This is why I love Facebook ads: The Pixel.
You can put ads in front of people based on specific actions they take. And then you can drive them through specific actions in your funnel.
No other advertising platform has the ability to do this at the same level.
Here are three retargeting ads that my Team runs for clients and within our own funnels:
#1. Engagement Ads (for live webinars).
Here’s how it works: Let’s say you sign up for my webinar. In between the time you sign up and when the webinar goes live, I’ll show you an ad to encourage you to comment right there to receive a bonus workbook in ManyChat. Then, when the webinar goes live, you receive a notification in ManyChat to remind you that it’s starting.
The goal with a live webinar is for people to show up live.
Sometimes there’s five or six days between when someone signs up and when the webinar goes live – and you want people to remember that they signed up! The goal here is to connect with people during this timeframe and get them connected with ManyChat if possible (maybe with bonus content).
#2. 24-hour Reminder Ad (for live webinars). 
This is similar to how you might send a reminder email (the problem with emails, though, is that sometimes people don’t open these in time to attend).
The ad might read something like, “Hey! We’re so happy you signed up for this webinar. I can’t wait to see you! Here’s your link to join.”
With these ads you’re paying to stay top of mind, because you want people on your webinar live.
(NOTE: I’ve tested webinars with and without these 24-hour reminder ads, and they can affect live show-up rate from 10-15 percent!)
#3. The Replay. 
I use GoToWebinar now, because I didn’t like that I couldn’t see who attended and who didn’t with ClickFunnels (that’s important – if people didn’t attend the webinar, they’re probably not going to buy).
I separate who attends and who doesn’t. To the people who don’t attend, I send a 24-hour ad that goes to the replay.
#4. Sales Ads.
Of course you’re sending sales ads after the webinar, but you can go even deeper and segment ads depending on how people showed up.
I segment my own ads like this: There’s a general sales ad that everyone who watched the webinar receives. Then, if they’ve landed on the sales page, I send them to an ad with testimonials; and if they landed on the order form page, I send them to an ad with a video from me.
There’s a lot that goes into a webinar – but retargeted Facebook ads are where you can get the most value.
What if you could close an extra 10-15 percent of people by spending an extra $5 per day on ads to stay top of mind?
(Keep in mind, I’m talking about live webinars here; but this also works for live video series, live challenges, etc.)
Hopefully this has been helpful,
Emily Hirsh