Unless you’re already making over a million dollars in revenue per year…

You should stick with only promoting ONE offer. 

But how do you do that AND keep your content fresh and exciting?

You change the wrapping paper! 

(AKA, you change the way you PRESENT your offer.) 

In this episode, I break down exactly what to do when you feel your content is getting stale, your audience is getting burnt out, or your ad costs are going up! 

And trust me, it’s soooo much easier than tearing everything down and starting over. 

Inside this episode, I’ll show you…

  • How to know when it’s time to make a change to your offer or marketing
  • Real-world examples of what changing the wrapping paper looks like
  • How to repurpose content in a way that feels brand new
  • What small changes will make the BIGGEST impact on your sales 
  • How often you should switch up your wrapping paper

After you listen, I want you to brainstorm 2-3 things you can adjust to make your wrapping paper feel fresh, new, and exciting!

Tell me what they are by DMing me @EmilyHirsh. I’d love to know! 


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You are listening to the Not For Lazy Marketers Podcast, episode number 385.

Hello, my friends, happy Thursday.  I am excited because we’re going into a new quarter. We’re going into a new month. I hope you guys are excited too. I can’t believe it’s quarter two already of the year, but I always get so excited because at my company, basically in all the departments we do quarterly planning, and then we wait about a week  because we kind of break out the quarter and the goals happening within that quarter, based on our goals we set for the quarter. And then we do monthly planning for every department. And it’s so cool to see everything that we are putting on, what we call our waterfall and all the goals we have from marketing to our Market Like A Pro department to our ads team department, to our internal operations and HR. And I love that one of our core values as a company is to strive to be better than yesterday.

And so it doesn’t even matter if we just had an amazing month or the best retention ever or whatever we achieved, there’s always a way to be better. And that’s how I operate personally. That’s how I run my business and it just makes me so excited to constantly look at things and say, okay, how do we take it to the next level? How do we do better? So if you don’t currently have a plan in place where you look at the next quarter and you take time to evaluate, how did this first quarter go for you in 2022? And what do you need to focus on this next quarter? And what are you committing to? What are your goals? How are you going to measure them? And what do you need to actually implement and do to achieve those goals? I highly recommend you pause this weekend over the next few days and you really take time to do that because it makes such a huge difference in actually achieving those goals.

All right. In today’s episode, what I’m going to talk about is the concept of changing the wrapping paper on your funnel or your offer. So yesterday I did our monthly Market Like A Pro pick my brain session. I do one session a month where everybody can come on, and they can ask questions or they can come on live and they can get coaching from me. And this was our highest turnout yet, partly because we’ve grown so much, but we had the most pre-submitted questions and the most people live and I went an hour and a half instead of an hour because I wanted to get to everybody. I kind of have this goal of, I will get to everybody’s questions and I get so many content ideas when I do those because you guys ask the best questions. And so one of the questions on there was about something I teach, which is changing the wrapping paper of your funnel, or your offer. It’s relevant to your offer as well.

And so the concept of this is that I teach and I believe so much in focus in really going all in on one, offer one funnel, one strategy, and see seriously optimizing that and making it the best it can possibly be. However, you also have to balance that focus with being new and creative and having new angles and new ways that you look at things or present things to your audience, social media ads, all the things so that it doesn’t feel boring. And the way you can do that is by changing the wrapping paper. And so a lot of people feel like, oh my funnel’s not working or like, I was getting sales and now I’m not getting sales or I had, you know, cost per lead coming in at a good cost. And now the cost has gone up. What am I going to do?

And instead of saying, okay, I’m going to redo the whole strategy or, go from a webinar to a live challenge or I’m going to completely change this or I’m going to launch a new offer or whatever the solution is that you come up with, look at just changing the wrapping paper. And that means you just change the way you’re presenting an offer. So last week in my series, I talked about how, even if it’s a free offer, even if it’s a webinar or a lead magnet or something that somebody’s signing up for for free, it’s still an offer. You still have to sell somebody on taking that action. And so this is relevant for a free offer or a paid offer. And the way you present that offer, you can just change, which is considered the wrapping paper this way. It feels new, new to your audience, new to people who are seeing your ads, new to your social media following and new to your list.

