We’re back with another strategic marketing episode, and today I’m sharing exactly what I think about organic marketing. As someone running a 7-figure business, I do personally use organic marketing to my advantage, BUT not in the way that most people teach. I have a very specific way of using my content to nurture my audience once they find me, but I don’t use it to get traffic or even sales most of the time.


I’ll also be sharing:


  • Why I don’t think that organic content creation is a good use of most entrepreneur’s time, money, and effort and where else they could focus their attention to make more of an impact.
  • My approach to organic marketing and how I teach it to get your first 5-10 sales in my programs.
  • How to combine visibility ads with your content to develop a connection and relationship with your audience that actually grows your business.


… and so much more.


What kills me is when I see busy, hard-working business owners acting like a content mill hoping and praying that they’ll go viral and make a bunch of sales. The fact is, you can’t control the outcomes of social media. Even if you go viral, you can’t guarantee that you’re getting in front of the right people. That’s why I’m giving you my strategy for making sure that the content you create is actually seen and appreciated by your most aligned target audience.


Tune in for an episode that will completely change your approach to organic marketing and how you show up online. You’re about to save a TON of time and honestly, your sanity. 


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Emily Hirsh: 


Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast. It is the 4th of July here in the US. I decided to still release the podcast today because I think people will tune in or tune in the next day. I feel like this year, because it’s on a Thursday, nobody really has plans. like We’re not doing anything really exciting. I’m going to take my kids to a parade. And then it’s so hot, I’m going to find a pool to be in. Yeah, so I cannot believe I was just looking at the numbers. I can’t believe that this is podcast episode, like 651, 650 podcast episodes I’ve recorded. That is crazy. That is so many.


Oh my gosh, there are some people on here who have told me that they’ve gone back to the very beginning, like podcast episode one and gone back and listened from there. And I’m like, number one, that’s amazing. And number two, I bet I’m a completely different person, like I even sound different. If you go back, I started this podcast in 2018. Insane. And here we are 650 plus episodes in with no plan of stopping it or shifting it. I actually have a plan for possibly in the near ish future, increasing a piece of this podcast. 


Alright, I want to talk about organic marketing today and I want to talk about my view on organic marketing and using it to generate sales in your business and kind of break this down because I think this is an area that a lot of people make mistakes, especially in the beginning phases of your business, but also in that transition period of I’ve gotten some sales and now I need to get more sales. So I feel like overall in business, especially online business, people have this mindset that if I just create a bunch of content and I post and I show up on social media that eventually buyers will come. And the amount of times I have seen entrepreneurs pour so much time and energy into that being their strategy and just creating so much content and putting so much stress on themselves to create that content is actually crazy. And if you really like pause and consider what if I put that time and energy elsewhere, would it be more impactful and I just think that there is such a massive pressure and overwhelm that most entrepreneurs feel around content creation.


And it’s because you look at these bigger businesses and these influencers and you see how much content they’re producing myself included. Like we put out quite a lot of content, but you have to understand it. It took me years to get to that point. Like I have a team. I have a full time copywriter on my team just doing my marketing. not to mention the other support that I have in design and the strategy and the tech, right? That’s not what I started out doing. And so the amount of pressure that I see entrepreneurs put on themselves to create content, specifically social media content, I think is really self-inflicted a lot of times, but it’s because of this version in this image that they chase, that they see others doing, right? And they think, okay, that’s how I will get successful if I just do that. And then I also think that the intention behind organic content, specifically social media, is off for a lot of people. 


And that’s what I want to break down. So when you sell your offer for the first time, I do teach a strategy in selling your offer without using paid ads or a multi-step funnel. And when I say paid ads in this way, I really mean like lead generation ads, such as a webinar or a lead magnet and sending people to a funnel and they go through all the steps and they go to the webinar and then that’s how you sell your offer. The way that I teach selling your offer for the first five to 10 times, is through connections and one-on-one conversations. And I have a whole process, this is my Emerge program, but I have a whole process and the way that I teach it is literally spending the time and reaching out and having one-on-one conversations. If you go back to the podcast last week, I actually talked a little bit more in detail on this strategy because I broke down the scaling code and this is the first phase of the scaling code. So if you want to listen to that strategy, you can go back. 


