2:50 How you can get help from Emily to create a custom marketing strategy for your business (it’s been years since she does something like that)

6:16 The latest change in advertising economics that is forcing businesses to adapt or go bankrupt

8:09 The new goal you must use when running traffic to a funnel

9:30 Funnel math to turn a 2X ROAS into 5-6 or even 10X ROAS

12:25 This is where most of the money will be in your business, for the next 2-3 years

14:48 How today’s marketing is starting to look like what businesses had to do in the past

15:45 Use this new strategy to combat a low ROAS


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I think that this is kind of a theme that’s coming up in all of the strategies that I’m involved in right now. And this is a really big kind of paradigm shift of digital marketing from where it was when I started.


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Hello, my friends. Happy day. Welcome back to the podcast, to a regularly scheduled podcast. I got such amazing feedback on the series that we just wrapped up on Tuesday this week. All about marketing in 2022, what you need to pay attention to. I went through the 5 rules of marketing right now, and you guys loved it, from what I can tell. So if you haven’t tuned in to all of those you can go back and

listen to them. And I have been feeling just in such a groove with content, with my business, with decisions. And I think it’s a result of… I went to Nashville last week, and I had time. I had an Airbnb to myself. And I had nobody who needed me.


When I woke up in the morning, my schedule was completely mine. I canceled all my meetings. I ended up working 12-hour days, but that’s because I love working, and I was saying to my husband yesterday how I was having a hard time coming back and integrating back into the routine, as much as I loved my kids. But sometimes I’m like, “Man, a couple more days of that would’ve been nice.” And I was like, “Yeah, I worked 12-hour days.” And he’s like, “That’s fun to you. You worked 12-hour days. And now you miss that.” Yes, I love it. And I’ve been feeling just so inspired by the content I’ve been putting out, the shifts and things that we’re doing. We have some super exciting things coming soon at Hirsh Marketing. Some things I’m going to share that I can’t share yet.


A new experience that we’re going to launch in a couple of weeks that is going to change the game. And then today, I have an announcement that I am doing something crazy, I decided I want to be more on the front lines of strategy right now. Every strategic conversation that I’m supporting my team with, with our clients, I’m finding that the need for customization, for customizing your strategy, your funnel, your experience that you’re creating for your leads, for your audience is really increasing. And that customization is really increasing. And so, I’ve been really enjoying getting back into strategy and diving into that. So I decided I’m going to open up 10 spots, and basically audit, and create a marketing strategy for these businesses. It can be somebody who is just starting out, or doesn’t have a lot of experience with their marketing, and just wants to kind of skip ahead, and get my expert eyes on it, and

create that marketing strategy for their business.


It also can be someone who maybe you have an internal team, or you’re working with somebody else, or you’ve been doing your own marketing. And you’re like, “I just need a fresh set of eyes to create a plan for me.” And the experience will essentially be, you’ll fill out an intake form about your business, your current marketing strategy if you have one, any numbers if you have them. And I’ll do a full audit, and basically put together a plan. This should be your funnel. This is how you’re going to hit your goals. This is your projection. The entire strategy 360 view laid out. If it’s relevant and needed, I’ll pull in ads team members to audit your ad accounts, to audit everything you’re doing, to audit copy and messaging, and just a full 360 strategy, copy and creative, ads, your funnel, all of that audited and delivered a plan.


And then, we’ll follow it up with 30 days of Voxer and email support with me. And then, a final 30 minute call at the end of the 30 days. So I decided I want to personally work on these and offer them, because I’m enjoying being back in strategy like this. And I’ve been actually helping a lot more behind the scenes with our agency clients for this reason, and just kind of resetting strategy, and how to incorporate more customization, which is part of what I’m going to talk about today. If that audit sounds interesting to you, I’m personally vetting everybody. This is not a big launch where we’re going to take

all of these. I’m only taking 10. And we launched it to our Market Like A Pro members before announcing it to the public and 4 were already gone. So by the time you listen to this, there might only be a couple left truly.


 And I’m not taking more than 10, because it’s my personal time getting put into all these. And I don’t want to overcommit myself. And so, what you have to do is send me a message. Send me a DM on Instagram, because I want to chat with you 1:1. I’m going to personally interview every business I take on to make sure I can for sure help you guys, and that it’s the right fit. And then, I’ll share more information. And if we decide it’s the right fit, we can get started. But if you hear that, and you’re like, “Oh, my gosh. I would love to have Emily’s eyes on my business. I would love to have her deep dive and kind of lay out my strategy for me, lay out my budget, lay out everything, and save me months and months of time trying to figure it out.” Then, send me a message on Instagram @emilyhirsh.


All right, we’re going to dive into today’s episode. So I recently did the Monthly Pick My Brain session inside of Market Like A Pro, which is where people can come on and ask me anything. And I found myself repeating this, that I was like, “I think that I’m onto something.” And I think that this is kind of a theme that’s coming up in all of the strategies that I’m involved in right now. And this is a really big kind of paradigm shift of digital marketing from where it was when I started. And so, I want to explain this to

you guys, because this is going to change the way you look at your marketing strategy and what’s required to be profitable. So over the last month to 2 months, I started noticing that businesses were really struggling with this cycle, where they would put money into ads, and they’d get maybe 2X out of it, which is actually average and good, right?