But the actual backend isn’t really new. So you’re not having to create a whole new funnel or a whole new offer, which is not really a great use of your resources. And I see a lot of entrepreneurs in the situation where they have, let’s say a webinar or they have an offer that they know works. They’ve done the webinar before it’s been successful. It converted maybe on a small scale, but it’s still converted or they have promoted the offer before and it’s sold and it’s proven, but now they’re lacking a volume issue. They can’t get enough people to come into this offer to buy it. And they can’t get enough people to go to the webinar to actually get it, to convert where they want it to. And so the way you increase that is you change the wrapping paper. You make it sound exciting, different, new, and you get people to be reignited to come to it.

And so the question that somebody asked me was, can you give me examples of this? What does this look like? So this could be changing your webinar title. This could be changing the way you present and you share what is inside of your webinar. So if you teach three things, instead of continually for a year saying the same exact three things, change up the way you present them. And in an ideal world, you use feedback from what you’ve been doing to constantly update the wrapping paper. So if you’re doing a webinar and you know that people are positively responding to the content in that webinar, and there’s something specific that they’re like, oh my gosh, this is amazing, and I learned this or I was able to do this. You can go deeper on that piece of feedback versus just keep saying the same thing.

And so changing the wrapping paper can look like that. It can look like changing the title, changing the promises in the webinar, but the actual content can be the same or almost exactly the same, or if not exactly the same. And a lot of times, like another piece I talked about in the answer to this question was as creators as somebody who creates content, you create webinars, podcasts, all those things. I guarantee that you feel like if you say something, once you can’t say it again. So if you’re like, oh, I did this webinar, or I did this podcast on this topic, I can’t repeat it. You think everybody heard it. The reality is they didn’t. A very small percentage of your audience actually consumed the content. And then an even smaller percentage remembered the content. So I gave this example yesterday, which people liked, which was about a month ago, we did a live challenge.

And it was super successful. It was actually more successful than our webinar. We’re going to do another one and we’re going to improve. It will always be better than yesterday. And the topic of the challenge and the way that I presented the information and got people to take action and launch their ads and taught our layered process, Facebook ad system got such a positive response and it was so much content, so good and valuable and rich. What I did was I took it and I made that into the podcast series last week. And I don’t know if any of you guys noticed, but I don’t think many people did. So it was almost the same content presented in a different way, repurposed in two different ways. And that means I got the double opportunity in order to create those sales and to create the success in my own marketing.

And I just had to put the effort into creating one really solid formula and format of teaching this content. And I was able to repurpose it. And I’m not saying everybody should do that and take their webinar and turn that into their podcast or their challenge and turn it into their podcast. But what I am saying is don’t look at your content creation, whether it’s webinars or podcasts or videos in a narrow way that you feel like if you say it once, that’s it because you probably can say it seven to 10 times and change how you say it and represented a little bit, change the examples you use, or just be strategic in the presentation based on feedback or the delivery or the vehicle. And it’s not going to feel repetitive to anybody, but you, because you live and breathe your content, but your audience doesn’t, they’re bombarded with content.

Only a small percentage of people who sign up for a webinar actually watch it. And then an even smaller percentage actually remember it. And so you can repeat these things on the back end, but you have to make the front end sound exciting and new. So this is relevant with a free offer, a webinar, it’s also relevant with your paid offer and the way you do it with your paid offer is you add in bonuses or promotions or sales, and you’ll see businesses do this a lot. For example, gyms, they will always have, it’s the Valentine’s Day special or it’s the New Year New Me special or they’ll name their specials, right? The special is probably the same. It’s probably almost the same discount or the same bonus, but they’re just putting different wrapping paper on it. So that somebody for who now is the time is right.

They’re like, oh, I’m going to go check out the special. I’m going to go look at that. So I do this in the sense of bonuses or just to entice somebody to actually sign up for our offer. And sometimes it’s the same bonus. I’ll use our free funnel build bonus in multiple different ways, but I’ll change it up. We have less capacity this time, or there’s a different way that you can qualify for it. The last webinar I did, I added in a webinar bonus, which was a business audit, which was a strategy call with me essentially. And so it’s just the presentation. It’s the way that you present an offer. It’s the way that you get somebody to actually cross over that line and say, yes, I want to buy that offer. And so you don’t have to reinvent the offer every time or even reinvent a new bonus every time you just have to put different wrapping paper on it, because what this does is you have right now, if you have an audience, if you have a list, you have people who you don’t know when the time is going to be finally the right time for them to pull the trigger and having something that sounds new and fresh.