So I teach that, like I think that would be classified as organic marketing. But to me, that’s very different than posting on social media and spending a ton of time and a ton of energy and putting a ton of pressure on yourself to create all this content and just hope that it equals sales. And I think that’s a massive, massive mistake that people make is focusing on organic being the thing that’s going to save their business or create all of these sales. So first strategy. When you are making your first five to 10 sales, I am a fan of organic marketing, but not in the sense of just post a bunch of things in the sense of have as many one-on-one conversations as you can with potential customers, whether that’s in Facebook groups, people who follow you on Instagram, other people’s audiences. I believe that is the fastest way to making the first five to 10 sales, but it’s not sustainable.


You can’t do that forever. You have to move into a more sustainable, scalable strategy, which is where a funnel and a traffic strategy driving to that funnel comes into play. So in that sense, I’m supportive of organic marketing. The problem with organic marketing and in the way that most people look at it is it’s completely out of their control. It takes a ton of time. It takes a ton of energy. And then really when you go post on Instagram, you’re just like hoping that your ideal customer sees it, right? Like you have zero control over who sees it and you might have your followers, but like 10% of your followers are going to see your actual content. So it’s, it’s very much a cross your fingers and hope that this works type of strategy.


And it’s taking a ton of your time and energy that if we just questioned that and said, what if I put that elsewhere? What can I do with it? You’d probably start to have some realizations. So this is how I look at organic marketing, specifically content creation and marketing after you’ve gotten those first five to 10 sales. I think organic marketing and your social media can be used as a growth strategy, but it shouldn’t be the sole driver or something that you significantly count on for your business to grow. So when you use organic marketing as the main thing that’s going to start to get you sales and traction, you’re going to go a year with not a lot of progress and I can guarantee that. So organic marketing can help you grow your business, yes, but it’s very slow for 95% of people. like There’s probably, and there are exceptions to this rule, people go viral. Even that, sometimes you go viral and it’s like completely the wrong people who see it. you know It’s out of your control. 


So not using it as the sole purpose. However, do I think that content creation and showing up on social media is beneficial? Yes. But I think it’s actually more like your website and your brand awareness, because what you want to do is get your business to a point where, and this is my opinion, but I think this is the fastest path to growth, but you’re using something such as paid ads to get traffic to your business. You’ve already sold your offer five to 10 times through connections, through conversations, through using your time to do that. And now you built a strategic funnel and you use paid ads to get traffic to that funnel and you have full control over how many people you reach. how many leads you get, and most importantly, who you are targeting, right? Because when you use paid ads, you get to actually put in the exact target, the age, the interest, like you’re going after your ideal customer. So now we have more control.


And while cost per lead and things like that are gonna vary, you now have an actual dial that you can turn up. You can say, I’m gonna spend $100 and I’m getting $6 cost per lead and so I’m gonna get 60 leads, right? I think I did that math wrong. $6 cost per lead, $100, I don’t know. So now you’re like, okay, I’m getting $6 cost per lead. Oh, I want to double how many leads I’m getting. I’m just going to turn up my dial to $200. Now I’m in control. I’m in the driver’s seat of my traffic, which traffic is so important to your business. Of course, after you have the foundation in place.


