What do you do when you feel like burning everything to the ground? Most of the time it’s a fleeting moment of overwhelm or stress, but it can also mean that there is too much intensity or not enough harmony in the structure of your company. In this episode, I discuss the importance of utilizing two critical forces in business: focus and innovation. Whether you’re feeling uninspired or facing challenges in your business, this episode will guide you on how to navigate these phases and leverage them for growth and success..


I’ll also be sharing:


  • The full breakdown about two forces in business that determine EVERYTHING: focus and innovation.
  • How to know which force needs more attention in different seasons.
  • When and how to make intentional and proactive decisions that actually move the needle in your business.


… and so much more.


Earlier last week I got a short wave of boredom and restlessness in my business, which is normal for any entrepreneur, especially when you’ve been doing it for a long time. BUT this got me thinking about whether I was being innovative to distract myself or if this was really something required to take my business to the next level. This is a challenge we all face as entrepreneurs, and I think having that clarity separates those who move up fast and those who stay stuck.


Tune in for insight into how I’ve run my business in the past and how I’ve managed to stay ahead of the game and on the frontlines of digital marketing for the past 8+ years.


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Emily Hirsh:


Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast. I hope you guys are having a fabulous week. I am currently in California. My brother and I, brothers, and I and my mom last year decided we’re going to start this tradition where I fly out without my kids. And my mom has a house out in Discovery Bay, which is in East Bay, California. And she has a lake. It’s not really a lake. It’s a delta. um house and so she’s in a wake surfing boat and we just spend like three or four days wake surfing. We work during the day and we wake surf in the evening and it’s super fun. I’m really close with my brothers and it’s always treasured for me to get some time with them on my own without my kids. So that’s what I’m doing this week and simultaneously running the challenge, which is just just one of those weeks where I’m so grateful for the life I’ve created where I can have thousands of people signed up for an incredible free experience and be able to show up live and put on this experience while also traveling and getting to wake surf like this is my dream. So anyways on my flight out here I didn’t do typical work on the plane and I used it for time to brainstorm and really try to tap into some creativity. um If I’m being honest, I have struggled the last two to three weeks just actually feeling pretty uninspired, um uninspired just in general in my business. And I want to be honest about that because that’s completely normal to feel that way for periods of time. 


And I think as especially content creators that is not normalized very much and people feel a lot of guilt around that and I just let it be and I knew it was going to shift and transition and so I just kind of sat in it but on the plane I actually got some clarity got some inspiration and it felt really good because I hadn’t felt that for the last few weeks so I Sat down and came up with so many podcast ideas for you guys. So I have a whole library of things I’ll be recording in the coming weeks. And today I wanted to talk about these two forces in your business and in your marketing that constantly will have a push and a pull effect on you. One will need more attention and then the other will need more attention. And you’ll constantly be kind of pivoting and adjusting based on that. And I think it’s it’s really powerful to think about the season you’re in right now and which one might need more of your attention. And bringing awareness to this will also allow you to pause and make sure that an action or a decision that you want to make is coming from the right place. And I kind of experienced this this past month because I had some moments in my business where I was like, let’s just burn it all and redo it, you know. 


And I think sometimes when you have seasons that are more challenging and you have these struggles, it’s very easy, especially as entrepreneurs and visionaries, to want to like pivot completely and do something brand new and it’s also easy for us to think of. New ideas and that sounds like an easier path and sounds more exciting especially when things are challenging on the flip side you have. this drive of doing the same thing of focusing and going all in on something where there are times that is Stopping you from creating new ideas and innovation. So these two forces are focus and innovation, innovation slash action right and and we have times in business where these forces, one needs more attention than another. They are very, they’re both very important. And I think in the business teaching, in the business coaching world, you get people in two different camps. You get people who talk a lot about focus. One funnel to a million dollars. One offer that you need to focus on. Don’t get distracted. And that’s a lot of truth to it. There is a lot of truth to those statements. Then you have people who are constantly launching new offers. They’re visionaries. They’ve got five businesses. They’re probably spread too thin, but they’re showcasing the fact that we are visionaries and we do thrive when we can leverage our creativity and think differently.


