Automation! Automation! Automation! 

We see that word gets thrown around A LOT. 

But if you want to know what it can REALLY mean for your lead generation, you need to turn into this episode! 

Inside this FIRST episode of my Lead Generation BONUS PODCAST SERIES, I dive deep into HOW to create consistent and AUTOMATED business growth in this new world. 

That means no more only relying on organic marketing alone (aka posting on social 24/7 and praying for a reel to go viral).

Sure, creating content is essential, BUT organic marketing alone will only take you so far. 

The digital marketing world has changed, so if you want to speed up your growth, your approach needs to change too! (And it’s actually MUCH easier than what you’re doing now!) 

In this episode, I drop gold like… 

⭐ The problem with organic marketing (and why it’s not going to get any better)

⭐ The difference in posting frequency required for organic marketing vs. visibility Facebook ads

⭐ Why waiting to run ads until you’re ‘ready’ is such a HORRIBLE strategy

⭐ How to view your ad strategy as an investment from the beginning 

⭐ Why Facebook and Instagram are still the top platforms for advertisers even after the iOS update nonsense. 

Check out this episode if you are ready to kick start your automated lead generation machine and bring in CONSISTENT (and highly targeted) leads who are willing to buy! 

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Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. Welcome. If you’re new, there might be a lot of new listeners here as I was on a few podcasts. And then just got back from speaking at social media marketing world. And so there’s lots of new people around. So welcome. If you’re new, we have been doing this kind of step for the last three months months, which is each month I’m doing like a bonus series on my podcast. And so this is our bonus series for March. I’m not saying we’re gonna do this every single month, but when I have a topic that I really wanna talk about and put in a format where all the episodes kind of build off of each other, I like doing a, in the format of a series that happens every day for a period of time versus waiting to like spread it out. 

Usually I release episodes on Tuesday and Thursday, so versus waiting to spread it out across that time, we do it all in one week. So Monday through Friday, this week, we’re doing a series about turning your lead generation on autopilot it with Facebook ads. And I was inspired to do this series because last month we did a live challenge and it was all about this. And I realized how many people know they need to run Facebook ads or maybe have tried running Facebook ads in the past. And it hasn’t worked. And they either feel like maybe Facebook ads won’t work for me, or I don’t even know where to start with Facebook ads. And so they’re kind of doing that throw spaghetti at the wall approach, and they need a straightforward like 1, 2, 3, this is what you do with Facebook ads. And so this whole week, Monday through Friday, I’m gonna be talking about this, about turning your lead generation an on autopilot, using ads specifically, and really diving into our process. 

And so one of the things I’m gonna be talking about starting in tomorrow’s episode is our Facebook ads system. And if you’ve been around and followed me for a while, you know that I look at marketing as a process. I don’t look at marketing as luck. If you just try this strategy, or you find this ninja targeting audience that you didn’t know about yesterday, and you now know about today, then you might find success marketing. And I don’t just believe this. I know this because I’ve watched it come true. Hundreds of times in businesses we’ve worked with is a process. And if you can get that process right, you will be successful. So throughout this week, another piece of this that we’re doing, which is new is throughout this series to kind of celebrate the series and do something fun and different. If you share this podcast on social media. 

So like screenshot one of the episodes or screenshot the podcast in the series that hap is happening. And then you tag at Emily Hirsh, I’m gonna give away two business audits with me personally. So the way that will work is if you win, basically if you share the episode at any point, you’re submitted into the bucket to win, and we’re gonna choose two random winners. And if you win, you’ll get a business audit by me personally, where you’ll submit this form we have, which kind of tells me about the problems you’re facing your goals, where you wanna be in your business information about your business. And then we’ll get on a 30 minute call where I’ll kind of go through an audit. And that’s one of my zone of geniuses is like quickly getting a snapshot of a business, getting a snapshot of problems and then saying, okay, here’s what you need to do. 

Here’s my audit. It could be about your marketing. It could be about your struggles with your team. Like it can be overall business, but it also can be directly marketing. So if you share this series on social media and you tagged me, you have to tag me. So we know that you shared it on your stories or in your Instagram, you’ll be entered to win that business audit and you can be entered multiple times. So if you wanna share it every day, then you’ll be entered five times. So that is an extra fun thing we’re doing throughout this series. All right. So today’s specific episode is going to be an overview about creating consistent and automated business growth and kind of what I’m by automated, because I think that word is thrown around a lot and people want it. And it’s like, oh, automation sounds good. 

