I recently came out of a MASSIVE live launch.

Part of my strategy was to sell my signature course, Ignite, on a webinar.

We spent months preparing for the launch, generating leads, warming them up, creating amazing content, and I was pumped for the webinar.

I got to the pitch, I used Russell Brunson’s perfect webinar, I felt really good about everything.

And…. the webinar converted at 0%.

Yes, you read that right. I didn’t make a single live sale.

That has NEVER happened to me before.

Now, I could have thrown in the towel then and there. I could have kept everything the same for my encore webinar. I could have pretended like everything was fine (and trust me, I wanted to).

But instead, I brainstormed with my team what we could change, pivoted our strategy, threw away the original pitch that I used, and we completely turned things around and had a 6.6% conversion rate and made over $20,000 live on my encore webinar.

I’m breaking down the real and raw behind the scenes of my launch in today’s episode of the podcast.

I get completely honest about the strategy we used leading up to and throughout the launch, what worked really well and what DIDN’T, breakdown our numbers and results, and share my key takeaways about what this taught me not only from a marketing perspective, but as a leader.

I wanted to share all of this with you to show that even someone with a $3 million dollar company can still “fail’ on a webinar, that everything doesn’t always go according to plan, that there are lessons to be learned from the hard times. Tune in, listen to my candid experience, and let me know what you think about today’s episode on Instagram (@emilyhirsh)!

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