And maybe it is new, fresh, but it’s only a small piece of the offer. That’s new and fresh having that is what will push somebody over the edge and allow them to finally pull the trigger and buy the offer or sign up for the webinar. And you don’t know when that time is. And so your job in marketing is to constantly put your effort into that wrapping paper. This also can be relevant with ads or emails or the way that you’re actually getting your audience to look at your offers. You can change the angle. You can change the way that you’re presenting it. You can change the case study you’re using the testimonial. And so what I teach is for those of you, entrepreneurs constantly want to be doing new things and you are like, I gotta try this funnel. And you get, you have that distracted energy.

Sometimes I tell people, put it into this, put it into how do you make the front end of your free or paid offer the most enticing offer out there. And how do you get creative with the ways that you can attract people to this offer? And you can get people to notice it. Maybe the last time they saw it, it didn’t resonate with them, but this time around it is going to resonate with them and it’s going to get them to take action. So focusing in on how do I present my free offer or my paid offer, or both in a new, exciting way to get people to take action will go a long way. And then the final thing I want to touch on is how often do you have to do this? So in the last couple of years with marketing the volume at which you have to produce new content webinars, different angles, different wrapping paper has rapidly increased.

You used to be able to have a webinar and that title and the promises of that webinar could last for a year and you wouldn’t even need to touch it. And it was fine and it would still convert. The reality is now my recommendation is every three to six months, you change the wrapping paper on your funnel. You change the webinar title, the promises, you just put some fresh new energy on it. And again, ideally you’re using, and you’re basing these changes off of data that you’ve been getting from your existing offer. And you can do the same thing on your or paid offer. You can do that as much as every month, one effective strategy that I’ve implemented in the past. And we’ve had clients implement a theme for the month. So if you have a theme where you’re going to do this either live event, and then there’s going to be this bonus or this sale or whatever it is, then you can focus your social media, your email, your ads, all around that theme.

And you can center that around a way that you’re presenting your offer. So my example with gyms, they do that a lot, right? They’ll have a sale of themes and they’ll choose random holidays or things to wrap that theme around. But they’re selling the same exact offer in different ways. So it feels new, but it’s not new. And that’s a great way to leverage something that you already have that’s working without feeling like you have to change the entire thing, which means you’re back at square one, changing the wrapping paper. You’re not back at square one, you’re leveraging something. Hopefully that’s already proven, and you’re just putting it out as fresh and new. So with your offer, you can do this as much as every month by having a different promotion or bonus or some sort of theme around your offer.

And then with your free offers like your webinar, I would say every three to six months, depending on results, it’s going to need a refresh. If you start to have a webinar that you know was converting and it was getting all these leads and you just cannot get the cost back down, try just changing the title, try changing the way you’re presenting the webinar and the way you’re promising the content on the webinar and see if that fixes it, because it is a high chance that it will. And you’ll likely have to do that every three to six months. And then every month you should be coming up with different angles, different ways you can present your offers, your webinar, your lead magnet, your paid offer. And then you can use that in ads, in social media and in different ways that you’re attracting that traffic.

So leaving this episode, I want you guys to brainstorm, what are two or three things that you can do to take a component of your current marketing that is working and has proven to be working and just change the wrapping paper to make it feel fresh, new, and exciting. And what this also does is a byproduct is your audience, your email list, your social media, following people who have already seen your original offer. Now I feel like this is a new, exciting thing. And so you’re also as a byproduct, not only doing this for the cold leads that you’re running ads to and getting new people in, you’re also, In need of a warm audience, which is likely to be your buyers because we also know that most people sit on a list for a little while before they buy the product. So when you change your webinar title, that’s now an opportunity to re invite your entire list to that webinar.

And don’t worry, what if they already went? Who cares if they already went? If it’s it for them, they’ll go again. Just exclude your buyers. If they bought, they don’t need to go to the webinar. But if they didn’t buy, who cares if they’ve gone two times and who cares, if you say the same thing or a similar thing on there, clearly they need to hear it again, because they’re signing up for it. So don’t worry about that. And don’t worry about, oh my gosh, they might feel like I’m repetitive. If they go to the same webinar twice, chances are, they never went. Even if they signed up for it. And if they did, it’s a high chance that they forgot what you said and the fact they’re resetting up for it and coming to it means they need to hear it again. And so don’t be afraid of that. Just go, you know that, that’s how you get people who then have seen your brand seven to 10 times and had those touch points and now they become buyers. That’s how you create that. All right, everybody. I hope you have an amazing rest of your week, an amazing weekend. And I’ll talk to you next week.

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