You have a Facebook page that’s just “meh” in the number of likes. So you think “Hey, I should run some ads to get more likes”.

No. Just no.

What you’re doing is telling Facebook “go find some random people to like my page”.

So Facebook goes out to find people who have liked a ton of pages because they’re likely to like your page too (that’s a lot of likes). So they really aren’t a quality audience for you.

Likes are a vanity metric. They don’t matter. There’s no money there.

Here’s what to do instead:

  1. Create a video or a blog post
  2. Create a retargeting ad for people who have viewed your content
  3. Get their email addresses via an opt in so you can market to those people

TIP: When you’re running a purpose-based ad, you’re going to get likes anyway so it’s a two birds with one stone thing.

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