And so both of these sides, as with all spectrums, like the power of understanding two different spectrums and that it’s never one or the other ever. In any example, the power always comes when it’s both brought together and knowing which season is calling for more one than the other. So these two forces are both very, very important when used intentionally. And so. The last several weeks, I have been feeling the pole for innovation, for like, I feel like I’m in a box. I don’t want to be in this box anymore. And I want to try something new. Not necessarily like a whole new business, but like I’m tired of doing things the same way for the last five years. Like I feel trapped and I feel uninspired because of that. And that caused a discomfort in me, which


Discomfort is in contrast to what we don’t want. And so there’s a lot of power in discomfort and power in realizing when you feel those things and what it can mean. And so I really was pushing myself to have a desire for less focus and more innovation and more action and more shake it up. And I did have to pause a few times and ask myself, like where is this coming from? What’s the intention behind this? Am I running from something I don’t want to handle? Or have I convinced myself that this is going to solve a problem that I know you know once I get to a certain place, I’ll have the same exact problem if I don’t solve the root of it? And I had to have these conversations with myself. But I saw myself being pulled between these two forces the past several weeks of


I’ve been very focused, very dialed in, like not necessarily launching new things, but kind of following the same patterns to an extent. I mean, I’m never doing the same thing. I do always like to shake it up, but I was really being pulled to innovation and to different action. And so for me, because I have been in a season of a short season of feeling uninspired, it was triggering that. And I think that sometimes when there’s challenges or something isn’t working, it triggers that and it’s like, okay, what do we need to do differently? And it’s a positive thing. So what I want to talk about in this episode is how both of these forces are very important. And both of these should be driving your business and marketing and actually consistently making an effort to check in with yourself and see what season you’re in. And this can even be broken down to different areas of your business. Like you might be at one point in a season of extreme focus when it comes to your operations and your delivery. like Keep doing what we’re doing, execute what we’ve got, and spend the next 90 days only doing this. And then at the same time, you might be in a place where in your marketing, it requires more innovation.


And more action and trying things and thinking outside the box and maybe a little bit less focus because you need to try more things, cast a wider net, and then narrow it down and see what works the best, right? So the push and pull usually comes from that. So taking the time to actually think through and you could do this for your whole, your business as a whole, or I would break it down into like operations and delivery and marketing. So you’ve got marketing and you’ve got delivery and really sitting with like what season are you in right now? If you’re in a place where you have in your marketing or in your delivery, it’s working really, really well. It is consistently working, you’re hitting the goals that you want, and you feel like there’s not a lot of challenges, there’s not a lot of roadblocks, then you’re probably in a season of focus. It’s like dial this in, scale what’s working, and don’t break something that’s not broken. Now, if you’re in a place where what you’re doing is providing you with a lot of challenges, you feel like you’re hitting a lot of roadblocks, that’s where I was. and It came at me in multiple ways where I felt like, okay, I’m hitting challenge after challenge, which has the energy of resistance, which has the energy of force. And so let me pause and figure out why, because that’s always an opportunity to do something different because we’ve maybe outgrown the way we were doing things or the economy shifted, the industry shifted, whatever.


And so that calls for innovation, that calls for different action. So when you’re in when you’re looking at your business, you’re probably weighing Do I have something that right now in this current economy, in this current state, is working really, really well? And I need to go all in and focus on making that the best it can possibly be. And if I do that, it will bring me the biggest results. It will move the needle the most. Or in a certain area of my business or in my business as a whole, I’m facing challenges. I’m facing resistance. I’m spinning my wheels on things and I’m not getting where I want to be and I don’t know what the disconnect is. And I maybe haven’t changed something in this area in a while. And that’s also usually like an indicator. If you haven’t changed something in your marketing or in your delivery or in an area of your business in a long time, it probably needs some attention and some innovation. And if you’re in that camp of I’m facing challenges, I’m facing resistance, I have these goals or these outcomes and I’m not hitting them and I feel like I’m spinning my wheels or I haven’t changed anything in a while, you probably need less focus for a season and more innovation.


And when I say less focus, I don’t mean like go completely distract yourself and start a new business, but pausing and saying, okay, what are like five things or three things that are just ideas that we could try to get to X outcome. What is something that we haven’t thought about? Let’s give ourselves permission to think creatively and just pause for a minute and step outside the box that we’re in and see what comes to us. And then let’s try these things. And so that’s kind of where I’ve been of sitting with, okay, There’s some things that I have been doing the same for five years. And obviously, the industry and the economy has changed a lot. And those things have, I haven’t looked at them in a long time, and they’ve recently caused challenges for me. So therefore, that’s like red flag hello, we need to pause and come up with some different ideas. We need to make some shifts. We need to use the data that we have. We need to use the intel that we have about what’s not working. 


