1:03: How Emily always has new ideas to create podcasts

2:41: What’s actually needed to have your team aligned

4:02: Getting this right can make or break your business in today’s digital landscape

6:02: Ask yourself these questions to attract all the clients you will ever need

7:07: Why adding even more content to what you sell is costing you money

7:23: No matter what business you are in, your clients are buying this

8:32: The key to raising your prices and having your clients be happy about it

10:53: How you can guarantee your success in business


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Hello, my friends, happy day. Welcome back to the podcast. Today’s episode. It’s been on my list. I have this notes app on my computer. And obviously it goes with my phone too, for the podcast. And if I ever like walking or reading a book or having a conversation with someone and something just pops into my head, I put it in this document. And then when I go to record podcasts, I usually reference the document and I either record something that’s kind of in the queue, or if I have something else I want to talk about, I’ll record that. And I’ll put some bullets for the episode. So this one has been on the list for a long time. And every time I’ve gone to record, there was just something else, something more pressing or more relevant that I wanted to talk about. And I feel like today’s the day.

So today’s the day we’re going to dive into this topic. It’s probably going to be on the shorter side of an episode. And I’ve gotten a lot of messages from you guys in the last couple of weeks saying how much you like the quick exercises that I give you or actions I tell you. And that’s what I’m all about in my podcast is focusing on let’s take action. There’s way too much information out there. There’s way too much fluffy, like “try this strategy, do this”. Let me give you these tactics. And that’s great. It’s not a bad
thing, but too much of that. And you’re not actually making progress. You feel like you are, cuz you’re getting good ideas, but you’re not making progress. So I love giving you guys a podcast where you can leave listening to this and you actually have something to go do and to go act on and implement in your business.

So I’ve had a lot of those recently, but this is going to be one of those. And it’s a question. It’s the title of the episode. It’s a question that I want you guys to ask. And then I want you to go through the exercise of writing down everything that comes to you. And so the reason that I feel like this is relevant for me to talk about right now is coming off of last month. I flew in four of my team members. We did an offsite and we spent the entire time focused on improving our offer, improving our delivery, improving the process related to it, making sure that the standard is set for the team, for how things should be making sure that those things are actually happening, auditing things. If you have a team, then you understand this, but it’s very hard. It’s not an easy thing to do to maintain as you grow your team.

It takes a lot of QAing, a lot of auditing, a lot of double checking things, a lot of digging deep where something is being told. Yeah we got it, it’s done this way and it’s not intentional by team members.

As you grow your team. It’s just because everybody operates from different experiences, different strengths, different weaknesses, different backgrounds. And so you have to have this in place. And so coming off of that offsite, we spent five days, 10 hour days, just creating process, improving process, auditing what we have looking at our delivery, brainstorming on where clients potentially got stuck or are getting stuck. And just asking ourselves the question of like, how do we do better? How do we improve? And that’s a core value of ours striving to be better than yesterday. And when I always promise myself and my team and our clients that no matter what, we will be better tomorrow than we were yesterday.

And that’s our promise and that’s what we always are working towards. And so I think in today’s digital landscape, it’s really important that the offer that you’re selling is so good that it outperforms all the others, that it’s such a no brainer when somebody is presented with your offer and that it has so much value for what you’re selling it for, it becomes really easy to sell. And I think in the past several years, before March, spring of last year, a lot of businesses could get away with not having the most incredible offer ever.

And they could put a lot of effort into their marketing and because leads were cheaper and because there was less saturation, less hesitation in the market, you could sell your offer and you could do just fine. Then iOS happened, increased ad costs across all platforms. It happened over the last 3, 4, 5 years in the industry.

There are so many different businesses doing the same thing, offering webinars. It’s just, there’s no fresh, there’s not a lot of freshness. And it’s hard to do that because there’s so much content out there that you’re fighting for that attention. So I think in the last year to two years, your offer and what you sell have become even more important. And this is something I’ve talked about since I started my business because I’m somebody who, I put more into my offer and my delivery than I do my marketing. And I’m a marketer. And that’s because the power is in the referrals and people who, you
know, talk positively about your brand and being able to deliver. And what I’ve noticed is there are businesses who don’t put that much effort into their delivery and constantly improving it. And in those cases, there’s always a lifespan to their success because it catches up with them.

And there are a lot of businesses out there who subscribe to a lot of short term wins that really hurt them in the long term and not making your offer absolutely incredible is one of those things. So the question that I want you guys to sit down and ask yourselves is, how could I make it so that nobody ever stopped buying my offer? What could I add to my offer? How could I get my clients or my customers better results? How could I get it to them faster? How could I support them more? How could I make it easier for them to achieve the result or the outcome that they want? How can I make it so that nobody stops buying it so that it is such a no brainer and people don’t jump over to a new thing or I’m at risk for not standing out.

