Last week, I hosted The Shift: A Hirsh Marketing Partner Info Session where I shared the massive shifts the digital marketing industry is going through, and why it prompted our team to shift and completely up-level our 1:1 support for our clients.

All of the juicy insights I shared on what it takes to be successful in today’s climate, and how we’ve overhauled our services to ensure our clients succeed while expending as little of their time and energy as possible were just TOO GOOD not to share with you…

So in today’s episode, you can listen to the full recording of The Shift!

Whether you were present for The Shift when we went live and you’re listening to it again, or you’re hearing this information for the first time, what I’m sharing here is so incredibly valuable.

It’s time to start thinking about your marketing differently and understand where you need to begin focusing your effort to maximize your results.

While it’s true that marketing online is exponentially harder today than it was last year, it is still critical for achieving growth and success in your business.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about the shift you must make in your marketing, and how Team Hirsh has revamped our services to fully support you in navigating the demands of this shift.

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Emily Hirsh:

Hello everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. So last week, as you probably heard on the podcast and saw all over my social media, we announced the new and improved agency,done completely done for you, management package, where we are shifting to having clients to partners and everything that is going to be included in that shift. I also talked about the why behind it kind of brought insight from all the interviews we did last month. All of the intel I’ve gotten from businesses about where they’re struggling right now with their marketing. And we basically posed this question to our team of how do we guarantee somebody’s success coming into work with us in this capacity? How do we guarantee their success in the biggest capacity possible with the littlest amount of effort that they would have to bring? We put that question up and we did hours of brainstorming and reworking and planning and came out with this. 

So I shared that why I shared the big shift in the industry in an info session last Thursday, and it was so good that I can’t not put it on the podcast. So I want to share it with you. I want to see what you guys think about it. So send me a message after you listen to it, there was lots of people on live. Some of you might’ve been, so here’s a chance to listen to it again if you’d like, but this will be only up for a limited amount of time. It just was so good, and I think so valuable for people to start thinking about their marketing different and really understanding where they need to put the most effort to get the most results. Because at the end of the day, marketing has gotten harder in the last year, but it still is necessary to achieve business growth. So enjoy.

Let’s dive into the big shift and what we’re talking about and what we are shifting. I’m super excited to share this with you guys. So here’s the problems, the current problem with marketing today. And we spent, if you, again, follow me, you guys saw last month, we interviewed over 50 people between customers and our audience. And we just wanted to make sure we were really in touch and in tune with what everybody is struggling with. And I also spoke last week at T&C, and I did like a little exercise of like, “raise your hand if you’ve been impacted by iOS updates, everybody’s been impacted by these things.” Literally a hundred percent of the room raised their hands. So the current problem with marketing today is it’s more expensive and it’s gotten more challenging to generate traffic. We all know this, it’s gotten more competitive, it’s gotten more crowded and it’s gotten way more difficult to stand out. 

The old ways, I started my company six years ago, what we did six years ago, and DIY’ing things, and doing things seventy-five percent unintentionally or intentionally, it doesn’t matter, but it was easier to throw up a landing page to start ads, to start generating leads, to start generating an audience. New things were coming out like Facebook live, all these things. It was just easier. And doing that. The old ways is for most people, no longer yielding profitable results. They’re not profitable with their marketing strategy, which is a big problem. So here’s the ugly truth that we all kind of have to face a lot of businesses instead of rising to that current reality, more and more of them are kind of stuck in paralysis right now. Like I’m seeing this all over where people have just like stopped running ads. 

They’re not really creating content. They’re not actually doing anything because they don’t know what to do. It’s like it’s gotten so overwhelming and so fast paced and changing so much. They’re like, I’m just frozen. I don’t know what to do, which I believe like there’s no such thing as plateauing. So then you’re going backwards. And so if you’re in this paralysis place, especially with your marketing, right, because marketing feeds all of your business growth, then you’re going backwards versus growing because you’re either growing or you’re not. And if your marketing takes a massive hit and you’re not growing, then you’re going backwards and that’s happening to a lot of companies and you’re not alone if that’s happening to you. Cause I see a lot of behind the scenes and I talked to a lot of people and even the very prominent, successful people are having to work harder to get the same level of success. 

They got a couple of years ago doing half of what they used to do so way too many businesses right now are continuing to do what they’ve always done. And I’m seeing this a lot of like waiting it out. Like maybe it’ll just get better. Maybe the ad cost will just go back down. Maybe Facebook will change XYZ versus doing what I believe everybody needs to do and what we’re doing. And you’ll see in a second, when I kind of unveil like everything we’ve changed, but adapting and pivoting, both their marketing strategies and their resources. And so if you take, you know, anything from today with me, it’s just kind of challenging yourself as a business owner of like, am I continuing to do the same thing that I’ve done for the last X number of years? Or have I challenged myself enough to start pivoting and to really adapt to the current reality and step up. 

