“I’ve got an audience and leads, but how the heck can I get them to actually start taking action?”

Now if only I had a penny for every time I’ve gotten asked this question!

No but seriously, this is a common problem that many entrepreneurs are faced with – they’ve done all this work to build their audience and capture their leads, but now they aren’t taking the actions you need them to take.

There’s one key element that you’ll need in order to get your leads to shift from passive bystanders into action-takers: urgency.

So, in today’s episode of The Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast, I’m going to help you learn how to:

  • Create a strong sense urgency in your marketing
  • Force your leads to make decisions
  • Craft your messaging to attract natural action-takers

And I’m providing you with tons of examples of how my own team strategically builds a sense of urgency for our own offers that you can start implementing TODAY.

As always, feel free to head over to my Instagram (@emilyhirsh) and leave a comment letting me know your biggest takeaways and thoughts on today’s episode!

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Key Points:

[4:27] If you force people to make the decision, whether the decision is yes or no, that they want to take action, but force them to make a decision – they will.

[7:50] Make sure that if you do say, “I only have spots for 10 calls on my calendar,” you really do only have spots for 10 calls on your calendar.

[12:28] The next way that you get people to take action is in your messaging by making sure they understand they don’t have another choice but to choose to take action.

[14:12] If you want somebody to do something, or you want to attract certain types of people who take action and who are that type of a person, you just speak to that. 

[15:45] If a human has a choice to just kind of sit around and wait to take the action, they’re going to choose that because we’re all busy.

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Emily Hirsh: 

Hello everybody. How are all my friends doing this week? I hope you guys are having a great week, a productive week in the flow and momentum. I am excited because when this episode comes out, I’ll be in California and I cannot wait. I cannot believe I haven’t been back home, my home with my parents and my brothers, in six months. Like, I don’t even know what has happened to 2020 and how it’s been like, since Christmas that I’ve been there, and now we’re halfway through the year. Legitimately this year is insane and it’s going by so fast. I can’t believe it. It feels like, it feels like it was just Christmas and all of a sudden half of a year is gone when you have kids, and a business, and just constant something to do. I swear, like one month, one week is like no time. It just flies by. 

Every time we do monthly planning for our company, I’m like, how has it been in another month? How are we here? I think one thing I’ve learned in business is that a month is not a lot of time. Whereas when I was younger, I was like a month is so long. I don’t want to wait a month. It goes by so fast. And when you have kids, it’s just like every day flies by so fast, and every week, and every month. And you’re just like “slow down!” sometimes. I want to enjoy it. I love my kids’ ages right now, even though it’s chaos. Three months old, three and five years old is just so fun. Like they just are, they light up every day. And there’s something about knowing it’s your last time doing the newborn phase and the baby phase ever, it just makes you appreciate it on a whole different level. So that is my quick personal update for the first minute of the podcast. Just kidding! I don’t do that every time, but I sometimes feel like that connecting with you guys cause I’m in your ears every week, if you’re a regular listener, and I love to keep you up to date with, you know, what’s happening behind the scenes, because I think that is important. 

Today I am talking about how to get your audience in your leads to take action. Somebody recently asked me this question and I thought it was a great one. So I turned it into a podcast episode, cause that’s what I do. It is a great one because we want our leads and our audience to take action, to buy our products, to book calls, to sign up for our webinar, to show up to our webinar. We need them to take action for our funnels and our marketing to convert, right? So what does that mean, and how do we get them to do that? 

The biggest way is urgency, and it is necessary to have some form of urgency in your marketing and your offers, whether they’re free, or an application and a free call, or an actual paid offer. Humans will take action if they think they don’t have unlimited time to take that action. That is the number one way to get somebody to take action. Now there’s a lot of different ways this could play out and I’ve actually had people in the past tell me, “I don’t like that urgency marketing, where you have to pretend that you have to take action or there’s going to be something that disappears, the price is going to go up.” Don’t pretend! Like really do it, really,  you know, have that. So when we say, “we only have two spots left for clients,” we’re serious. Like we track our capacity every day. We know we only have two more spots for clients. If I say that, or if I say like, “you’re going to get a discount only until this day,”  I mean it! You’re not going to get a discount after that day. Or if I say, “doors are closing to a product on this day,” doors are closing for that product on this day. 

