Not getting the results you want with your marketing?

Feeling stuck and that nothing ever works, no matter what you try?

It’s a common problem marketers are faced with, but there is always a solution.

Because marketing always works.

In my opinion, there are five key things you can do to get the most results with your marketing.

So, in today’s episode I’m going to be breaking down:

-The five keys to get the most results with your marketing

-Common mistakes you must avoid

-How I implement this in my own business

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Emily Hirsh:

Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. How are you all doing? Thanks so much for joining me today. I have been, let’s see, I just got back from San Diego. Um, I went there for six days to visit my good friend, Lindsay Padilla, Willa, and I went there. It was very fun, but also I had a baby, so I kind of bittersweet look forward to the day where I can wean him and I can actually leave him kind of, not really, because it also will be my last, last kid, but I just got back and I’m feeling like these last three weeks. Um, I have kind of shared this a little bit on social, especially Instagram story is just a little over committed. Like I’m going through a season of just like being really busy and we have a lot happening and we’re meeting all our goals, but some of them really involve my support in content creation or management, or just like the vision of them, which I’m usually not that kind of bottleneck, but I kind of feel like a bottleneck right now in this season.

And we need to get to the next side of it. But I’ve shared with you guys in past episodes. There’s no overnight fix when you’re in a season of growth. And so when there are like, let’s say you, you, you need to hire somebody because you have grown until you have more work than you can handle yourself. It doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen overnight, recruiting them. It doesn’t happen overnight, hiring them and it doesn’t happen overnight, training them. It’s a good 30 days before you get that support from the moment you decide you need it. Right. So we’re just in that season where we’re hiring, we’re hiring a lot new positions adding, you know, we’re always hiring ads, managers, we’ve grown a lot. And so I felt a little bit over committed, committed. And I was like, I don’t know if I want to go to San Diego.

Like, it doesn’t feel right. You know, I just was gone and then nine back, but I went and it was really good because just getting away from my day to day routine here and getting out of it and just clearing my head. Um, I worked a little bit while I was there, but it was great. So if you ever in that way, you’re like I got to stay in, I got to work or I can’t do this thing cause I have to work. Like sometimes the best thing is to just like, get your mind in a whole different environment and space, and that will lead to solving the problem or finding a solution or just when you come back, you’re better at creating the content, whatever it is you’re doing. So anyways, um, today I want to talk about how to get the most results on your marketing or with your marketing.

And I have a list here that I kind of brainstormed and have been thinking about, um, that I want to walk through with you guys that, you know, I believe if you follow these things, you will get the best possible results that you could with your marketing. And these are also some places where people kind of trip up and they don’t follow them. And then they struggle with their marketing. All right. So let’s go through the list. So the first thing is having a purpose and a measurable goal behind everything you’re putting your effort into. So I think sometimes what happens is not even sometimes a lot of times what happens is I see people where they just know that they should be doing Facebook ads. They know that they have to grow their business. They know that they should be growing their email list, but they haven’t fully like stepped back and created the actual purchase purpose and measurable goals that they should have behind their marketing.

And so then they’re kind of lost when they get started. So the way that this might look is, um, if you are going to launch something new, backing out and deciding and making sure you have that purpose of how many sales do I want, how much money do I need to spend to get those sales? How many email leads do I need to have? What exactly is my funnel? What is success in that funnel? And so whatever you do with marketing, if you’re spending any money, if you’re spending any money or time, and I say time because of organic too, like don’t just say, okay, I’ve got to post every day. It’s actually goes into my next point. So we’ll talk about that more in a second, but don’t just be like, I have to do this because I have to do it. And I’m going to check the boxes off, have a purpose and a goal behind anything you put money, time and effort into, even if it’s just time and there’s no money involved, you still should have a goal.