So by using paid ads, now you’re in control and then you’ve got your organic and what’s happening is you’ve got people who are seeing your profile because you’re running ads from it. They’re clicking over to your profile and now they see your content and it’s like a website. It’s like, okay, I want to go consume more. I’m going to see this post. I’m going to watch this story. Every time that we run ads and I turn up the dial on my ad spend, I get a significant amount more of Instagram followers. And then I use my social media content to nurture them. Yes, sometimes new people find me on social media, but it is not the main driver of my growth. I’m not depending on it because that feels very much out of my control and would be a massive liability for my business. So kind of to recap on this, in the beginning of your business to make your first five to 10 sales,


You will do that organically, but you will do it through conversations, not posting endless amounts of content and creating all this content that you just hope someone sees from there. You need to take control of your strategy in your traffic. You need to. be able to say, I want to spend this much and get this many leads. And I want to make sure that those leads are exactly my ideal customer. And then you’re using organic marketing and organic content to nurture, to be brand awareness, because think about the customer experience. I’m a brand new lead. I just signed up for your webinar.


And then I followed you on Instagram and now I’m seeing your stories. I’m seeing your posts and you know, too, like when you follow someone new on Instagram, it Instagram will show you. that person’s posts a lot. So if someone sees your ad, signs up for your webinar, comes over and follows you on Instagram and then start seeing your posts, now it’s a brand awareness play. Now it’s a nurture play. Now it’s just adding to this new lead who just came into your world and making it even more likely that they’re going to eventually buy from you. But it’s not, I’m counting on social media for it to be my growth.


So that’s how I see social media. Now, yes, it sometimes leads to growth. I sometimes have people who find me as like a brand new lead, a brand new person on social media, but it’s rare. It’s maybe five, 10% of my new sales. The rest are coming from ads, from referrals, from me going and speaking or being in front of other people’s audiences. much more controllable variables. That’s one of the reasons I love paid ads so much is it’s a controllable variable where I get to say, okay, if I spend this much, I’ll get this many ideal leads. That brings me to the concept of visibility ads and just traffic in general. I think that a lot of entrepreneurs really limit themselves and the speed at which they will be successful and gain momentum because they’re afraid to spend money on ads. There are definitely things you want to have in place before you run ads, being that the quality of what you’re running ads to is a solid foundation and you know your ideal customer and when you go to run ads to that, it’s going to amplify it. but Ads are one of the fastest ways to get traffic and we need traffic for our business to be successful. You could have the most amazing content that you’re creating or an incredible webinar and an incredible offer or a great lead magnet that you put all this effort into. And then if you don’t have the traffic, nobody’s going to see it. And if your strategy is to just hope that social media attracts the people, I’m telling you it’s going to be the slowest game you have ever played.


So I love using ads to amplify something and specifically, visibility ads because visibility ads are something that anybody can use. Even if you haven’t sold your offer yet and you want to speed up the amount of people coming into contact with your brand, visibility ads are something that you can use. They’re also something that you should use forever. I run visibility ads 365 days a year. These are ads to your content. So you create an incredible piece of content. And you’re like, this is for my ideal customer. You put the work into it. You know that if your ideal customer sees this, they’re going to relate to this content. Typically, and what majority of entrepreneurs do, especially in the beginning is they go post that on social media. It has a lifespan of maybe two days on Instagram, maybe. And then you’ve got to post a new piece of content and you’re in the social media content hamster wheel. And hardly anybody saw that piece of content that you put all that energy into all that effort into.


Well, if you instead pair that content with visibility ads, which means you put a little bit of ad spend behind it, and you target your exact ideal customer, and you spend something low, $5 a day. Now you’re going to reach thousands of your ideal customer to see that content. You just amplified a solid piece of content and gave it way more life, way more impact, and way more potential. That’s what Visibility Ads does. It takes a solid piece of content and multiplies the amount of ideal customers who are going to see that content because you already put the energy into it. You’re already working so hard to create this content.