So urgency doesn’t have to mean some sort of like scammy, salesy technique that doesn’t feel good. I don’t think you should have fake urgency. I think you should create real urgency with your offers and your calls to action so that people are forced to make a decision. That’s just human psychology. People will choose to make decisions if you force them to. Think about any time that you buy something. How many times have you gone and scrolled through a site where you’re thinking about buying it, but it’s going to be there forever and you’re like, “yeah, I’ll buy it next week, or I’ll just do it next month or tomorrow. I don’t want to go get my credit card, it’s in my car and my wallet.” I’ve done that so many times. That’s why PayPal is also so awesome, right? Because I don’t have to go find my credit card. So many people are in that situation. And so, if you force people to make the decision, whether the decision is yes or no that they want to take action, but force them to make a decision, they will.

So how can you incorporate urgency in your offers, which urgency is what’s going to get your audience and your leads to take action? With the actual sales offers, you could do the prices changing, the price is going up, and truly make the price go up when you say it will. This is effective with a live launch, or if you have sort of an evergreen funnel. You can use something like a deadline funnel so that once somebody hits that page, there’s a timer. And once that timer runs out, it does redirect to a page that is more expensive. So the price changing can be a legitimate way to have urgency to buy your product. And they only have, you know, three days, or two days, or one week, or whatever it is to buy the product at that price and then it goes up forever.

The doors closing is another way that you can do it again. You can do that with live launches. That’s very effective. Usually that is what people do with live launches because it’s only live launching for this period of time. You can do that with evergreen by again, using a deadline funnel, redirecting the open doors to a closed doors wait list page after. It’s more effective with live launching because it’s true live dates during that time, but if the door is closed to enrollment and people only have a certain amount of time to make a decision to sign up for your product or service, they will take action. 

You also can do some form of a bonus is disappearing. So, these have to be good bonuses guys, not like an extra module or something. People won’t really take action off of that unless, your bonuses should be like some of your best stuff. For me, when we launched Ignite, one common bonus we do is a strategy call, which is like worth the course in itself. It’s a very good bonus, and they only have 48 hours typically to buy Ignite and if they do in that time, they also get the strategy call. We get a ton of sales in that situation because people want that. There’s a lot of value with the bonus, it’s going to push people to take action. So your bonuses can’t be lame or small. They need to be really good. Ideally they address people’s biggest objections to buying your product. So, for me, somebody’s objection might be like, “I need someone to tell me what to do with my marketing, but I can’t afford an agency yet.” So by giving them a strategy call, we’re giving them the blueprint of what to go implement with their marketing with the course, so it’s very enticing and we get tons of sales from that. Now you could do this with the physical product. You could do this with a digital product, some sort of additional bonus that people get if they buy within a certain time period, and then that bonus disappears. 

Now with getting people to book calls or fill out an application, if that’s your funnel, then you can do number of spots like, “I only have spots for 10 calls” or “I only have spots for three clients or two clients.” Now be real with this. Don’t make this up and just be like, “I only have spots for three clients, but I’ll really take 10.” Be honest, and if it’s not true that you only have so many spots, don’t say it because you don’t want people to lose trust with you. When you say something like “this thing is going away so you need to take action,” or “this thing’s price is going up,” or whatever it is, you want it to be real so that when you say that in the future people believe you. If you lie about it, people know. Especially now we know if it’s not real urgency or not. If we feel like it’s not real urgency, we are not going to take action and people are not going to take action. So make sure that if you do say, “I only have spots for 10 calls on my calendar,” you really do only have spots for 10 calls on your calendar. You hold to that and you stay ethical and honest with it because otherwise, people will realize that you’re not telling the truth. So urgency is how you get your audience to take action. 

Now, everything I said here was around sales. What if we just wanted our leads to take action and sign up for a webinar or watch our webinar, or engage somehow in our funnel? You can do the same thing there because we still want them to take an action. We do that by a webinar is not up for unlimited time. If you have a replay, then you don’t want somebody to have unlimited time to be able to watch that replay. They’ll just keep putting it off. But if it’s only up for 48 hours and then you’re going to take it down, that will push people to actually carve out the time to go watch it or listen to the webinar. 

For actually signing up for a webinar, saying “we only do this training once a year,” or “we’ve never done this training before,” and having some sort of urgency so people realize they need to sign up, they need to consume this because it’s not just going to sit there forever for them to go and consume. So creating that urgency, however makes sense with your content, and making it clear that this is not ideal and obviously being true to it, but this is not available forever for them to sign up for, to consume, to engage with – that there is a time limit on it. So how to get your leads to take action urgency, and that should be custom to your offer and to what action you want them to take. And it should be true urgency, not fake. 

