What do you want from your business? Freedom? Money? Helping thousands of people? It’s not selfish to say YES to all of those things and more.

In the month of July, my business made $76,000 in profit. I’m not saying that to brag. I’m telling you so that you’ll know what is possible for you too. Please realize that I started two years ago charging $18/ hour and I’ve had some massive leaps since then (obviously).

NOTE: All of these ideas can apply to you, even if you aren’t at the level that you want to be at right now. You can apply tools and strategies on a smaller scale until you grow and then you can do it again. It’s a matter of repeating over and over and over as you uplevel.

Here are the changes that I’ve noticed that give some of the biggest leaps in business:

  • Delegate, delegate, delegate
    • Start with small stuff like 2-3 hours weekly from an assistant or maybe delegating housekeeping, childcare, etc.
  • Purposeful with my time
    • Block schedule my next day every night, calls, meetings and free time is all accounted for every single day. Do you really need that meeting or can it be simply solved with a voice text or Voxer?
  • Focus on my zone of genius
    • You aren’t going to rock everything. You’re a CEO. Own it. Delegate the rest.
  • Know who you want to work with
    • If you aren’t working with ideal clients, you might be wasting your time
  • Give myself space to think and download new ideas
    • Meditation, time alone, etc. all help me create space for the creativity I need in my business.

Delegating is ALWAYS proving to be profitable. I have become the queen of delegation and all of my clients who delegate and maintain their CEO position, see incredible results.

Is it time to delegate your funnels? You know where to find us.