I think we do this all over in our business, right? Like there’s all the time that I find processes. And I’m like, why are we still doing it that way? Like, let’s change it. It’s been that way for two years. And so the same thing applies to your marketing. So when you are ready and willing to commit and rise and respond to this current reality and deploy great marketing strategies, you’ll be able to not just survive this, this current reality, this current place of iOS updates, increased costs, you name it, but thrive and grow. That is still absolutely possible. One thing I, you know, talk to a lot of people about, especially last week when I was speaking in San Diego is so many people come up and ask me, you know, do webinars still work? Do Facebook ads still work? You know, fill in the blank. Does it still work? 

Yes. It all still works. Marketing still works. It’s just, we have to rise up and be the best in our industry in order for it still to work for us. So you’re still able to consistently grow an audience of raving fans. It is still possible. And I always say like growing an audience of raving fans is the ultimate. Because if you have raving fans, you can sell anything no matter what happens. And you can shift as long as you continue to keep them as raving fans and serve them in that way, you’ll be able to, you know, shift and serve them and they’ll buy from you. Right? Raving fans is so valuable. And so the first thing everyone needs to focus on is am I growing that audience consistently have people month over month. Also your email list is your email list going up every month. 

How many new leads are you’re adding to your emails? Because if we boil marketing down it’s numbers, right? Like we all want sales. We all want to grow our business. We want to grow our impact, but that doesn’t happen without growing our audience and growing our email list of leads. If that’s happening, the sales should follow and it comes down to that number game. 

The third thing is generating those new sales, that revenue resulting in that business growth versus that plateau AKA going backwards because I don’t believe in plateauing. So here’s, I want to talk today, what I promise you guys was I was going to talk about the changes nobody sees coming, but it’s going to be talking about in three months from now and kind of, you know, I love to talk about where I see marketing going and try and stay ahead of that. 

One of my core values is innovation. I think that’s so important with the industry and how fast things are moving. the fact that we can’t do what we were doing even three months ago, it has to change that fast. So here’s kind of my prediction. I did tease this at my podcast yesterday, but of, of the changes that I think are coming, this is the biggest one. Number one is that every business and some of you are going to be like, oh, this, you know, like, I don’t want to hear this, but this is like reality. And I think the faster we can come to terms with this reality, the more successful we’ll be. But we are moving into this kind of creator era, and in order to have a successful digital brand today, the reality is you have to be a creator. 

I feel you guys, when it’s like, “I don’t want to be doing Reels all day. I don’t want to be recording videos all day. I don’t want to document my entire day on Instagram stories.” Neither do I. If you follow me, you know, that, that goes against my values because I have three kids and they’re why I do everything, but I’m going to talk about this more. And this is a big reason why we’re shifting what we’re doing and how we’re supporting people. Because I believe that CEOs need to be creators, but don’t have to spend their whole day creating. But to have a successful online brand, you have to become a creator. You have to be in some capacity, whether it’s your face, a face of your brand, it’s highlighting your customers, your team, whatever it is, you have to create this content. 

That means having a strategy and resources to consistently do this is critical. So I’m going to share, you know, once we get into what we shifted in our offer for partnering with us, but what I want you to take away from this is kind of questioning yourself in my business. Do I have this? Like, am I and creating content used to be like posting a little bit on social media, right? If we said that five years ago, how would you have interpreted creating content and becoming a creator? It would have been posting on social media. Maybe you’d start doing Facebook lives. Cause they were just coming out now. I mean like you’re doing entertaining videos, you’re doing reels. You are doing this tick chalk style videos. You’re doing content that is engaging. That’s becoming your audience is like new TV. They’re watching these TikTok videos or these Reels. 

So you have to figure out a way to step up in that way, obviously, while staying authentic to you, but it’s most likely going to push you out of your comfort zone. So number one is this, are you on the path? Do you have the strategy and resources to step up as a creator in your business so that you have that as a part of your brand? Because that is the number one most important thing right now. Number two is that your content and messaging is more important than anything else. Your messaging angles, your videos, your Reels, your copy without these locked-in, you won’t stand out. It doesn’t matter if you have the best strategy in the world, you have a good webinar, you have a great offer, you know how to target people on Facebook. None of that matters if this is not on point.

