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  • The 3 BIG mistakes we see entrepreneurs make when creating and marketing their freebies and how YOU can avoid them. 

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I know it’s a big promise from one little question, but sometimes the smallest change can have the greatest impact. 

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Intro: And if you try to outsmart that you will not be successful, you will be fighting  something and, and making things harder for yourself that you don’t need to. It is  absolutely okay to enlighten your audience on a new way of doing something or  seeing why things have never worked for them. In the past.


 You are listening to the,  not for lazy marketers podcast, episode number 397. 


Emily: Hello, everybody happy May. I just looked at the date that this podcast would come out and  I’m thinking, how is it May? I don’t understand how time is going so  fast, it was just Christmas and we’re now approaching halfway through the  year. It’s insane. I have this new thing where people always ask me, how are you  doing? You know, when you see people, how’s it going? How’s it going? I feel like  I’m always saying, it’s busy, it’s busy, it’s always busy. And I’m like, you know what? I’m  going to stop saying busy because I think a better word for it is life is just really full right  now. I think a lot of people are experiencing that. And I also think that’s kind of  the way that we live in today’s world, but it’s really full-it’s full of a lot of  good things. I feel that this year I really made a commitment to, no matter what, no matter how busy I was with to-dos, create time for travel and experiences and being with my  kids and just putting that first, because it’s one of my biggest fears that my kids are  going to turn 18 and I’m going to look back and regret not spending enough time with  them. So I am always very aware of that. So life is full, it’s full of trips and business  growth and workouts and family dinners and dance class and birthday parties and all  the things-it’s full. And it’s full of a lot of good things and also some struggle in  there, but that’s life and you grow from it.


Anyways, today’s podcast episode, I wanna keep it pretty short actually, because I have something I wanted to  share that doesn’t take a long time to share. I think it’s going to make a big impact on you guys. It’s a question that I want you to be able to answer about your offers, whether it’s a free offer, a webinar or a lead magnet or something someone is signing up for. An offer that you are selling somebody on investing their time or  giving their name, an email over or signing up for something or participating in a  challenge or downloading something. It’s an offer, and also your paid offers are  also obviously offers that you sell. And so I recently did the pick my brain session in market like a pro. So once a month I do a session called pick my brain and people  come in and ask me anything, it can be related to marketing or business or you know,  anything they need advice on. I noticed a theme in the recent one that a lot of people who are looking for  deeper marketing guidance and especially on things that they’re like, I’ve tried a lot of things and it’s, you know, it’s not working and here’s my data and how do I  improve this? Really just digging into their results and their marketing  specifically related to marketing. And one of the themes and things I saw myself  doing over and over in all the questions was asking them, okay, let’s take a step  back from this, I want you to tell me what is the promise of this offer? I’m  somebody scrolling Facebook, I’m scrolling Instagram, I see your ad, I see the offer to  go to your webinar. What are you promising me? If I click on this page and then I sign  up for this webinar, what’s the promise? What result am I going to get? What transformation am I going to have? What am I  going to know? Who am I going to be afterwards? Know, do and be right. Those are the  three things. What will be, what will I know, what will I be able to do? And who will I  be? And it sounds silly sometimes, it’s just a webinar. You’re not going to be a different person after, I get it, but you need to have that promise. Like otherwise  people aren’t going to sign up for it. So I found myself saying, we’re just having a conversation. Like I know you’ve got metrics. I know we’re talking  about funnels and marketing language here, but I’m just like a person. Who’s  your ideal customer? I’m scrolling Facebook. I want you to tell me in your own words,  why should I sign up for your webinar? 