Why are you writing those emails? Why are you writing those posts? Why are you creating those videos? What’s the goal. What’s the outcome. What means success to doing that and putting your time into that, if you don’t have that, you’re going to feel constantly kind of like, you’re not doing enough, but you don’t know what you should be doing and you don’t know why, and you’re in, you’re spinning your wheels. So anything you put time and effort and money into, in your marketing, in your business, make sure you’ve defined why you’re doing it. And what is, how do you measure success with that output that you’re putting out there? My next point is kind of what I just said about, let’s talk about it a little more. Don’t just create content to create content, have that bigger purpose behind it. And so when people start growing their business online and, and using social media and Instagram stories, it can be very overwhelming and I totally get it because there’s, you know, I get people all the time where like, you should be on YouTube, you should be on Pinterest.

And I’m like, thank you for the suggestion. But no, because I’m very focused. That’s not a goal of mine. And if I was to do that, it would be kind of just accomplishing the goal of trying to be everywhere. And it’s like, why though? Why would I do that? You know, what am I trying to achieve? Am I trying to achieve YouTube subscribers? Okay. If I’m doing that, what do I want those YouTube subscribers to do? Am I going to track? How many become a client? Are my clients even watching YouTube? I don’t know. So everything you do, don’t just create that content just to do it, have a goal, have a purpose behind it. And I think a lot of us get stuck in like following someone. And we’re like, well, they’re posting every day. So I’m going to post every day. And you put this pressure on yourself to write seven posts week and create the images and post on all the platforms and do the videos and all these things, which is like great that you’re showing up great that you’re being consistent, but let’s go for quality over the quantity and let’s go for a purpose behind it.

So we are very active on organic social. I actually have a full time, organic social media manager and content writer, but we have a goal. We have a quarterly goal of how many clients we’re going to sign that we can track back to our organic efforts. We have a goal of projects of what we’re going to do and what that will result in. So if we’re trying to grow our Instagram followers, that’s a great metric to measure. But why? Because I want more applications from organic traffic tracking. So I have that, you know, I know everywhere where my organic traffic is coming from and how and how it’s converting. I know where my paid traffic is coming from. If I guest blog somewhere, if I speak somewhere, I know all the sources and what’s happening so we can put more time and money into what’s working.

Right. If I was to hire a full time social media manager, and then just tell them like, Oh, just grow my Instagram following. It would basically be a waste of money for me if I wasn’t making my money back in some way. Right? So don’t just post and create content just to check the boxes off, make sure you’ve defined a purpose behind it and a goal so that you can actually go back in a month or two, three months from now and say, was this success? Was this successful? Did I achieve my goal by posting on social media? Do I need to adjust it? What’s working better than what’s not working. What should I stop doing? What should I start doing? It can be super overwhelming. Don’t fall into that overwhelm trap of trying to be somebody else who maybe has a whole social media team or people supporting them.

And you’re trying to do it all. There’s no reason you can still be very effective with focused purpose around your marketing and your social media. Here’s the next piece on how you get the most results with your marketing? I’ve said this so many times, but here it goes, focus on one funnel and one offer and all the ways you can get the most out of your lead generation, your sales and your conversion and your return on investment with that one funnel and offer make it so that your marketing is so clear. So focused, unless you’ve made a million dollars with this offer. You have one offer, you have one funnel and everything you do drives those numbers. How are you getting leads into that funnel? How are you getting sales? How are you getting conversions? You’re organic. You’re paid your time. All of your efforts go into increasing that and focusing on that.

And you will see this pay off so much. And ideally you create this ecosystem where your organic social media is complimenting your paid traffic, and they’re both driving the same thing so that everybody out there is so clear what you offer, what you sell. And there’s no question about it. The worst is when people like, if, okay, let’s say I have a following and they’re like, Oh, you follow Emily here. So like, what does she do? I’m like, I’m not really sure. Like she posts some things like, I don’t really know what she does. That’s terrible. That means I’m not doing my job, right. So I want to be so clear in everything from my organic, my podcast, my book, my emails, my funnels, my webinars, my paid ads, everything I do should be so clear about the problem that I solve and the offer that I sell.