Most businesses today, I promise you, are falling short here because three years ago, two years ago, maybe even a year ago, you didn’t have to have this at the level that you need today. So we have gone all in even internally. I want you to look at my Instagram and look at my ads and you’re going to see a difference in the last one to two months of, of the uplevel of creative. That’s the main thing we’ve had to change to keep our costs down. Same with clients, it’s upleveling their videos. It’s upleveling that content, that creative, that messaging. This is key. If there’s one thing you can do to improve your marketing, it’s this. I’ve always talked about how important messaging is, but now it’s that content that messaging, that holistic view of all of that, nothing else matters. Again, you could have the best strategy in the world. You could pay tens of thousands of dollars to a funnel builder and a coach and all the things. This is not in place, none of it will work.

Number three is that siloed marketing strategies are almost guaranteed to fail. It used to be like, in order to grow your list or to grow your audience, you could either go all in on organic or you could go all in on paid, and as long as one of them was kind of working, you would still grow because the costs were so cheap. You could get a dollar leads. You could get people coming to the webinar. There wasn’t 900 other webinars out there. Now, the need to have a complete marketing strategy where your funnel, your organic marketing, your content strategy, your ads, it’s all cohesive and supporting each other. In the past, it used to be like, is it organic or is it paid? Well, it’s both now. It’s not one or the other. And they have to support each other very much, especially with iOS updates. 

Because for example, you grow your organic audience or you increase your brand awareness and visibility. Those are now audiences that you can target. That will be less expensive because ad costs have gone up. And those audiences aren’t impacted by iOS updates. So you have to create that complete marketing strategy that all supports each other because you can’t afford anymore to have siloed strategies where it’s just, you know, my Facebook ads are driving a hundred percent of everything, and if that goes down, my business goes down. Now we have to have it all cohesively working together is absolutely critical. And I promise you, people are going to be moving more and more into realizing this in the next coming months. If they haven’t already number four are gone of the days of templates and swipe files. 

So one thing we’ve been analyzing in our done with you program is like, we give people ad copy templates and landing page templates and copy templates and emails, but the problem is they don’t work anymore. You have to know how to think like a good marketer, how to connect to your audience in a unique way that templates and swipe files don’t work well, still works are foundational components of like, you should have an email sequence or webinars can work, but using a template no longer works. That makes it harder, right? For all of us, it’d be great if we could plug in a template. This is why when I started, it was like the perfect webinar was like the thing, and Russell was selling that program and teaching that foundation. Well, now everybody started doing that and it absolutely doesn’t work anymore. 

You cannot go follow that exact template and have a successful webinar anymore, but you used to be able to five years ago, four years ago. So you have to learn how to think like a good marketer and know how to make decisions that are best for your audience. This is something that I’ve actually always talked about since I started my business was that if you just go follow what you know, another business is doing, or somebody else is doing, and then you translate that over to your audience, like chances are, it’s not going to work as well because your audience is different. Your offer is different, your niche is different. So where the direction we’re going is, is one starting with that connection to your audience and that connection of understanding them, which then drives you to be able to make decisions of like, is this a good idea? 

Or not people want everything to be super black and white, right? Because that’d be easier. It’s like, if this happens, then do this. If this happens, then do this and that’s not reality anymore. And so learning how to think like a good marketer starts with your understanding of your ideal customer, but throw away the idea that like a great template or a swipe file is going to save your marketing because it won’t. And because those days are gone. So here’s kind of the before of marketing. So before this, you know, probably I’d say year before this year, you could have a smaller focus on video and content creation without needing it to be wildly different and unique. Like the fact that you were doing video used to be good enough, right? Like who am I? Right. If we just did a Facebook live and it sucked, you’d stand out, but now everybody’s doing video. 

I swear those Tik TOK people like are so talented that in order to get people’s attention, your video has to be way better than it used to be. Number two, you could split your focus on organic or paid kind of like I was saying, like, you could have one or the other, as long as one was working, you were going to be able to generate leads in an audience. One of the other was enough to be successful. You didn’t have to have both. And a lot of people were like, I’m choosing one or the other, and that worked for them. You could also use the same brand visibility and lead gen strategies for months. This is really important. Like it used to be where you could run the same webinar, the same title for six to 12 months, and it would work fine. 

Or you could have that one lead magnet and that one opt-in and that ran for you for years. And how I want you to think about the large influencers or businesses that you maybe follow or you’ve watched, have they changed the frequency that they put out new stuff, because I guarantee you, the answer is yes, they’ve changed that front end. And then finally you could get away with using copy and creative for longer periods of time. Like there was people I knew who had ads that were running for a year and like that same copy, creative ad video was working that whole time. But now here’s where we are. You have to create video and content. That’s unique, it’s innovative. And it stands out and it’s not easy to do this. Like, I feel all of you guys who were like, I don’t want to do this my whole life, but it’s the reality of having an online brand because that’s how you’re going to get people’s attention and sales and leads. 