What are you promising me if I invest an hour of time? Or why should I buy this  offer? Why should I spend $500? Why should I not go to somebody else who offers something similar to solve my problem? Why should I buy yours? What do you  see? And how quickly will it take? And, what can I expect from this? That  alone brought so much clarity. A couple people were like, well, I don’t even have  a promise. I have my webinar and I don’t have a promise. So there was one  really powerful exchange that I had that I was just so excited over because it was  somebody who had been running ads when they were in a different program  before they came over to market like a pro and following a template and just feeling  out of alignment with it. But it’s been almost a year and she’s stuck with it. I thought, that clarity right there is  going to bring you success. The fact that you have not given up, the fact that you’re on  this call and you’re still willing to refine and you’re so close will bring you success. So that made me excited. But she was saying how her issue is that she has like 11%  landing page conversion. So people are getting to her page on her optin and then  they’re not signing up. And then they’re not showing up to her webinar. It’s easy  to go down the rabbit hole of, let’s send more reminder emails, let’s change the  format of the page, let’s do these more technical aspects and adjustments.  But to me, straight up, that is a symptom that people don’t see enough  value in your webinar. Your promise about what you’re offering and ‘selling’ me on signing up for this  is not strong enough because that is the bigger picture, the bigger root problem of  why people won’t sign up for a webinar. They get to a page and they’re like, ‘meh, this isn’t good enough’, right. That would lead to a lower landing page conversion. Or, they do sign up for the webinar, which I told her, it’s great you’re getting some people  because that just also means the more you refine the better this is going do, but  they sign up for the webinar and they’re like, I’m not going  get anything out of that time, like I’m not convinced, right? So the root problem was, I asked her, what’s the promise? Why should I come to your webinar? And she’s  like, well, I don’t have a promise. So she’s been following this template from another program for almost a year  and following that template and that piece was missing and we identified it that  quickly. Instantly, she was like, I’ve just been feeling like this was really fluffy, I wasn’t really promising something, but I was following this template. That’s  worked for other people. So this question alone will instantly improve your  marketing.


Here’s a couple more pieces on this. Anything you do, let’s say  you do a new live launch, you launch a new lead magnet, you’re repositioning your  offer, you always need to answer, what is the promise? What is the promise of this?  Who will somebody be? What will they be able to do or know from  implementing what you’re saying? Then once you have that (and sometimes  the best way to practice, this is in a conversation ), get a friend, get your significant other, and be like, I’m going explain to you  why you should sign up for my webinar or why you should buy my offer or why you  should download this lead magnet, I want you to tell me if it’s clear. A  lot of times talking through it gets us to a place where now we can go write the copy. That’s why in these coaching sessions, a lot of times I say, you’re  very deep in your data, you’re deep in it. All in the analysis side of your brain. I want  you to just have a conversation with me. We’re having coffee. Tell me why I should  sign up for your webinar or why to download your lead magnet, or why I should buy  your program or your offer. Then once you do that, is it clear and direct and  specific? Those are the other things that you need to think about. 

Another piece of  this is, in another conversation, somebody was explaining theirs and it was very  broad. It was very much like ‘solve your problems’, you know, I can’t  remember the exact thing, but it was very broad. I need something specific. What am I struggling with every day related to your niche? Where if I  see that you’re going to solve this problem, I’ll think, I need this right now. So you have  to think it through and I’ve, and I’ve taught this exercise on here before, you probably  solve like a big overarching problem. So for me, I solve ‘getting people successful marketing’, right? Successfully generating leads in sales, using online marketing. But that’s broad. If I said, ‘Hey, I promise you that by the end of this webinar  you’ll have successful marketing. Would you sign up for it? No, it’s not. It’s too hard to comprehend that, it’s too big.  You’re like, there’s no way you could do that in an hour. And I can’t really tie that to  the things I’m struggling with on a day to day basis. The micro problems people are having in my audience are

Their ad costs are too expensive

Their ads aren’t  converting their leads, aren’t converting to sales

They don’t even know how to  diagnose what’s wrong with their marketing

They’re overwhelmed.

They don’t know  how much content to post or what content to post or how to structure their ads.


So I  can think through 25, probably micro problems all related to the bigger overarching  problem. So you need to find what are those specific really powerful problems  that you can focus on that when somebody hears what you have to say, and they  hear that you can solve this and you promise you can solve this, they are like, I need  it right now. 