And I create this ecosystem. That’s all pushing the same goal that becomes super powerful. So that means you should be focusing your efforts on how do you get the most out of your lead generation out of your sales conversion, in that funnel, out of your return on investment, where you’re putting your time, all on that one funnel one offer. Once you reach a million dollars, you can think about adding another funnel. You probably, once you get there, we’ll have, we’ll love focusing so much that you won’t do it. I didn’t really add another funnel and offer until we were at 3 million, which was ignite. And it was like a very clear stepping stone down from our done for you offer. And so it wasn’t like I was creating this whole new thing. And even sometimes it spreads me too thin if I’m being honest, because when we’re launching ignite, I have to put way more of my focus into that than I can other things.

And so I have to be careful with that. And I’ve had to say like, Oh, you know, we can’t pursue that ignite project because I need to stay over here with my main core thing. So make sure that you are very focused with your funnel, with your offer. All right. The next point is that the most important piece to master in your marketing in my opinion, is your messaging and your strategy. I said, piece with pieces, two pieces, your messaging and your strategy. So you never, you never will really like cross this off where you’re like, okay, my messaging is perfect, but strategy is perfect. I’d never have to revisit this instead. I want you guys almost on a monthly basis, like when you set your monthly goals or when you, when you plan out what you’re doing, then next month, ask yourself what you could to, to improve your messaging and your strategy.

Instead of getting distracted with adding other funnels or adding other offers or switching over to a live launch or throwing away, what’s not working. I can’t tell you how many people come to me and they’ll go, um, I know you say focus on one funnel, but here’s my situation that doesn’t apply to me 99.9% of the time. It still applies to you. So don’t think you’re the exception to that. Focus on that and figure out how to improve that funnel, that marketing strategy and the messaging that goes with that. Instead of jumping into something new, there’s almost always opportunity for you to look at your landing pages, tighten up the messaging, go back and rewrite the bullet points or change the headline to test it out, to improve that messaging, to look at your emails and figure out which ones are getting opened more than others, which ones are getting clicks more than others, which ones can I improve and go deeper and write more with, to look at your ads and same thing, the strategy, the targeting, the messaging.

How do you improve that? And take that to the next level, instead of launch something new, if you can continually do this and stay super focused and kind of go back to that, refine, repeat, refine, repeat, and test it, and then refine and repeat and keep doing that. You will see massive growth. There’s no way that you won’t. I promise that you will, because the answer is always in the messaging or the strategy. Once you get that figured out, it’s like everything else becomes icing on the cake and scaling it. But the hardest part is that foundational piece that you have to get figured out. Okay. The final one piece to getting the most results with your marketing is most people don’t have enough time to create content and implement everything they need in their marketing, which really holds them back. So this is one where I want to question you in pretty much getting support, because here’s a scenario that I see a lot of times, um, with my audience, with even my students, actually, especially our students in ignite, where they kind of sit in this holding pattern for too long.

And we’re like, cause it’s so much work right. To do your ads into and to actually create content, post the content market, the car content, right? The emails build the funnel, all of those things. It’s almost impossible to actually be the content creator and implementer of everything. And so then what happens is people don’t get help. They don’t hire the VA. They don’t hire the funnel builder or the copywriter or the marketing agency or whoever it is. And it holds them back tremendously. And then they end up feeling bogged down and frustrated. And I totally get that. You have to get to a certain point before you should hire help, but here’s my suggestion do as little as you can to start getting momentum with your marketing and start seeing some traction, some results and spend and invest as much as you can, knowing your business numbers, knowing where things are at.

Ideally you get sales and you can put it right back into your company. I just told somebody as an idea the other day, and they were like, here’s how much money I have. They said, here’s how much money I have. Here’s how much money I have for ads. And I have to like, this is all I have. And I, so what should I do? And it was like $1,500 total. Like that’s all she had, right? I said, don’t invest in ads yet. Wait, push your product. As much as you can for 30 days, get some sales, put a hundred percent of those sales back into your marketing and then go hire some help and spend their money on ads. Okay. $1,500. If it was just ad spend is enough, but that’s like all she had to even invest in her whole business. So that was like the funnel, the help, like she didn’t have anything.