And an audience all starts with, can you get attention? Can you draw attention to your brand? And then number three, you have to integrate your content, your organic and your paid. So it’s one tight and effective strategy. And if you don’t do, you know, they need to, like I was saying, support each other one is not, it’s not one or the other. It’s both now. And it’s like creating a true brand. And I think in the past, you didn’t have to have that. You didn’t have to have a full brand with that audience and with everything cohesive and kind of all those touch points because everything was inexpensive and that’s not the case anymore. And it’s not going back like this is the new reality. That’s an important piece. Also you have to constantly kind of repackage and reposition your content in front end. So that means like if you have a webinar, you’re probably going to find that every three months you need to refresh the title of that webinar, or you need to refresh the messaging around it. 

The actual webinar itself could potentially be exactly the same. It’s the front end. It’s the wrapping paper around what you’re putting out there, because the reality is people’s attention spans are just dwindling to nothing. And so, unfortunately, as marketers, as business owners who are trying to get attention, we have to accommodate to that and have the new, new, new, new, new kind of energy, which is yes, exhausting. But if you have the right resources and strategies, you can do it. You also have to, you know, continue to update ad copy way more frequently now than you used to videos way more frequently, like at a minimum of once a month, but probably more than that to keep that attention on your brand. So that’s the reality of today in summary, the pace is way faster, the need for changes way faster. And you have to stay up on top of that because there’s more competition. 

So the secret behind, you know, if I look at this year and what we’ve continued to kind of change change, and now this is our big shift, the secret behind our success. My success is a business through this and our clients and student success boils down to a very heavy focus on messaging. We’ve increased our attention on a content strategy that used to be truly like extra. You did not need it. You don’t even need to post on social media. If you didn’t want to. Now content is king. And then three, we’ve increased our level of focus on organic sales funnel and ad strategy created all cohesively. So like, if you do a promotion, you’re running ads over here, then you have an organic strategy over here, and then you’ve got specific content. That’s going to attract people, you know, with, to that promotion. So despite the increased competition online, despite iOS updates, despite the need to level across the board in your marketing, it’s all absolutely still possible to be successful. 

So I screenshot at some results. I asked my team literally yesterday. I was like, can you guys give me some recent results in the last month? Because I want people to believe that you can still be successful with that. So we have, you know, four and $5 webinar registrations. We have a purchase conversions, you know, of $2,000 with positive, almost two X return on their ad spend. We have these leads coming at $2, $4, four X, 4.6 X return on their ad spend in this one. So I got these, these are recent in the last month screenshots, because I want you guys to realize it. You can still be successful. It’s not gone. Like it’s not gone. Are the days of being successful with marketing it’s that you’ve got to pivot and you can still be successful. I show you this so that you also know that with the right process and the right strategy, and then the execution of that, you can create success. 

I have always believed this and I still believe this marketing is debt boils down to a process. Almost everything in your life honestly can come down to a process. But if you follow a process, you’re guaranteed that success, that process might have to shift and change or have more attention on one thing or the other. If your guys are at all familiar with our five step process, you know, one of those steps is brand awareness and visibility. Well, the shifts and changes we’ve made is that a larger percentage is now going to that. Then it used to two years ago, it’s still the same process to achieving success. It’s just adapted to today’s market so you can create success no matter what. And always as long as you’re willing to pivot and adapt, that’s the bottom line. If you look at any successful business, the ones who don’t pivot in and adapt are the ones who become irrelevant later on. 

So what I’ll be sharing with you guys from here on is about becoming a Hirsch marketing partner, what that means and what we’re shifting. So it’s who are our partnership offers is for exactly how it works and what it includes, and then a special invitation to partner with us. And then I’ll have Q and a, um, cool. So here’s why we’re changing everything. Every year we interview our audience and our past and existing clients is to kind of retrace that buying journey. Look at what’s working, what’s not working clarify the current problems. People are stuck, you know, solving without the right solution. I recommend everybody does this. It is one of the most powerful things that you can do is constantly stay in touch with your audience and your customers. So we just went through this. We did 50 interviews of a combination of our customers and our audience. 

Then we brought it back to the team and re-brainstormed. We realized that the iOS has shaken things up, obviously in the ads world, but has also shaken business owners up on how to respond and actions to take in the new marketing era. So as a result we listened and what we heard is that business owners need more done for you solutions and micro level support. Like what I built five years ago of doing the done for you, ads wasn’t enough for people to get the results that they wanted or to take the pain of marketing away from them. And that’s what we really learned. So we took that insight from our audience interviews and did this single exercise. And I’m going to share this exercise with you guys too, because I highly, highly suggest that you do it. So this was a combination. 