If you can successfully do that, you’ll solve all the problems related to your  landing page, conversion, your cost per webinar, registration, your webinars show  up, right? Even your sales conversion, because people will be coming and  consuming it. I’m talking about a webinar, because this example is fresh for me, but  really this is related to anything.  I think a lot of times people don’t address that  root problem of your messaging. What you’re promising somebody with this offer is  just not there yet. It’s not clear enough. It’s not strong enough. It’s not direct  enough. So once you are clear on the promise, then I want you to take a step back  and say, is this clear to my ideal customer? Is this specific for my ideal customer?  And, is it directly related to the frustrations and the dreams that they have  and the words they are using to describe those things. 


The other mistake people make here is they make a promise and they’re  promising what the person needs. So a lot of times experts will go, ‘People just think they need this, but they don’t, they really need this, so I wanna talk about this thing. However, you have to give them what they want and then you can give them  what they need. That’s a rule of thumb of marketing that’s never going to change. If you try to outsmart that you will not be successful,  you will be fighting something and making things harder for yourself that you  don’t need to. It is absolutely okay to enlighten your audience on a new way of doing  something or seeing why things have never worked for them in the past. But you still  have to speak to the problems that they have right now and the dreams that they  have right now. 


So here’s the steps I want you to take.

I want you to think about any offer  you’re trying to actively promote: free offer, lead magnet, webinar, podcast series, challenge, all of those, and then of course your paid offer. I want you to go have  a conversation with somebody and just say, look, I’m going to explain to you what my  promise is. I’m going to tell you why you need to sign up for this or you need to  buy this or you need to participate in this. I want you to see how clear you feel  you’re being after you do that and ask for feedback. It doesn’t matter even if they’re  your ideal customer, you can explain to them who your ideal customer is afterwards.  Just try it, just try to talk about it because instantly you’re going to be able to see if  you are clear on this, if you can clearly articulate this. Sometimes it takes a lot of practice and  it takes a lot of iterations. You know, when someone asks, what do you do?  And people always stumble over that. Sometimes it comes  out confusing. It’s because you’re not clear on how to explain it, and you haven’t  practiced it enough times in a simple way, same thing with the promise of your  offers. So that’s the first step.

Once you get clear on that promise, I want  you to ask yourself, is this specific? Does this stand out from everything out there, all  the other noise that is being put in front of my ideal customer, and is this directly  related to their frustrations and their dreams and the way they would explain  those things, not the way you would explain them, the way they would explain them. If it’s not, then you get to refine it. I promise if you, if you stay very focused  on this and continue to refine this, it will instantly improve all your marketing  numbers, because this is the root of why so much marketing doesn’t work. I want  you to also know having a offer free or paid that’s irresistible, that is so good, where people see it and have to sign up for this…webinar or I  have to buy this thing. It takes time. It takes iteration of your messaging. It is not  going to happen overnight, or even in a month. It takes getting feedback. It takes  seeing how people respond to things and it takes listening to that, and then  continuing to refine. So not laying off this and staying with your foot on the gas on  this change in your marketing will make such a huge difference. 


All right, you guys, if you add any breakthroughs, send me a message on Instagram  and let me know what you think. I also have to mention that we are hosting The Ultimate Facebook Ads Challenge again. So in this challenge, my promise  to you is two things:

  1. In five days, you will attract a thousand or more ideal customers  with an ad. We’re going to get an ad live. 
  2. And with that, you’ll cut your ad costs in a  fraction of what it is now or what it was before. If it’s been too expensive, I know too  expensive ads are a huge problem for a lot of you and also a big, scary thing people are talking about.


So this system that I’m teaching is going to do that. So  it’s a five day free challenge. It’s called The Ultimate Facebook Ads Challenge. We ran  it back in February and since then we’ve improved it and added to it. We have literally hundreds of people who were amazed by the  results, got ads live, attracted thousands to their brand. Someone just sent me a  message who got $3,000 in sales from the one ad they put up in the challenge, so  incredible results, and I’ve just made the challenge even better. So you can sign up.  It’s completely free hirshmarketing.com/challenge and we kick it off on May 6th.  So make sure you’re in there and it’s going be so much fun. I promise to you that  you will attract a thousand or more ideal customers and cut your ad costs in a  fraction of what it is or what it was before in five days. 

All right, guys, I’ll see you there. 


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