Now I have a couple other points on how to get people to take action, and that is your messaging needs to showcase why people need it right now. So it also needs to address they have a problem, this is going to solve their problem, and they cannot wait any longer to solve their problem. And every day that they wait they are losing money, they are staying unhealthy, they are staying unhappy. they’re staying stuck, they’re not making progress like that. Those are the types of things in your messaging that you want to make clear to your audience. You do that through ad copy, through emails, through the way you speak in your webinar. And so, for example, in a lot of my webinars at the end I tell people, “You have two options: you can just sit around and not take action with your marketing, and not choose to move forward, and make progress, and create a strategy, and implement that strategy, and change your business, and grow your business, and be in the same place in 90 days – OR you can take action and you can get support, and you can grow your business and commit to growing your business, and commit to this process, and have a bigger audience, more sales and more business growth in 90 days. The choice is yours, which one are you going to choose?”

And that’s an example on my webinar. We also obviously do that in our emails and in our copy when it’s relevant. So showing people they need to take the action you’re offering to them, and if they don’t, it will hurt them. It needs to be true. I truly believe what I just said. If somebody chooses to watch a webinar about marketing, they obviously need help with marketing. And if they then choose to not take action and actually move forward in their marketing in some way, whatever way that looks like, they will stay stuck and they will not continue to grow their business. So, I truly believe what I’m saying, and I’m helping point out to people they can’t afford not to take action. Your messaging needs to portray to people that they don’t have a choice, but to take action and every day they don’t, they’re losing money they’re losing progress, they’re losing time – and they don’t have an unlimited amount of that. They don’t have unlimited time. They don’t have unlimited money. So don’t waste another day not making progress, okay? 

The next way that you get people to take action is in your messaging by making sure they understand they don’t have another choice, but to choose to take action. I mean, they could choose it, but it’s a bad choice because then they’re going to not make progress, and they’re here listening to you most likely because they want to make progress, right? 

The other thing you can do is be really specific in your messaging. I wanted to share one thing that we do, because we like to get people into our application and our calls who are ready to take action. We ideally like to get people applying to work with us and getting on calls with our team who are willing to take action – those are the types of people we want. They’re not just kind of thinking about Facebook marketing, they know they need it – and it’s okay if they don’t need it tomorrow, we’re willing to have that conversation. But ideally, we want people who have already made the decision. They want some form of support, whether that is done for you or a course done with you, you know, coaching type of support. They’ve already made that decision they need it. And now they’re deciding if we’re the right fit and kind of exploring that with us, because that’s the same thing we’re doing, right? 

So one thing we do, and you would see on our application page and in my language I use on webinars and in emails, is I say, “this is for people who are ready to take action right now.” I’m calling out action takers because that is our ideal client. I want someone when they sign on with us and we say, “Hey, we need a video or we need these edits to your funnel so the ads convert better,” they take action, right? From the beginning we talk about wanting people who take action now, and if that’s relevant for your business you just have to remember if you want somebody to do something or you want to attract certain types of people who take action and who are that type of a person, you just speak to that. You just call that out and don’t be afraid to be a little bit polarizing. On my webinars, I will say, “this is not for people who want to just kind of think about maybe implementing a marketing strategy, but not really doing it, and they’re not serious in their business, they’re not serious about the long game.” I’m okay being polarizing because I know who our ideal client is, and I’m willing to call out like, “Hey, I want action takers. I want people who are ready to go, who are committed. They want to grow. They’re in this for the long game, nobody’s going to stop them.” That’s my ideal client or customer or student in Ignite. So I can call that out. This is kind of connected to the messaging, but I wanted to bring it up separate. If you want people who are going to take action, it’s okay to say that, “this is for people ready to take action. Are you one of them? And if you don’t want to take action, that’s fine. You can choose this option and here’s, what’s going to happen if you choose this option and here’s, what’s going to happen if you don’t choose this option to take action.”

Those are my tips on how to get your audience and your leads to take action. It’s very much so in your messaging and in creating a real true sense of urgency in what you offer and how you want people to take that action. Because if a human has a choice to just kind of sit around and wait to take the action, they’re going to choose that because we’re all busy. We all have demands on our time, and if we feel like we have days and days to be able to respond to something or watch something, or book a call or buy something, we’re going to wait. We might forget about it, so we’ve got to stay top of mind too. So that is how you get your audience and your leads to take action.

Thanks so much for tuning in today guys. If you want support with your marketing, go to helpmystrategy.com. If you are willing to take action, and you would like that support in the strategy and the implementation in the creative, in every piece of your marketing, we have both done for you, our agency services, as well as done with you my signature Ignite program that has live coaching and support calls, as well as all the materials and resources. When you go through and see if you qualify for a strategy audit with us, it’ll tell you kind of what option is best, it’s kind of like an assessment. So, you can go to helpmystrategy.com to see if you qualify to work with us, and I will see you all in the next episode!