I read the book $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi. So I have to give him credit that was in this book. And then it just so happened. I read the book, we’re interviewing her audit audience. It was like, perfect timing. Things will always, you know, work out like this. This was such a powerful, uh, exercise. And I recommend you all do it, which is list out every single problem you can possibly think of that, your prospect. So before they become a customer, your audience has right now before buying from you. And then while buying from you, like using your offer, the problems they still have. And then after buying it, like, let’s say, they’re not a client anymore. Or they finish the program or they, they buy the product and they use it like, what are the problems? They then have list out every single one and it takes time to do this. 

And then you ask yourself, does my offer solve every single one of those problems? And so when we did this exercise, one thing I, I will admit and say that I came to is that our audience still had problems. We still, they still were not able to do certain things because of the, and our customers because of the need to need to get the content strategy, the marketing, like they needed more help. And so that’s where I went with that. Okay. So we took that insight back into our own offers. We analyze that what was moving the needle the most in terms of results for ourselves and our current clients. And we made some serious uplevels and changes to respond to those needs. So introducing the new cool graphic profit partnership package, and exactly what we have changed in how you can work with us and our done for you one-on-one client capacity. 

So there, we also are shifting even all of our language away from clients to partners, because what I took away like the bottom line from this was people need an entire marketing team having just an ads manager or having just a strategist or content siloed across different people or different teams. Won’t get you the results. And so effective. Now all of our clients are becoming partners. And so that means these Hirsch marketing partners. Here’s what, who they are. They have an online business and they want to market their business through an effective digital marketing strategy. They’ve sold their product or service in some capacity. And I’m referencing, this is our partnership package. We have our done with you, but I’m just talking about our partnership. That’s this presentation is, is working fully taking over your marketing. So they’ve sold their product or service in some capacity, either organically or via paid ads. 

And they want to grow their audience, their leads and their sales using effective digital marketing strategies that ultimately help them stand out from the crowd like I’ve been talking about and create that consistency in their business growth. And they’re willing to partner with a team of experts and truly experience the results of that partnership. And like, I love the word partnership because it very much has to be that we can take away all of the work and the effort required in marketing, but we cannot record a video, right? For a client. We can edit it, we can do all those things, but they’ve got to show up and have that partnership around their brand and our, you know, incredible clients. Now partners do have that because they care so much about their impact. So Hirsch marketing partners are not here. And again, like we have our done with you offer, but I’m just talking about the done for you fully done for you package and what we’re changing there. 

They’re not in the ideation stage of their business, or trying to prove that their offer works and make that first sale. They’re not unwilling to partner with a team of experts and show up in the way we ask, which is, you know, create videos or collaborate on strategies or lean on our team’s expertise. And they’re looking for that overnight success story. Yes, we want to get you success as fast as possible, but we also want sustainability, which comes from an audience and leads and following the process of test refine and repeat. So how it works. Here’s how the setup of our, our partnership is going to work. Moving forward. Every Hirsch marketing partner will be assigned an entire marketing team. So they’ll have a senior strategist to support and manage all the bigger picture funnel strategy, like the structure of the funnel, the offer positioning the content strategy, the sales funnel itself will fully be like, here’s exactly what we recommend that you do, and how we set up this strategy for you. 

They’ll have an ads manager, which was already obviously existing to support with all the day-to-day ads management, optimizing the ads, managing every component of the ads, the creative team. This is what we have built more of into our offers, fully supporting with creative, from actually writing your copy and doing your creative to now something new, which I’ll talk about in a second, coming up with different angles around your content that you can run videos for. So now our team will say, Hey, we want you to record five reels. Here’s 10 ideas of what you should record. You give us the raw footage. We’ll edit it. And because that’s key, like I know for me, basically, I knew I needed to do reels, but I don’t want to spend hours on Tik TOK. That’s me personally. Like I don’t have time for it. I could put better time into that. 

So we created this process internally and then moved it to clients where the team is saying, Hey, here’s your upcoming promotions or here’s your funnel. Here’s all the things that you need to, to record. We’re going to give that to you. You just go do it. So it’s like minimum effort on your part. And then a funnel tech team. This is also new. Now we are building, integrating, fixing, and optimizing all the funnels. So we used to separate, it used to be extra for us to build your funnels, edit your funnels, edit your landing pages, write your emails. All of that is now included in everything that we are doing for our partners, because also we realized this was slowing people down because if they had to go build a funnel and they didn’t have a team, or they had a small team, it was taking months to get this done. 

