Are you constantly looking for a “one size fits all” solution to your marketing, hoping to just plug in your information and be on your way to sales? 

Maybe you’ve even signed up for programs that promise you immediate success with their “perfect blueprint” only to be met with disappointment?  

I’m here to tell you today that there is no successful marketing strategy that is simply a plug and play. 


  • You are unique. 
  • Your business is unique. 
  • Your offer is unique. 
  • The audience you target is unique. 

Your marketing strategy should be tailored to fit the unique aspects of you and your business. 

It’s time to tune in, push the gimmicks aside, and discover what may be hindering your success in marketing AND costing you time and money. 


Honestly, we’re more than a marketing team — we’re a tactical partner who will care about your business growth just as much as YOU (maybe even more)! We’re here to play the long game and help you create a powerful impact! APPLY NOW!


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Emily Hirsh:

There is no successful marketing strategy that is a plug and play, multiple people have done it and it works. And the reason is because your business, your values, your offer, the audience you target is unique. 

You are listening to the Not For Lazy Marketers podcast, episode number 434.

Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast. Can you guys believe we’re going into September? My team, we put the date on the huddle every day. We do a daily huddle or Monday through Thursday, and I’m like, seriously, how are we going into the fall? But at the same time, I cannot wait for the fall weather. I can’t wait for it to be cold here. I am weird like that. I would rather it be cold and be in sweaters in my leggings than 90 every day. So I’m excited for fall, but I also am like, how has another year flown by? I mean, not a whole year, but a lot of a year. So I have been I don’t know what I’ve been doing. I’ve been so busy. We have, we have brought on 22 elite clients in the last 60 days and I have onboarded every one of them.

I’ve done every strategy call. And it’s been so much fun and so rewarding to see their progress and really to be back in the trenches. Again, I really needed this and I didn’t realize how much I needed this, but I needed to be back in the trenches. And it’s given me so much more inspiration and connection back to why I do what I do, especially at the core of, you know, something that we do of taking like, here’s your goals and here’s your actual data. And then here’s the steps. And the concept of marketing always works. It’s just a matter of when I, I really, really love bringing that into other businesses and bringing that kind of clarity, action, and proactiveness and momentum. So I have had so much fun and I’ll probably be doing the strategy calls for about 30 more days.

Then I’m working on training a strategist and I’ll still heavily be involved because if you listen to my podcast from couple weeks ago, I got too little uninvolved and I’m not gonna do that again. So today’s episode is actually inspired by a few conversations I’ve had with our elite clients. And I really wanted to do this just to be almost like a, Hey, you know, I don’t know who needs to hear this kind of vibe kind of message. But I think people do. And it’s coming from me realizing, you know, people who are at this business level where they’re maybe, you know, they’re making maybe six to seven figures, or maybe even earlier on in your business. I feel like this happens a little bit before you hit the seven figure mark. I feel, feel like once you hit seven figures and, and, and beyond you kind of figure out what’s working and what’s not working and you get more clear and, and have more conviction around what you do and your strategy and what you say yes and no to this does still come up as you get into different levels and it’s come up for me.

And like, sometimes you don’t even realize it’s happening, but I see it especially happen with people in the more earlier stages, all the way up to seven figures in their business. And a lot of elite kind of falls into that category where they’re making, you know, maybe five to $10,000 a month. And they, they found some success, but they’re still very distracted by all of the ideas out there. And so in probably 25% of my conversations with our elite clients, I am getting them to focus in on a strategy that we already committed to and not get distracted by the noise out there. And so this is kind of gonna, this is serving today for you as a reminder, that you don’t have to follow every idea or be searching for that one idea. That’s gonna bring you success. And I think it’s really important because we’re almost like fighting against our instincts with this, right?

Because as humans, it’s natural for us to want to find the shortcut, to want to find the template. That’s gonna bring you success or the investment or decision or formula or whatever, like reverse engineer something. And then that brings you this success. Of course, we want that, like, that is very attractive. It’s how so many people in the online industry have businesses selling that to you have businesses selling, like copy my strategy and you’re gonna achieve this. Whatever it is, it could be marketing. It could be, you know, hiring an appointment center. It could be building your team. It could be launching your offer. Like there are formulas and templates for all of this, and those things are helpful, but they’re not helpful when they pass the line of, you’re trying to replicate it like word by word or piece by piece and be very like stringent in it.

It’s also not helpful when it’s become extremely distracting. And I feel like that happens for people when you’re in this place. And I get it when you’re in this place, if you haven’t achieved the success that you want to achieve. And so you’re looking for new ideas or inspiration or the thing, that’s gonna be it for you. And you’re looking for that and you end up getting distracted and, and it ends up actually hindering your success. And it’s a hard line to watch and to walk. I mean, because you know, there are some times where you do have to pivot in marketing and you do have to move really fast and you do have to act with urgency. And, you know, you have to make changes to something that wasn’t working and completely change your funnel. However, you don’t have to go and, and be searching for like every new strategy idea.