If someone told you, “Put a dollar in, you get $2 out.” You’d be like, “Oh, I’d do that all day long.” Right? Well, businesses are doing that, but they’re only spending and able to spend a small amount of budget. And so they’re putting money in, they’re getting 2X out, but it’s not really enough to increase their budget, because 2X is like maybe $3,000 or maybe it’s even $10,000. But then by the time they take that, and they pay their company bills, and they pay people who are supporting them, and they maybe

pay themselves, they have no money left over, which then means that they can’t increase their ad spend to make it be, “Okay. Maybe I was putting in 3 and getting out 6. Now I’m going to increase it to 10, and get out 20.” But they don’t have that difference in ad spend to increase it.


And so, they’re not able to get more out of what they’re doing. And they’re stuck in this cycle. And so, it made me realize that the way we’re looking at ads and marketing in the sense that we need to be 2X, 3X profitable out the gate, it’s got to change. And this isn’t a bad thing. So hear me out, because I don’t want you to listen to this, and go, “Oh, well, it’s not possible for me to be super profitable with my ads.” But here’s what I ended up telling two different businesses in the Market Like A Pro program yesterday. And I realized, “Oh, this is what I’m implementing in my own business.” This is what I’m implementing in our client’s business over here. And this is how we’re going to start to build these custom marketing strategies. So your initial marketing, where you have a funnel that brings in new audience, grows your audience, brings in new cold traffic leads, and initially pitches your offer.


The goal with that funnel needs to become to break even. If you’re breaking even you can absolutely win at this. So hear me out how this is working. You have a webinar funnel. You are getting leads into that funnel. And you’re able to sell enough of your offer right from the webinar, right from the initial offer, right from the sequence, to pay your ad spend. Now, here’s where you win. Because now, you’re paying for free lead generation. And you’re growing your leads every single month. And that number should be increasing daily, really, if you’re running ads, right? So now, we know that a good sales conversion is 3%, right? So 97% of those leads who don’t buy your offer on that webinar funnel, what’s going to happen to them? Now, you need to pair that initial strategy with constant reignition, constant nurturing, and constant selling.


But sometimes it’s soft selling, sometimes it’s hard selling of your offer to those leads. Because now, hear me out. Let’s just use easy numbers. Let’s say, you get a hundred new leads. They come into your webinar. You sell 2% of them. So you get two sales. You spend a $1,000 to get those leads. You get two sales for a $1,000. You’re 2X return on ad spend. Now you’re thinking, “Oh, okay. $2,000.” And for these businesses, it’s not enough. Right? That doesn’t pay all my bills. But now, I have another 98 leads who

didn’t buy from me, are still valuable leads and potential future customers. And your job is to convert as many of those as possible. So now, let’s say, over the next three to six months, you work on emailing your list regularly and nurturing them. You show up on social media, and you hook them into your social media.


You hook them into your podcast, and the places that you show up consistently. And every month you offer and provide consistent ways for them to buy your offer. Now, let’s say, over the next 3 to 6 months, another 5 or 6 of them buy your offer. That’s another five or $6,000 that you’re going to make from that initial $1,000 of ad spend. And so, the profit in all of our companies, and people are not looking at it this way, the profit is in that follow-up. The profit is in, can you consistently generate leads and at the least pay for that ad spend? But if not, create a 2X return on ad spend, and then create sales down the line that now they’re free. You’ve already paid for those leads. And I started to realize this in my business when every single sale was like, “Oh, they signed up for a webinar 6 months ago with you.” Or like, “Oh, they’ve been on your list for a year.” Or, “Oh, they’ve been here for at least three months.”


It’s pretty rare that I have somebody who comes in first time, signs up for something, and buys. Usually, that will happen if it’s a referral. Somebody they trust has told them to come, and follow my content, and then they sign up. But that’s because somebody they trust has already said that. And so, what needs to happen with strategies, what is equally as important, and what I find myself implementing as they get more involved in strategies in my own business and client’s business, we’re doing monthly reports right

now for May. And I’m helping the entire ads team. The clients don’t know this because I’m not on the front end, but I’m weighing in on all the strategies. And what I’m doing is creating ideas and experiments on, how we reignite, reengage their current email list, their current following, and get profit out of that?.


And so, if you look at your marketing, and you say, “My goal is 2X, but at the minimum breakeven.” But a good successful funnel would be 2X my ad spend initially in my funnel within that week or 2-week sales cycle. And then, I have all this opportunity for profit on the back end. So how do you reignite your list? And this is what I was talking about yesterday in Market Like A Pro. My suggestion is, every month going into a new month in your marketing, you create either a theme, or an activity, or emails, or something that is going to create new wrapping paper or excitement around your offer. So there’s a lot of ways that this can look. This can look like you create a 48-hour flash sale. You obviously can’t do that every month, but you could probably do it every three months.