And it’s this very short term success that doesn’t work out in the long term. And I want you to do this with the exercise I talked about in the previous podcast episode, which was to sit down with a blank piece of paper away from technology, away from notifications, and just write down everything that’s coming to you. You’re not going to implement it all. Don’t worry about things that come up around the cost or the resources, or, you know, “how could I do this? I don’t have any time” just write down what
comes to you when you ask yourself that question of “how do I make it so nobody stops buying?” So basically how do I make it so my offer is the best out there? Now here’s the thing you guys, this does not mean more content, more doesn’t always mean better. It doesn’t mean making your offer so that it has the most video trainings and the most resources.

And the most of this, that’s not actually how you make it the best offer, because remember at the core of everything, your customer wants the result of whatever they are buying, whatever you solve, whatever problem you solve, they want that problem solved. And they want it solved as fast as possible.

Like in the best case scenario, they buy your offer. And then the next minute their problem would be solved. Obviously that’s not possible for most people, but they want it as fast as possible. And they want it as easy and effortless for them as possible. A lot of this is in that book that I love by Alex Hormozi, 100M Offer. So I have to give him credit. When I talk about that, because he talks about, I forget his exact formula, but basically, how do I get somebody with my offer, the outcome they want as fast as possible with the smallest amount of effort and sacrifice.

So with that in mind, how do you make it so nobody ever stops buying your offer? How do you make it so it’s the best offer ever? And so I’ve seen people go, “okay, well I’ll give them like 12 months access or turn this into a longer coaching program”. Or “I will add in four or five modules of content”.

And you have to remember that it doesn’t equal value for your customer. People are going to pay more to get a result faster, to solve their problem as fast as possible. They’re going to pay way more for that. That’s way more valuable for them. So when you ask yourself this, see what comes up and see what gaps you’ve identified in your current offer. And so I go through this frequently with my offer where I look at it and I say, okay, where are clients still getting stuck?

Where are members of Market Like a Pro still getting stuck? Where are they not making progress fast enough? How do we support them in our support, in our resources, in our own processes? Where are we falling short and how do we improve that? And I do this at least once a quarter and then have things on our waterfall where we plan our goals related to this. But I want you to just think through that and then I’m going to take this question to another level, because it’s relevant to anything you do as a free
offer too. So I did say that the question is how do I make it so that nobody stops buying? But you can also think about this from the perspective of a webinar or a free download or a lead magnet or something that you’re giving away for free because those are offers too.

You have to make an offer for somebody to give you their information, trust you with that and trust that they giving up their name and email is going to be of value to them because they’re going to get some micro problem solved. So you could ask yourself, how could I make it so that nobody stops signing up for my webinar so that people just continue to sign up for my webinar. They’re talking about it. It’s the best webinar out there. It’s changing lives. And it would be a no brainer not to sign up for it. Or you could ask yourself, how do I make it so that nobody wouldn’t download this PDF? That everybody who sees it would download this because it’s that valuable. And it’s going to solve a problem quickly and easily for my ideal customer. So this is also relevant for those free offers.

And you know, essentially it’s saying like, how do I make it the best? How do I make it the best? And thinking that through the lens of more is not always best, more is sometimes getting a result faster, you taking on more of the work or you simplifying that PDF or you simplifying that webinar. So it’s super actionable, and doing that upfront work for your lead or your customer is where the value is. So I want you guys to sit with this question and come up with a couple of things that you can implement maybe over the next two, or three months. And this is where in marketing, the refinement really comes in because you’re never done. Marketing is very dynamic. You’re constantly improving your offer and its positioning in the way you’re selling it and your webinar and your funnel and your strategy and the way you’re communicating with your customers.

That’s constantly being improved. And you’re constantly looking at that and taking in the feedback and then taking it back to the drawing board and improving it. And so this is where that refinement really can come into play because you’re constantly asking yourself these questions of like, how do I make it better? And then you do those things. And then three months down the line, you ask yourself that question again. And I guarantee you, you’re going to have things on your list that you can do to make it
better. And you’re not going to be able to do everything tomorrow or next week or even in the next three months, but you’re constantly striving to be better than yesterday.

And if you’re always in that place of movement and improvement and taking action, there’s no way you’re not going to be successful. That is the key. So make sure that you’re not getting stuck in that place where you’re not taking action.

You’re not improving things. You’re not making them better. You’re not making them stand out because you feel overwhelmed or whatever it is. As long as you get up every day and you take action towards being better, towards improving that free offer, towards improving your strategy, your connection with your audience, your leads, your customers, towards improving your paid offer. You’ll be successful.

Marketing always works. It’s just a matter of when. All right, you guys, told you it’d be a short one. There’s an action for you guys to go do. Send me a message on Instagram or share it and tag me. I love to see those. If you had any takeaways or things that you’re doing after listening to this, I’ll talk to you y’all next week.

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