So that was my advice. So you might be in a place where you actually do need to go figure out how do I network or, you know, make, build relationships, push my offer in a very, uh, connective and not spammy way, but just connecting with people, building relationships with people so I can get some sales and then put that back into my company. What I don’t want you guys to do. And what I want you to be aware of is don’t sit for three, four, five, six months and be stuck and not making progress because you are refusing to get help. And because you’re not investing back in your company, you should be constantly investing back into your company, into your marketing into, and however, that looks for you, it’s going to be different for everybody. It might be investing in a funnel builder because you don’t want to build your funnel for some it’s hiring a copywriter because copywriting is so, so important, takes a lot of time and effort and energy and there’s experts who can do it better.

Maybe it is hiring a marketing agency, maybe actually building and optimizing the ads is really just bogging you down. And you’re not able to do that and actually get a result. And so I feel like if you don’t get the help and figure out what, first of all, going back to what I said, if you’re clear on your purpose and your goals and where you’re going and the direction, then you would be clear on what help you would need to get you there to accomplish those goals. Be real with yourself about what you’re able to do and what you’re not able to do. And then don’t waste money on ads or on a funnel that’s like 50% good because you refuse to get help. Like this is some tough love you guys, but here’s what I don’t want to see happen to you guys. You’re like, I’m not willing to invest in my business.

I’m going to be cheap or whatever. Maybe you’re not being cheap. Maybe you’re just like, I need to save all the profits because I’m just scared to invest. And so I’m, you know, I’m going to do it all myself because I can do it myself. So I’m going to put this stress, this pressure on me, and I’m not going to invest in my business. Then you don’t, you put out a funnel, you write the copy, you write the emails, you try to DIY your ads and it doesn’t convert. Well, you’re going to spend money on those ads. You spent time on all of that funnel. What if somebody has to come back in and redo it all for you? And now you’re back at square one. I don’t want that to happen with you guys. So take everything I said, here, have the purpose, have the goal, know exactly where you’re going, know what you need to get you there, know truthfully what you’re capable of doing what you’re not capable, doing, know where your numbers are at how much you have to invest, what you’re able to go, build relationships and organically, you know, build your audience and then get some support.

So that a whole quarter doesn’t go by and you haven’t made progress. That’s what I don’t want to have happen. So those are my main points on how to get the most out of your marketing and the best results. I hope some of it resonated with you. Maybe there’s something in here that you’re like, Oh, I’m doing that. I didn’t even realize it. That’s my goal that I can have some of that kind of tough love and straight talk to you guys. Cause you know, I give it, I give it very direct. Some people comment on my, on my podcasts or like here’s how it is. And if you don’t believe we get off, I don’t think I’m that direct, but I am very direct because I know what it takes. And I’m going to tell you guys that truth. And so that is, you know, go through these really reflect.

Are you doing any of these things, um, that are maybe hurting your results without you even realizing it and then make a plan, make a plan that’s very focused and you know where you’re going and you have goals and metrics set aside and you’re you, you don’t have side projects or side fetals or distracted strategies or passion projects or anything like you are focused and you’re going to get this converting and then you’re going to get it scaling. That’s the goal. Thanks so much for listening today, guys, on that last point, if you do want support building your funnel, launching your ads, implementing or strategizing on your marketing strategy on that marketing blueprint, we have several offers that could support you. We have done for you offers for people who don’t have a funnel who have a funnel who are in a scaling place or who are in a testing place.

We also have a done with you offer that combines trainings, templates, tools, and live support, and coaching. So you can share your screen and we can tell you, Hey, here’s I just did like a 10 minute loom video on someone’s sales page in that group because it wasn’t converting and gave them tons of suggestions. Do you know how much money that would save that person just from that? Because she wasn’t getting enough conversions. She’s following all this. She got the support and she went and implemented the changes in our conversions went up. So just that investment. Anyways, if you’re interested in that, you can go to helpmystrategy.com to apply, to work with team Hirsh. And I’ll see you all in the next episode.