And now thousands more people are going to see it. Now it’s worth so much more. So that’s why I love visibility ads because it’s just a fast track and it also doesn’t cost very much. And the big scheme of things, once you are running ads to visibility, you have lead generation, you have all of them running, visibility ads are like 5% of your monthly budget. In the beginning, if you don’t even have a funnel yet and you’re not ready for that, visibility ads can be $5 a day. The point being you now take the control in your own hands and say, okay, I made an epic piece of content or I recorded this podcast. That’s so good. And I put time into it and I know my ideal customer. If somebody new sees it, like that was the purpose of it for to attract them. Right. And if I put budget behind this now,


I’m going to reach thousands more people. Now I’m amplifying it and it has so much more value and you also can now create less content because this is also why I love visibility ads. They go every day 24/7 and I don’t have to be on social media. So new people are seeing my content every day, every minute of the day. And I’m not on social media having to create content. So now my piece of content that would have had a two day lifespan can have a month long months. I’ve had a visibility ad, I think running for the last like eight months and it’s doing so well that we’ve left it. And I think it has like 400,000 views and all these comments and I actually don’t even like, I’m surprised that that was the top one that we put out, but it is and so we just leave it and new people see it all the time and they come over and they follow me. In fact, I did a podcast about a month ago on the client of mine who’s also in my mastermind who has a value, a customer value of $100,000 between what she spent with me and the referrals she sent my company And two years ago, she saw me through a visibility ad like so crazy that that cost me 10 cents. Right. So all that to say next week, starting on Monday, I am running my ultimate Facebook ad challenge.


In that challenge, it’s four days long. I will help you get a visibility ad live on day two. So we’re going to pick out the content. We’re going to get it live. I have training videos on how to navigate the ads manager. I have my ads managers in the group helping you every step of the way. And we get it live. And then I teach you my three steps system. for Facebook ads. It is one of our best free experiences we run. I mean, we could easily charge for it. I put in so many team resources in my own time into it. I bring in ads managers to help in the private group for everybody. It’s so valuable and you will have a visibility ad live and have attracted at least a thousand new potential leads with a visibility ad in four days.


So if you go to embodiedmarketing.com/challenge, you can register. We have a lot of people who take this challenge multiple times because it’s so good and they get something out of it every time. So if you’ve taken it before, feel free to sign up again. It is truly one of the best things that we do. And we only do it about every three to six months. So highly recommend you get in on that. Biggest lesson from this is I want you to so pause and consider where your time and energy is going. As it comes to content and the beliefs that you hold right now about what you have to do with content, how much you have to create what it is supposed to do. And I also want you to pause and think, where am I expecting to get my leads in sales?


Am I relying on a strategy that is so far out of my control that it most likely is not going to work? Because I’m relying on the algorithm to just fingers crossed, I hope it shows my content to enough new people. And if I just keep posting, I just keep creating content, eventually it has to work. It might, but it might take you years. And there is a better way, like there for sure is a faster and a better way. So what is you know thinking about, what is your expectation in where your sales and your leads are going to come from? Because if you don’t have a plan that you’ve taken control around and you’re implementing it, then you can’t expect to have good sales numbers. You have to take full control of that. And that’s kind of what this process does.


All right, everybody have a beautiful weekend. I hope you join me in the challenge on Monday. Again, that’s embodiedmarketing.com/challenge. It is free. You get to hang out with me every day. I go live for at least an hour. I answer questions. I hang out with you. It’s super fun. And also we’re going to get stuff done. Like I’m not just going to spew information at you, we are going to get work done. Sorry. I couldn’t do the math of that’s actually really bothering me. $100, $6 a lead. Am I right? It was 60. No, 60. I cannot do it live, like off the cuff. I’m pretty good off the cuff, but I guess I cannot do the math because 60 leads would be $600. I don’t know. I’m going to literally get my calculator. For some reason, my brain, it’s not working for me to actually come up with the math and continue talking at the same time.16. It’s 16 leads. That’s so funny. And you know what is also funny? 651 podcast episodes. And then we absolutely do not edit that out because you guys get the real me and Emily cannot do math as she talks off the cuff. So we all have that clear now. All right, everybody join me on Monday. I will talk to you next week.