So here’s my recommendation to you. If you find yourself, who’s somebody who’s like watching what a lot of people are doing. You’re watching what, like, you know, 5, 6, 10 different entrepreneurs out there who are successful are doing, and you find yourself feeling those feelings of like, I want their success. I wanna replicate what they have done. And, and you have those like envious inspirational feelings, which aren’t bad, but then you find yourself trying to take what all these people are doing and implement it. And then you find yourself getting confused, because you’re like, well, this person says I can do a webinar with no sales call. And I can just sell my $3,000 product because that’s their method. So maybe I should do their method. Or this person says I should hire an appointment center. Or this person says, live webinars don’t work anymore. Or this person says you can’t do an evergreen webinar.

You have to live lunch. This person says, I should do a free challenge. This person says, I should do a pay challenge. Here’s the bottom line. You guys, everything, all those people are saying, it’s not wrong. It did work for them. But the only reason it worked for them is they created a custom and unique strategy for their business. They took foundational principles and they made it their own. There is no business, no success out there that was built off of a blueprint like EV I promise you that. And I think we forget this. There is no successful marketing strategy. That is a plug and play. Multiple people have done it, and it works. And the reason is because your business, you, your business, your values, your offer, the audience, you target. It is unique. And if it’s not unique, you are not gonna make it and stand out.

So you better create that uniqueness. And so you’re gonna go out there 100% and you’re gonna see conflicting information. And the reason why is because for one audience, a live Le webinar, a live launch, it might work for another audience. A paid challenge might totally crush it. And for another audience, a paid challenge might completely fail and be the worst strategy you’ve ever done for one audience, not doing sales calls and being able to sell in the DMS or whatever it might work. But for another audience, it’s not gonna work. And there are so many factors that go into play at that, including how you can show up in your greatest strengths on a webinar like that alone makes such a difference. There are some people who can crush it in a webinar. There are some people who have a lot of growth and room for improvement, and they wanna do it, but they’re just not the best at it yet.

And that’s okay. Right? And so you have to tailor what you’re doing and your strategy and the experience you’re creating for your ideal customer. You have to tailor it to your values, to your business and the message you wanna put out and how you’re gonna stand out and how you can be louder and how you can be polarizing to the offer. You’re selling the price of your offer and what your offer is matters a lot to the audience you’re serving. And so if you find yourself hearing all this message, right, because online, it’s so noisy, you go scroll Instagram, or you go scroll, you know, Facebook and you look at different things, or you look at your email. I mean, you are bombarded constantly with do my thing, try this, try this template, try this. I try to not be that for you guys. I try to teach principles that you can can apply.

And so if you’re in that place and you need inspiration, the first thing is figuring out what’s the outcome you’re trying to achieve. Okay. With, with the marketing strategy, with the idea you’re trying to get, what are you trying to achieve? And not just going broad and saying like sales, of course, you’re trying to achieve sales, but I asked this to a client today. She’s like, I don’t know, should I do a summit? Should I do a private podcast series? And I said, what’s the outcome? What do we want, what do we want from that? And do we think that that is the best way to get there? Okay. So first getting clear on the outcome, I wanna sell, you know, my 9 97 course, and I think the best way to do it is via video. Okay. Or I wanna sell my high ticket offer and I needed to get sales calls in order to do that.

And so my outcome is to get 25 sales calls a month, like get clear on the outcome and then ask yourself is the vehicle you’re trying to create, or the strategy you’re trying to create the best way to get to that outcome. I think oftentimes we lose sight of our outcomes and we focus so much more on the to-dos and on like the execution and the tactical, and we lose sight of why we’re doing it. Right. And it’s like, sometimes you have to look and be like, well, what I’m doing is actually working. So why am I changing this? Why am I looking for new ideas? Why do I wanna change? What’s working. And I’ve watched people change something that’s working so drastically. They actually lose their success and they go backwards. And so if you feel like that and you need ideas, number one, ask yourself, are you clear on the outcome?

What is that outcome? Then ask yourself is what I’m proposing to do, going to get me to that outcome, the fastest and the easiest way, or do I need to do something else or can I change it a little bit? So it’s custom to my brand, or do I already have something that’s working than I can do more of? And then you take those foundational strategies and you make it your own, and you really think on it and you really sit with it and you ask yourself, like, is this the best experience for my audience? Is this in alignment with my values? Is this the best experience to create, to be able to sell my offer? Is this me? Is this something I’m good at? Or am, am I gonna have to pretend to be somebody else in order to show up and do this?