And bring some innovation and action into that part of the business. And some of that action might work, some of it won’t, but we will shake it up a little. And then we’ll go into a season of focus. And like I said, this can happen simultaneously at two different areas of your business. Like you could you have your delivery as focus, let’s not change anything, keep doing what’s working. Your marketing is requiring innovation and action. so Part of the reason I wanted to talk about this is because I feel that there are two types of entrepreneurs. I think there are entrepreneurs who naturally lean towards one or the other of these. I think there’s entrepreneurs who are like extreme visionaries and constantly coming up with new ideas. And I’ve often heard, you know, when I’ve coached people around, I don’t know which idea to follow because I’m afraid of distracting myself or kind of sabotaging something I’ve started. And I also know that what I’m doing isn’t working and so I need to do something different. and So how much do I jump to these new ideas without getting distracted? So there’s the extreme visionaries. There’s the people always coming up with new ideas. and no issues with innovation but they lack the focus to complete something and to see it through completion and actually see if it worked. Then you have the entrepreneurs who move a little bit slower but they are very intentional. They are very focused. They keep things really simple. 


They only have a couple of things that they work on at one time and they have extreme focus but they blind blind themselves to new ideas because they have a path and all they can see is that path that they’ve already predetermined and then they stop thinking about new ideas, right? And the answer lies in the middle. As it always does and so if you are somebody that you resonate with like oh I’m the visionary I’m the person always coming up with new ideas always. Trying to jump from the next thing to the other you probably need more focus in your business and you probably need to sit down with yourself and ask yourself alright if I have to limit you know what I can work on what I can pursue. And I have to see through to completion of one, two, three projects or three initiatives or three goals. What are those? And what is going to move the needle the most for my bigger outcomes? If you’re the person who’s very focused and you sometimes block yourself in from new ideas and creativity, then maybe you need to sit down and ask yourself, Here’s what I’m doing. Here’s the path that I’ve predetermined and the goals that I have. But what are one to three ideas that if I really challenged myself, I could come up with and think differently and bring some more innovation, more creativity, like give myself permission to think outside the box. 


And in your business, as you go through seasons, you’re going to constantly have to weigh if it’s a season of focus or if it’s a season of innovation. and It’s not like you’re putting 100 percent into focus and ah and zero into and in innovation, but you might be in a season where it’s 85 percent, I need to focus, and then it’s 15 percent innovation and ideas, and then that switches and that pivots. So when you have these urges of like I did, I want to burn it all down and start a new business. Like that that was what I felt a few days, which obviously is not what I would ever actually follow through with. But the process I followed was I paused. I didn’t take any action for two or three days. I sat in the middle of challenges and I sat in like, okay, I’m going to let this kind of play out. I’m mean and I’m just going to sit in it. I’m not going to jump into action, which I talked about on the podcast last week. And then I’m going to sit down and I’m going to make sure I clearly define what’s the outcome I’m trying to achieve. Like where am I trying to go? I’ve got XYZ issues, XYZ challenges that I’m facing. And where is the outcome? What am I trying to accomplish? Okay. Now that I’m clear on that, what do I feel?


Is going to be the most likely to succeed actions is it trying new things is it fixing and focusing and optimizing on something i already have it’s probably a little bit of both but let’s make sure i come from the right place in the right intention and therefore I’m not reactive. but I’m intentional and I’m proactive. And I think we as entrepreneurs can get into a messy place when we start becoming reactive. When we start feeling and the frustration from a challenge and we let that immediate temporary emotional state dictate a big decision like we’re going to quit that thing and we’re going to do this instead. I think big decisions take thought, they take time, they take processing,


And as you mature as a business owner and an entrepreneur, you have to have this capacity for being intentional with the actions you’re taking, which are really based on these two forces. Like, are we buckling down and focusing and improving? Or is this part of the business or this thing truly not working anymore and we need more innovation? Are we making ourselves distracted by constantly coming up with new ideas and not fulfilling them? Or are we so focused on something and committed to it that we’ve stopped thinking outside the box? And it’s going to be different for everybody. It’s going to be different for the season that you’re in. But these two forces are going to shift and change in your business and should be thought about. So my intention with this podcast was to give you guys something to just kind of ponder and think about and maybe if you want to sit and brainstorm you know what season you’re in in your whole business or in the different parts of your business and see like do you fall on one of these spectrums where you’ve become blinded to the other force. Alright everybody I hope this was helpful and I will talk to you all on Thursday.