And I wanna have automation. So I don’t have to be, you know, in my business every day. And I wanna be able to go on vacation or step away and have a baby or whatever it is. And I want my business to still grow. And so I’m making kind of a bold statement here, and it’s an its opposite of what a lot of people think, and that is in order for your business to grow. And in order for you to have consistency and automation in that growth, you have to use paid ADSS because the reality is with every single platform out there, organic marketing equals time. It equals showing up all day long on all of these platforms and constantly creating content. And it’s really not gonna get any better, like the platforms have made it. So that, that is the case on purpose. They’ve made it so that you have to pay to a play. 

And so there’s people out there who will tell you and say, well, you shouldn’t run ads until you’ve made $10,000 or you shouldn’t run ads until you’re a million dollar business or whatever. There’s a lot of people out there who will say that. And I know some of you are gonna be like, well, you’re biased because you run a Facebook ad agency, but why do you think I focus on paid ads? I could focus on organic marketing. I know organic marketing strategies, but I have tried both. And even for my own business, actually to share with you guys recently, I told my team like, we’re gonna way cut back on organic. Like, this is just ridiculous. The amount of effort that we’re putting in this for the return, when we could put the budget and the effort into paid ads and get so much more out of this. 

And I don’t have to create all this content and show up on stories all the time, or pump out, you know, 10 posts a week or something like it just, the return is not there. And so organic marketing kind of equals hustle, and you’re not going to have consistency and automation in your business growth through organic marketing. You have to master paid ads, which a lot of you are like, I know that, but how, and that’s what we’re talking about this week. But first I wanna preface with the fact that if you have kind of felt like, and this is, I see this a lot. If you have felt like, well, in order to grow my business, I have to post on social media all the time. And if I post on social media all the time, then I’ll get more followers. And then those followers will turn into leads and they’ll, they’ll turn into sales. 

And so this kind of loop that I see a lot of people get in is they are like I’m posting and I’m showing up all the time and they maybe do that for three weeks or maybe a month, or maybe even they do it for two months, but then they’re like, wait, I’m not getting any traction. The buyers aren’t coming, the leads are not coming. I’m posting all the time. It’s not for a lack of effort I’m showing up, but it’s just not resulting in growth. And what I’m gonna walk through this week is the concept that you can take a couple of core pieces of content and actually turn those into paid ads and reach thousands more people than you ever could posting every single day on your page. And if you participated in my challenge a couple weeks back, this is kind of what we did. 

And so I’m not teaching the exact same thing, but I’m, I’m revisiting some of those concepts because that’s a core part of the, not for lazy marketers process. And so when people talk about, Hey, wait until you make this much money with Facebook ads or wait until you’re here in your business before you run paid ads, that’s fine, but just be prepared that it might be a year until you’re there. It might be more than that. And when you’re doing that, you’re really counting more on like a cross, my fingers and hope this works strategy, versus I’m gonna get in the driver’s seat. I’m gonna make this happen and I’m gonna create the success no matter what, which is really what paid ads is. If you recently listened to my podcast is Facebook ads like trading on the stock market. I talked about how Facebook ADSS is not like gambling. 

You are in charge with your Facebook ads. You get to be in charge around the targeting. You choose, you get to be in charge with the decisions you make, the changes you make turning ads off, adding new audiences, adding new creative. And so when you make the decision to start paid ads at the beginning of your business growth, because you wanna speed it up, you are making the decision to get in the driver’s seat and say, I’m not gonna wait around for the organic algorithm to start working. And to slowly trickle in a couple new people a day who I don’t even know if are they’re my ideal customer, I’m gonna get in the driver’s seat and I’m gonna take control of it. So I personally think and know based on experience that it is a bad strategy to wait to run ads until you hit a certain revenue point, unless two things, unless you don’t care and you have the time, unless you’re like, I am just doing this slowly. 

I’m gonna post and slowly grow my business. And I don’t care if it’s not fast. Cool. That’s like maybe one to 2% of you out there because most entrepreneurs, I know they wanna grow and they wanna grow tomorrow. The second and thing that this would not be a bad strategy is if you have no money, like if you’re not able to invest in ads. And you’re like, if I spend a hundred dollars tomorrow, I don’t have it and I couldn’t eat, or I couldn’t pay my bills. Okay. Don’t spend money on ads. But if you are a business owner and you are willing to say, I am going to invest in the future of my business, the growth of my business. And I wanna be in charge at the pace at which that happens, then you can jump in to paid ads. I never tell people like spend money on paid ads. 

