don’t show up? No, I still showed up for my team. I still showed up to my commitments. I still showed up to the absolute minimum that I needed to show up for. but I did not move right into like, let’s do 95 things. The me a year ago would have been like, we can’t even think about this. We can’t even process. We can’t even sit in the middle. We have to move right to the solution, which you’re just missing so much when you do it that way, right? So I think there is so much power in pausing. And if you now are in the future, find yourself in a week or a season that is more challenging.


I think that really pausing and creating the space that can allow for the lessons and allow for like, what is this actually trying to teach me to come through? And one thing I was recognizing last week is, you know, the bigger impact that you build, the more team you have, the more audience that you have, the more clients and customers you have, the more impact you have, right? It’s the more eyes on you and the less space that we create or perceive that we have to actually process.


And I recognized that last week when I was like, you know, I don’t want to just show up on social media as if everything is fine. Like I literally cannot. I’m not going to do that. Now that doesn’t mean I go, you know, share these specific situations and these things I went through and blah, blah, blah, because that’s not helpful to anybody. But I did show up and say like, look, I’m having a hard week. Here’s my takeaways from it. And I know it’s temporary, but this is where I’m at. That’s what I’m doing on this podcast right now. That’s what I did for my team. And I think there’s so much freedom and power in choosing truth and choosing vulnerability and choosing transparency. And I’m still learning that, right? So.


One lesson being when you feel a lot of resistance, when you feel that feeling of like, I don’t even want to do this right now, or like this feels like a lot of weight on me, or why am I going up against obstacle after obstacle after obstacle? Pause. Like don’t force yourself through it. Figure out what the lesson is. And I truly believe that everything does happen for us. Which brings me to the next point that I wanted to share. So again, last week, a lot of little situations left me feeling alone, left me feeling not motivated, left me just struggling. Was a hard week. That’s it. I will be fine. I’m already feeling better. But on Friday, there was a specific situation where somebody in my life who is close to me really hurt me and


I realized, wow, like. The pain that I feel from this situation is teaching me lessons about myself and how I was showing up and actions. I was taking a lot of things like beliefs that I had that I would not have recognized had it not been that person who made that decision or made a decision. And so.


I think recognizing the actual beauty and appreciation for pain. And it’s hard to do this when you’re in the thick of it, like I get it, but. I had a session last week with my mentor and ironically it was like pre-scheduled weeks before for this day. And then something happened and I was like, wow, I don’t want to do this session because I knew it was going to be a challenging session, a very emotional session for me, which I don’t like doing that, but I knew I needed it. I knew it was what I was supposed to do. And at the end of the session, one of the things that he said to me was, you know, sometimes God, the universe, takes away one of the most important things or shakes something up to the max or gives you a challenge that was like, quote, worst case scenario, like what you thought could be worst case scenario. Because if it wasn’t that big of a shift, you would not learn the lessons you needed to learn. And I was thinking about it since because I was instantly clear like, yes, all of this sucks. And I was struggling and I was feeling so many things about it.


And I immediately had awareness and lessons and thoughts and reflection that I never would have had, had that situation not happened. So I found the beauty in it and I found the appreciation for pain because pain really is our greatest teacher. And I can guarantee that if you look back on your life, on your business, on the times that were the hardest, They led to something bigger and better. So I know that is what was happening last week and it didn’t take away from it not being fun and being challenging, but it gave me an appreciation for it. So.


My lessons on this like my purpose behind this podcast and my intention is really just to tell you guys it’s normal like I have a lot of friends right now to where there’s definitely a heaviness in the world whether it’s relationships or business or situations coming up in life. Like I just think there’s a lot of people going through it and it’s okay. There are lessons in it and it’s like so much power in surrendering, right? Because a lot of times when we go through something hard, when we fight it, when we fight and we try to control it and we don’t just allow the resistance and realize there’s nothing that you really have to do


But allow it to play out. Yes. It doesn’t mean you’re not taking action, but you’re taking action when it’s from a clear place. Like you don’t have to fight so hard. And I used to be like the fighter, like, all right, you want to give me this challenge? Like let’s fricking go. Let me jump in two hours later with every single solution and like not even pause. But pain and struggle and challenges are invitations to pause because there are so many lessons in it. And it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. It’s okay to not be excited for your business for a week, for a period of time. It’s okay to use that lack of excitement to realize, okay, what is out of alignment? What do I need to shift? And it’s so interesting because


It’s always a situation of both, right? Like it’s never one thing either. You know, last week I had all these challenges and then I could easily pause and be like, okay, I choose to be grateful for all these incredible things. Women joining my Elevate mastermind, like the things that were going well, the new clients were bringing on the progress that we’ve made in launching our quiz, like all these things. that we’re going well at the same time as challenges because that’s life. It’s like it’s the gray area. It’s nuanced. It’s not black or white. So I don’t know if this will be helpful or if it was just me rambling, but my intention again was to reach anybody who needed to hear the message of you’re not alone.


And as successful as you get, like, trust me, I have friends who are way bigger business owners than me. Super successful. You still have times like this. And I was thinking that last week and like, man, you know, the bigger impact you have, the harder it is to have the space to process. Maybe that’s not true, but I think the bigger your impact grows, the more, the more eyes that you have on you. Right. And then it becomes hard to have the middle area. But it’s important and I think there’s a lot of respect in showing up as you are and being transparent and being real and human. So we’ll be back to marketing content on Thursday. I am okay. I don’t, I don’t need anything. I appreciate the messages of like, hope you’re okay. And it’s actually hard for me to receive those because I don’t actually ever share usually when I’m not. But going into this, this new week, I’m feeling very hopeful, very clear. And also just a new level of what it feels like to actually show up from my heart versus my mind. I did a post on that this weekend because I think for the first time recently, I’m truly understanding that from an experience standpoint, not from like logically understanding it, but from actually doing it and feeling it. And I have no idea if that makes sense, but it does to me. Alright, you guys, I’ll talk to you on Thursday.