So here’s, I’m going to walk through the categories and it is a lot like ultimately we are taking over everything besides you actually putting your face in front of a video and recording the video. But so we’re going to look at the strategy, the strategy level. So initial strategy audit. This is something we already did, which we did a deep dive into your current funnel and your strategy to find those rooms for improvement, to guide your strategy, to tell you exactly what to do added new are now messaging and strategy workshops, where let’s say a funnel isn’t converting, or we realized like, Hey, we need to reposition your offer, or we need to go, you know, reposition your webinar title. We’re going to go really deep either with our strategist or our creative director and figure that out in a 90 minute call and go really deep and guide that. 

So we have a plan moving forward. Also new is the organic content and strategy guidance. I’ve harped on content in this presentation so far. So we’re going to support people with like what their organic marketing strategies should be based on best practices. So that will be guidance. And then also those content ideas, which is the actual key piece of that is our team is now job is to go on Tik, talk to go on Instagram and stay up to date on what’s working. Because like, let me tell you as a CEO, it’s exhausting to do that. It takes hours. So to go do that and then bring that to our clients and say, Hey, here’s 10 videos. Go record those and give us the footage. We’ll take it from there. New is also the webinar or an ad. Let’s say of a video series or a challenge audit. 

So if your webinar isn’t converting, if you’re not getting sales, whatever the problem is, if we identify that in your numbers, we’ll go through the slides. We’ll look at the training or look at the video itself and we’ll audit it. Our team already knows what a converting webinars should be. We have so many resources on that internally, and we used to give our clients those resources, but now we’re just going to do it for them and tell them exactly what to go change in their webinar. Also landing and sales page audits, both strategy and the messaging. So if it’s not converting your landing page or your sales page, we will have our creative director come in, look at the messaging, figure out the edits, and then we will actually edit them and rewrite it and then put it on the page and take care of all of it. 

Also email sequence or SMS audit. So your email sequence, is it working again? Same thing. Look through it. Find that, find the edits. Maybe we need to change a full angle of an email. Maybe we need to go deeper on it, whatever it is, we’ll actually do it and go execute it. So that’s the strategy component and then the content and creative. So number one, we will do all new funnel and copy written by our team. So we were already doing the ad copy, but the new pieces of the funnel. So when you come on, if we’re like, Hey, you need seven emails in this sequence for your webinar. We will now write those emails for you and then integrate those emails. Or let’s say, you’ve got a flash sale that you’re going to do next month, because you want to promote your offer. We’ll write those emails for you in that sale and or edit your existing graphics and created by our team. 

This was already included in our ads package. We’re upleveling the video component of that though. So now we’ll give you every single month. Our creative team will come in and give you three to 10 new video and content ideas per month. Custom created for you on angles that are going to work for your marketing and your industry. So you can seriously stand out and then you can take those. We’re going to go edit them and you can actually go post them on your organic, if you would like, and we’re going to use them in your ads. And it’s three to 10, because it depends on your ad, spend how many you’re going to need and how many videos make sense. And then we’re editing the reels. We’re editing the videos. You just send us the raw footage that you recorded. We’re going to help you with best practices on how to record them. 

If you need, you send it to us, we’ll edit it. We’ll add the text, fly the music. Then we’ve gotten, this is also new monthly creative calls. So every month, like this is one thing that’s helped me in my own company is every month making sure we come and dive deep into the messaging. Like, are there different angles that we should be hitting with this webinar? And you know, is there things that your audience has said to you on the webinar that we need to take over into your marketing, or maybe you do sales calls. So let’s make sure we really pay attention to what’s being said on those sales calls and bring that over into next month’s marketing. So every month our creative team will meet with you specifically around how do we go deep into your messaging, your audience, and identify what is working and not working. 

We’ll pull like, Hey, this ad did really well. This one didn’t. And so we can continue to refresh content and creative for you. Now here’s the funnel support, which is also all new landing page and sales page edits as needed based on performance recommendations from your strategists. We take care of all the edits, new landing page build outs guided by our strategy team. So let’s say we’re like, Hey, we should add an opt-in in front of your webinar. This is relevant to an exist to the offer we’re running traffic to, but if the front end needs to change, we’ll rebuild that or we will edit, you know, whatever you have, if the title or whatever needs to change, new email sequence or our edit. So if you got an email sequence, it’s not converting, doesn’t have good open rates. It doesn’t have good click rates. 

We’ll audit it. Then we will actually go implement an, edit it, email sequence and copy for promotions. So again, like one thing I, I, we teach in a lot for a lot of our clients is every quarter doing something to kind of capitalize on all the leads and audience that we’ve been building. And so if you want to say, Hey, I’m going to do a 72 hour flash sale or whatever it is. And of course we’re going to guide that strategy, but then we will take that and write the emails, schedule them and get them all set up. And then new email sequence copy throughout onboarding. So this is where if you come in as a client and we’re like, Hey, you don’t have a full email sequence set up to this offer to this funnel. We’ll write it. We’ll just strategize it and then write it for you. 