If you can’t pay your bills, that should be the thing if you, but if you have money to invest in a lot of people, here’s another miss stake entrepreneurs make is they invest in a coach or a course to try to teach them how to do it. Or a coach who they think is gonna give them this template and save them. And then they have no money left over for paid ADSS. It’s one of the reasons coming into our program market like a pro part of the qualification is that you can spend hundred dollars a month on ads. Like we qualify people based on what’s your monthly marketing budget of support plus paid ad spend. Because if you go buy a course, but then you have no money to spend on ads, how is that gonna solve your problem? Okay. So overall, like one thing to keep in mind through this week, as I’m talking is the concept of using your, your ad strategy as an investment, you have to switch your mentality and realize like the first two to three months of running ads, especially if you follow this process, I’m gonna walk you through this week. 

It’s an investment in your business. It’s you consciously saying, I don’t wanna wait for the next year to and show up on social media all the time for very slow snail pace growth. I’m gonna get in the driver’s seat. I’m gonna speed this up. I’m gonna put Aman behind my content, behind my funnel, because I wanna pay to get it in front of more eyes so that I can see what’s working and what’s not working and refine it faster. And I’m gonna do that through an investment in my business. So one of the first decisions you have to make is if I was to sit in front of you right now and ask you like, Hey, how much money can you spend next month on Facebook ads or paid marketing in general? And if you don’t make it back, you’re fine. Like, what is your investment number? 

Is it $500? Is it a thousand dollars? Is it $200? What is that number? And you have to know, okay, this is how much I have to start with ads. That’s your budget to start. Then you go spend that budget and you figure out how everything is working and you make decisions from there. The second piece to understand, like throughout this week, as I’m talking, is that in the beginning, the first one to two months with your ads, you need to look at it as an experiment. Your ads are for you to start getting traction. It’s start testing audiences to start seeing what content people respond to and to start experimenting with that. So you can make decisions in the future. And one of the really cool things about Facebook and Instagram ads, in my opinion, and this is why people ask me, like, why haven’t you added YouTube? 

And why haven’t you added Google? Do you think those work better? And I’m like, if I thought they worked better, then I would be offering that service right now in the future. I would like to offer it as an addition to Facebook and Instagram, but the reason, and I’ve stayed focused on Facebook and Instagram from the beginning is because the experience you can create with your ads is unique to all other platforms. And what I mean by that is when someone scrolls Facebook or they’re watching an Instagram story, like somebody you’re trying to target your ideal customer, you’re able to put an ad in front of them. That doesn’t, it look like an ad. So you can actually put a piece of valuable content. And then it just looks like a post of their friends or a post that they’re seeing in their feed. That is very organic feeling with Google and with YouTube and Pinterest and all those other platforms think about it. 

Like when you’re watching a YouTube video and an ad pops up, what do you do you most likely like, wait for the five seconds to go by and ignore it, right? Or on Google, like you search something and an ad shows up. You’re a lot of the times you’re ignoring it. If it’s exactly what you wanted, because you searched for it, you might click on it, right. Or you might see the YouTube video. And you’re like, oh, this is is awesome. This is gonna solve my problem. I’m gonna go there. And the thing is with Facebook and Instagram, when done right, a business owner or a marketer can make an ad look very organic. They can make it look like their friend posted it, or, you know, a business colleague or something. And so that level of nurturing and that experience that you’re creating, I talk a lot about how marketing as an experience. 

It really can’t be replicated on other platforms. And so what do people consume the most on social media? Like what do they consume? Is it ads? Is it signing up for webinars? Like take a guess what it is. It’s content, people consume content on social media. They, they go on social media to be entertained too, they think it’s valuable. It’s not always valuable to be connected, to stimulate their brains with content. So if people consuming content the most on social media and you are creating content, but nobody’s seeing it, then why not pair ad spend with it? So you can put it in front of your ideal customer. And that’s specifically like the how to is what I’m gonna talk about tomorrow in terms of growing an audience with paid ads. But what I want you to start thinking about today on day one of this series is if you’ve been in the place where you’re waiting for a certain moment to start Facebook ads, or you’re wondering like, am I ready for Facebook ads, or you’re trying to have this perfect funnel and be getting sales. 