Cuz that never works with content creation with webinars, with showing up for your audience. If you’re pretending to be somebody else it’s not gonna work. There are people out there that I really look up to in marketing and business. And they’re really great at things that I’m never gonna be really great at. Like I cannot go teach on a whiteboard with like drawings and formulas and like graphics the way Russell Brunson can or Alex Hermo can. I can’t do that. My brain does not work that way. So if I tried to go look at what they’re doing, which Russell and Alex do this all the time in their teaching. If I tried to go look at what they’re doing and replicate it for me, it wa it wouldn’t work. I’m not good at that. I need to play to my strengths and I need to show up fully as me.

And it sounds so cliche, but I think, think with content creation and being a CEO and being the face of your business and being the visionary of your business, it’s so important that you don’t lose sight of that. And all of the noise online wants you to lose sight of that is pushing for you to lose sight on that. And so the other thing is limit your consumption. You don’t need 15 ideas a week. You don’t need all these ideas. I really don’t follow a lot of ideas or people because I don’t want it to water down my own content. I don’t want it to distract me. Now, there is a lot of validity to going and looking for inspiration, but I think you have to be specific with it. So for example, I have a funnel that I’m working on for my own company, with my marketing coordinator.

And I went specifically to specific businesses pages, and they looked at what they were doing for inspiration, but I had an outcome with my research. It’s like doing research, right? You’re not gonna just go like scroll around Google and see what you find and how that impacts your research. You’re gonna be intentional with it. You’re gonna have an outcome. I’m looking for ideas for this specific type of a funnel or this specific sales, you know, goal of selling high ticket agency services or whatever it is. You’re gonna be specific with that research. You’re gonna go gather information and then you’re gonna take that and you’re gonna make it your own, or you’re gonna change it around a little bit. And some of the smartest people in the world have done that. And you don’t even realize they’ve done that they’ve taken strategies or formulas or, you know, ways that something has been taught or a method and they’ve made it their own, or they’ve made it relevant to their niche and their ideal customer.

And, and it’s done really well. And we think they’ve reinvented this wheel and they’ve, you know, done, they’ve found this magic formula, but they really haven’t. They’ve done something that’s authentic to them. That’s right for their business. That’s an experience that is perfect for their ideal customer. And it is custom created right at the end of the day. So limit your consumption, limit the number of people you follow. Don’t let yourself get into that place of distraction, where it’s like you start working on something and then you see something cool that somebody did. And then you’re like, oh, maybe we should do this. And then you switch gears, hold yourself accountable on that. Cause I see it happen more often than not that people are actually sabotaging their success by being distracted with all the noise out there. But also by trying to follow the pursuit of, of trying to find that one thing, you know, that one magic formula or that one template or that one blueprint that’s gonna work for their business.

And it just doesn’t exist. Like go look at any successful business owner. They did not build it off of a template. They did not build it off of a blueprint. It doesn’t exist. Even if you literally take like MLMs, right? That are like, or franchises that are based off of templates, right? You get, you would join an MLM or you buy a franchise and you’re taking someone else’s template and you’re bringing it into your business. The most successful MLM businesses and franchises, they take the initial template and they make it their own. They bring their own brand to it. They bring their own uniqueness to it. They bring their own skill sets. They make it their own. And that’s how they create success. So even like businesses that are meant to be templated do not work that way. So don’t think your, you know, at the least an exception to that.

So I don’t know who needed to hear this today, but I think you guys did, because I’ve had too many conversations where I’ve had to be like, hold up, we’re not doing that. We are doing this. We’re gonna focus on the numbers. We’re gonna focus on what’s working and we’re gonna focus on what’s right for your audience. I’ll give you one other example. I just had a client who we did the whole strategy. They’re gonna do a webinar. They target dentist and like office workers in a dentist who, who can buy their product right. To help them. And so we did the whole strategy. They’re gonna do a webinar. They’ve done one before they’ve had success with it. We planned it out. And like two days later I get a message. That’s like, well, I was just talking to somebody who told me that paid challenges are doing really well.

And so should we do that instead of our webinar? And this was like two days after we had the strategy, all set, it was in the works. They were working on the funnel. We were working on the ads. And I was like, do you think a dentist is gonna participate in a challenge? Like, do you think they have time to wake up and be like, I’m gonna do this challenge, this five day challenge. Like I’m gonna show up and do that. No, they do not. Right. And so they barely have time to watch a training, which is why we made it closer to like 30, 40 minutes. So you have to think about your audience, not what someone just told you is working these days. Most of what’s working these days is just regurgitated of the same foundational principles in their own unique way that people are trying to sell you is some new strategy because it works. People buy that because it seems easy, but it never gets you results. And that’s why I’m here to be the realist with you guys. All right, everybody. Thanks so much for tuning in. I’ll talk to you on Thursday.

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