So that is the funnels and then auditing. So ongoing audits and suggestions and improvements to your funnel pages based on performance, ongoing audit suggestions and improvements to your emails, and same with your organic and content strategy based on upcoming promotions and overall performance and marketing goals. And then also to your webinar diving into, you know, or a video you made or a video series or a challenge. Again, whatever that event is that you may have, we will go through and audit that, okay, now this is our tech support. So one thing that I, you know, I’ve talked about this before, but that we recommend everybody does is duplicate their funnels so that the front end is specific for ads. And then you also have an organic one because so many people have tracking wrong. And this is like the one way to have accurate a hundred percent tracking until I come out with my software soon. 

But we’ll take care of that for you. Domain verification, take care of that full funnel testing, making sure your tags are right, making sure everything is right. Our tech team will take care of that. Connecting your funnel as needed with your webinars software, with whatever softwares. Cause we all know there’s like 10 that we probably all have, you know, deadline funnels, whopping landing pages, connecting new landing pages, your CRM, whatever software that is, and then designing copy edits to your current landing pages. And then also webinar integrations. Now the ads management, this is obviously pieces that we were already doing, which is ongoing ads, management, visibility ads, top of funnel ads and all your retargeting ads daily tracking in a spreadsheet custom for you to review weekly performance report sent to you weekly checking calls with your ads manager and your senior strategist joins that this is how we do it now, but your senior strategists joins that as needed and joins all the first calls and then monthly strategy evaluation calls. So we added this in that at some point, whether it’s joining one of your calls or doing a separate call, we’re going to be evaluating your strategy because that is the key right with marketing, is that refinement. And so making sure we’re driving, that is the goal for our company. 

So in summary, I know that was a lot. We’re going deeper into the done for you. We basically sat down and were like, let’s take every single thing off of our client’s plate and build the resources. So we can do that so that they just have to show up and be the partner in video and recording that because we can’t be your face on video and the partnership on just collaborating, collaborating, because we all want the same thing, which is you to grow your business and increase your sales. And so that allows you to no longer become that bottleneck to your success.

And remember earlier how I was talking about you need to be a creator in order to be an entrepreneur business or influencer. So I’ve created, we’ve created a way for you to only have to show up and create amazing content like that is what you should be doing. That will then guide you in what it should be and handle all the rest from there. I believe you have to go all in on your content and the value you’re bringing into your audience in order to elevate that and then bring in experts to help from there. So become a Hirsh Marketing partner is now like hiring an entire marketing team. So you guys on here can get in as a Hirsch marketing partner at our current pricing. So we’re adding all this, not raising the price for just a little bit of time with all those additions. 

And of course, clients on here, you’re already grandfathered into this as the email said yesterday. So if you go to, it’s going to take you to an application. I want to show you guys the equivalent salaries to hiring a full marketing team. So, and this is like on the conservative side. And I know this because I have all these people on my team. So this is exactly the, you know, exactly what it costs. If not, it costs more than this. So you would need a marketing manager and that would typically be the person who’s managing all your strategy, your marketing direction, the actual project management. Sometimes you need a coordinator too, but let’s just say just a marketing manager, that’s a $70K a year salary. Then you’re going to need an ads manager to manage all the day-to-day loading the ads, optimizing them and who knows all of those components. 

That’s a $55,000 a year salary. Then you need a copywriter, which is one of the hardest positions to hire for. And I have lots of experience with this to write all your funnel, all your ad, copy all your email copy. Then you’ll need a designer and an editor to create all your graphics for your ads and your funnels, as well as edit your videos and your reels. So that’s $50K a year. Then you’ll need that tech support to build, edit, integrate all your funnels. That’s $65K a year. Now this is not even including a creative director or creative manager to help you come up with ideas for your content, because none of these positions really normally do that. I didn’t even include that in here. That’s $300,000 a year in salary, and I’m not exaggerating. This is very realistic of what you would pay if you had all these positions, which is $25,000 a month. 

Our new pricing effective October 1st and inside of her marketing, what you’ll have access to as a marketing manager are strategists ads, manager, copywriter, graphic designer, and editor, funnel builder. And our new pricing is going to be $5,000 a month, a 10% ad spend, which is a quarter of what your costs would be. If you hired all these positions independently and plus let’s be real time off health benefits, all those things, payroll taxes. So it’s not even just that. It’s actually more than that, but all of you guys on here and our audience until October 4th, that’s the cutoff of when all the prices forever go up because we’re offering all these services. And I obviously still have to be a profitable company. 