You might be able to start a version of Facebook ads using my system to gain traction faster. So think at, of paid ads as speed and a way to increase the pace at which you attract people and ideal customers to your business, and also a way to not have you be on the hamster wheel of constant content. And I know for me, like I refuse as you guys know, if you’ve been a long time follower to be on social media all day, I will not see my life through the lens of a camera. As I document it on Instagram stories. I really don’t put a lot on stories. I don’t put my kids on there very much, cuz I’m with my kids and I am, I’m actually experimenting right now. Like what happens if we barely post on social media? And the thing is, my account is still growing. 

Our leads are still growing and our sales are still growing, cuz it’s all coming through pay debts. And I don’t just mean followers. So we’re gonna talk about that deeper as we go through here. But a lot of people associate like, let me get followers and then turn those leads into followers. And then turn those leads into sales. You’re gonna get followers as a byproduct of implementing this Facebook ad system that I teach because people are gonna be seeing your content, your valuable content that they’re like, this is awesome. Or wow, I gotta listen to this podcast episode or this was a great post that made me stop and think, and then they’re going you because they’re like this person’s cool or this business is cool. And that is an extremely valuable exchange with a potential customer. So what we’re gonna continue to talk about this week is three things like I’m gonna walk through our Facebook, a system which has three layers. 

It shows, it talks about growing an audience, turning your audience into leads and then turning your leads into sales. And then the final day, I’m gonna talk about guaranteeing your control of your own marketing, like getting in the driver’s seat. Once you start running ads and not feeling those feelings of, oh my gosh, like what decisions do I make? Should I turn this off? Is Facebook gonna take all my money? Like I’m so freaking out. And it was really powerful for me to witness kind of this happen when we did our free challenge, because I realized like I’m in this all the time, but I realize the distrust that people have with Facebook and spending money and they’re afraid, and I want to squash that for you and make you feel very confident with paid ads. But today I want you to think about like, what are your, what are your business goals and how much time do you want to spend creating content and on social media? 

And the second question is if you were to choose a number, what is the budget can spend next month on paid ads? And if you don’t make it back, you’re gonna be fine. Like you can pay your bills, you can take care of what you need to take care of. And you can spend this as an investment in your business. What is that number? So think about those two things. And then tomorrow I’m gonna be back with another episode, all about growing an audience of buyers. And this is where I’m gonna kind unveil the first layer of our three layer Facebook ad system. Also just a side note throughout these five days, we opened up five spots for us to custom build your funnel. So if you apply to work with Hersh marketing, either with our done for you market like a pro consultancy or a, I mean, sorry, done with you or are done for you agency, you apply and you sign up the next five people. 

We opened up spots where on top of what we normally deliver for you, which all the information is in our application, on our pages, et cetera, you can go to help my If you apply and sign up the next five people, we will also write your opt in page, write your thank you page, write your emails and build it all, design it, all, integrate it. So it’s ready to run ads. If you already have a funnel, we will audit it, edit it, redo it and send it back to you, ready for ads or run your ads if you choose the done for you option. So it’s this week only and only five spots. And I really truly that because basically every week we complete a handful of funnels and we open up those spots. And so we have five, which has opened up from the last couple weeks as we’ve completed funnels and passed them off to complete and we have five spots. 

And so when those are gone, those are gone. And so you can go to help my You can get your application in that application will walk you through, like based on your business, where, which offer we can help you with the most in your marketing and make sure you get those results. So that’s at help my Otherwise I will see you guys tomorrow where we’re gonna talk all about growing an audience of buyers. Don’t forget if you share this podcast and tag me at an Emily Hirsh on social media, you’ll be entered to win a personal business audit by me. All right, guys, talk to you tomorrow. 

Thanks for listening to the, not for lazy marketers podcast. If you love this episode and want deeper support with your marketing head over to help my to see how Hersh marketing can help take your marketing to the next level, no matter where you’re at today, we help our clients scale faster than ever find hidden leaks in their funnel experiment with new creative marketing strategies and help their BI explode and be more profitable than they ever dreamed possible. Head over to help my and see if you qualify for a free strategy audit with team Hirsh.