This needs to be said: your email list is critical.

I’ve heard several influencers in the online marketing space who claim email marketing is dead, and it’s simply not true.

Social media is volatile right now with these new iOS updates, domain verification issues, privacy concerns, etc. At any time, it could all just go POOF, and that could mean the end for your business…

UNLESS you have a strong email list to fall back on.

I’m here to set the record straight: email is not dead.

There are very few assets that exist like your email list where you own those leads and can always market to them, no matter what’s going down on social media.

However, you’ve got to be strategic with how you build your list and nurture those leads in order to turn them into an audience of true believers who will always buy from you. 

Get ready to take notes, because in today’s episode, I’m diving into the importance of having a strong email list and the steps you can take today to ensure that you have a fallback in case Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, you name it, stops working.

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