This could look like you create a series or you go live on Instagram next week, and talk about this specific thing, and you invite your entire list. And then, you follow that up with a sales sequence to your offer. This could look like highlighting case studies. This could look like showing up regularly on Instagram Stories and sharing behind the scenes. And really, it should be all these things combined. One of my favorite ways to do this is I create a theme for the month. And so, I’ve been doing these through my podcast series of, let me create a theme on the series, and then allow that to naturally lead into my

offer. And I think a lot of us, we don’t talk about our offer enough. We think we are, but we don’t talk about it to our ongoing audience and our ongoing list enough.


And so, the profit and the money right now is going to be in your existing audience, your existing leads, and those leads that you’re building, and how to constantly reignite them, and bring them back to your offer, get them excited about your offer. And another question yesterday that was asked to me is someone was like, “Well, I just live launched two weeks ago. And I’m working on this Evergreen funnel. And so, how soon is too soon for me to talk about my offer?” And I was like, “A week or 2 weeks.” It’s fine. You never know, one, who ignored your launch and didn’t participate in it, because it wasn’t a good time for them, or two, the last time you pitched your offer to them. They were way too busy, or it wasn’t a good time, or they missed a deadline. You just never know.


And then, right then and now, if you do it again, it’s like, it’s the right time for a couple of people. And you don’t know when that is. And so, you have to just show up consistently, overdeliver constantly with value, but also creating new experiences or new… Not new relationships, but by going live on Instagram, it’s just a new opportunity for someone to connect with you. And you never know who’s going to show up on that. This will be their 10th touchpoint with you since they signed up for your list, and they came into your world, and that’s what pushes them over the edge. And you don’t know what that is. And so, what you can commit to is that consistency. And I think that over the last several years, and especially when I started seven years ago, I think that businesses didn’t have to pay attention to this, but this is how marketing used to be.


It used to be that your goal was lead generation. Your goal was get as many leads as possible. And then, as long as companies were doing that, they just got sales. They knew they got sales, but they couldn’t track it as well with billboards, and magazines, and radio ads. So they just consistently showed up. Now, in the evolution of digital marketing, we’ve been able to track exactly, okay, this lead, and then they do this. But I can tell you more and more, we moved back in the direction where leads aren’t doing that right away. I shared this in the podcast series last week, but I believe it is now. And based on a study that was done internally in a company, it’s 40 to 50 micro touchpoints before someone decides to become a customer. And so, you have to provide those micro touchpoints, and then create the opportunities for somebody to buy your offer.


And so, the paradigm shift that has to happen right now is, number one, you’ve got to create a strategy that’s consistently generating you leads. And that strategy needs to, at the least breakeven on your ad spend and you’re winning if it’s getting 2X. Now, for most of you, unless you’re able to spend $20,000 and get 40,000 out, that’s not going to be enough profit to float your business. So then, you have to look at those leads that you’re generating and ask yourself, how do I constantly squeeze the value out of the

leads they already paid for? Which comes from showing up and delivering consistent valuable content for them, and then clear, consistent ways for them to buy your offer. It can also be putting new wrapping paper on your offer.


Maybe you have a bonus next month, that’s themed based off something. Maybe you do a 48-hour discount. Maybe you reposition your offer. Maybe you, in the future, have a downsell offer that you put out. The value of having an email list and an audience, I cannot tell you guys is what is going to save all of the businesses in the next few years. Because if you have an audience of leads, and people who trust you, and have been building that trust, you can do anything to save your business. If your current reality

is not working, you have the power to serve your audience in a different way. Maybe that means a different offer. Maybe that means different wrapping paper on your offer. I don’t know exactly what that means. That’s what I’m going to explore in these audits with people. But I’m finding that every time I do this, I’m having to reposition foundational things that they’ve let sit for months, and months, and months.


And so, looking at your marketing in this way is going to allow you guys to create a lot more long-term success and profit. And really looking at your ads, as long as you are generating constant new leads on your list, and you are absolutely winning if you’re getting a 2X return on ad spend for that, but at least paying for it, you can crush it as a business, because there are so many businesses out there, you guys, outside of the digital space, that if you told them, “I’m going to get you a hundred free leads, free qualified leads.” They would be like, “That’s incredible.” Right? That’s essentially what ads can do for you. If you could break even on your ad spend, you broke even with your initial leads, but now you have a hundred leads that can buy in the future.

And your email list is so valuable, because you never know, like I’ve been saying, when those people are going to actually buy. And it’s likely not the initial first touchpoint or the initial first opportunity. And so, as long as you stay consistent in showing up for these leads, and you create this ongoing marketing strategy. And this is where Evergreen passive models, they might look Evergreen, but the truly successful ones are far from it. You constantly have to be doing things. And it doesn’t have to be these huge live launches. Like I said, it could be an Instagram Live every other week or once a month. It can be something really not complicated, but something to connect back with your audience and create that opportunity for your offer.

All right, you guys, I hope this provided some clarity for you. And if you want that marketing audit with me, do not wait. Send me a message. We can chat through it. I can send you the PDF that we have that explains it in more detail. We can see if it’s right for your business. I think these are going to go pretty fast, because it’s a pretty rare opportunity to work with me one-on-one. And I’m very excited to help these 10 businesses. And I’ll talk to you guys next week.


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