So anybody who applies and enrolls by October 4th will be grandfathered in at this current pricing, which is $4,000 a month. Plus 10% of our ad spend that’s our current pricing as of today, you get to benefit from all of these additions. So also I want to share that we have a tenure track. So if clients are with us for six months and then 12 months, that management fee actually drops, um, all the way down to 3000 at 12 months of being on our roster. So we incentivize you. And also obviously, as our partnership grows, it gets easier to manage your ads because we have this history together. So we incentivize you with that. 

So I have some quick FAQ’s and then I’ll open it up for any questions you have for me. So will this work for me if I’ve never run ads in the past? Yes. If you have sold your offer before this offer is for somebody who has at least sold it, like we know that it can sell with a great strategy and great messaging. Also, if I don’t have a funnel fully built out? Absolutely. As you can see, we’ll help with that will guide the strategy and the actual execution of that. If you have had inconsistent results with your ads. Yep, absolutely. That’s what we’re here for. If you’ve only made organic sales. Yes. And if you feel like you need to make messaging and even offer positioning tweaking, that’s one of the first things that we would tackle also, is there a commitment? So our initial contract is 90 days and then it’s month to month from there. You can cancel at any time. Obviously we don’t want you to cancel and we will work to make sure you don’t and you have that value, but it’s just an initial 90 day contract. And then again, after six and 12 months, we actually reduce our management fees to kind of reward you for your tenure. 

Do we give specific direction on video content we do now? So with all of our updates, this is a big piece. Like I would say one of the biggest pieces that we’re upleveling would be the content guidance and ideas and angles, and then the funnel tech, because we didn’t offer that before. So those are like the two big, big focuses we’ve had on our process and our resources on our team to be able to offer this. So we’ll be providing that new creative, that new messaging direction and specifics every month, three to 10 new angles. Will we edit your videos? Yep. We’ll edit all the videos at the text, add the music, you just shoot the video. Your job is hit record, send us the exact content we asked for and we will handle the rest. Will you fix my funnel or change the copy? Yep. And not only will I do that, but we’ll drive the suggestions around what to fix and change based on your results. 

So we have a limited partner spots available. That’s the biggest thing is we can’t take an unlimited amount of people based on how much we have on our team. And so our prices are going up October 4th, but I would get your application and your call book to at least explore it today. If you can, you can go to, and it’s an application so we can get to know you and you can talk to my team. And we’ll obviously verify on that call if it’s a right fit for both parties. Because we, you know, I pride myself in only taking on clients that we know we can help. And part of our job through this call is to talk through that and be like, you know, here’s what we can do and look at where you’re at and does it make sense? Um, and that is exactly what we will do. I will not just say, yeah, we can help you. And we really can’t like, I, I operate way differently than that. And that is how I’m able to keep great retention with our clients. So once our new partners are identified at our current, you know, available capacity and by October 4th, the price goes up like we will fill up. So go to Hirsch, if you want to get your application. 

All right, so that wraps up the info session. I just wanted to leave you with a few things. One of them is that pay attention, because we’re kind of rolling out these changes into three phases. So this was the first phase focused all on our complete done for you highest level package. But if you don’t yet qualify for that package, if you’re not quite yet at that level where you can afford that full done for your support, I think it’s what everybody wants. I mean, come on, let’s be real. We want to put our time, how I talked about in this info session, in the best places possible as CEOs, but you may not quite be at that level of business. So next month we will have a kind of phase two to this, which will be the in-between of our done with you program and our complete done for you to support you if you’re at that level. 

Now all of this came from meeting with our audience and asking ourselves those questions of like at each level where people getting stuck and how do we make it guaranteed success with the lowest amount of effort possible for them? So I talked about that in the capacity of what we’re doing in our full done for you highest level package. And again, our prices go up October 4th, forever. So get your application. From this info session, we already have had so many applications and we have limited capacity in how many weeks. That’s a true fact. We have limited capacity of how many clients we can take on, partners we can partner with, because of our team, right? We’ve increased massively the amount of resources of our team. So we may be at capacity soon, if not in the next day. 

So if you’ve thought about working with us in any way, it doesn’t hurt to get on a call and just explore that and make sure that we’ve talked to each other and we have kind of the next steps in place, whether it’s this complete done for you package, or you’re going to be a better fit for the mid-level. It would be worth it to get on a call now and just talk through where you’re at in your marketing, what you’re struggling with and where we can potentially support. So again, that’s and get that application in book your call this week, if you can. I cannot wait to share the upcoming announcements as we go about the rest of this quarter.