535: The 3 Layers In Every Successful Marketing Strategy

In today’s episode, we’re diving into the three layers of the Not For Lazy Marketers process and how they contribute to your overall marketing strategy. Every business should have these three layers in their marketing strategy! They work together harmoniously, allowing you to build an engaged audience, generate leads, and ultimately increase sales. While the execution of each layer will vary, the principles remain consistent.

Listen in to find out exactly what these 3 layers are, how to implement them into your business and see your marketing thrive!


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Emily Hirsh 

Hello everybody, welcome back to the podcast happy Thursday if you’re tuning in live I can’t believe we’re in July and let me tell you guys something I hate the summers in Austin but this year I have done the best. Not just physically like being okay with the heat but mentally not being as whiny about it I usually just complain and I’ll be like why do we even live here and let’s get to the mountains and I do still feel that way like I am. I don’t feel why do we even live here. I really want to have a house in the mountains and I love the mountains but I think the microdosing has completely changed the way that I just view you know I have way more gratitude. It’s like what am I complaining about like we live in a beautiful house. And I have an amazing life and I can go wake surfing and I can leave on a whim and still work and so I just really kind of like checked myself with that this year and I and I have been okay and then I also think my garden like I promise that my social content is not just all going to be gardening. But it has just given me so much. Joy. It’s the craziest thing to have a reason to go outside and water my garden twice a day because it’s so hot it needs that and just like to have that break in the middle of the day but it’s also an excuse to go outside and so I think that’s made it easier for me in the heat. That said I’m still leaving all of August um, I am so excited I’m going to give you guys like ah a quick rundown. Update life. Update this is like my year you guys. This has been a very challenging year and on a personal level. A lot of facing things I previously didn’t have the capacity to face. Um, and with that I’ve also been very hyper focused on my goals and really creating a life of my dreams and I mean I’ve had a life of my dreams for a while but I follow this process where I literally every month future cast the vision of who I want to be in a month and I will create if you’ve ever done that perfect day exercise where it’s like your perfect average day and you detail it out like what car you’re driving with this looks like what you’re doing in as much detail as possible. So I do that every month. And it has led to it’s one of the things combined with everything else I’m doing that has led to like a lot of this coming true and so I have just looked at all the areas in my life and and created like I sometimes look at my life and I’m like this is insane like I’m so grateful for this. I just signed up for my first crossfit competition. It’s a local one but I’m very excited for it. Um I booked we’re going to Alaska so that’s been in the works I finished planning for it. It took me probably 6 or 7 hours but we have every night Ah, or stay almost somewhere different every night. So if you don’t follow me on social media follow along for that trip. Um I just put our chicken coop in so we’re getting chickens and then goats after the summer I forgot my garden I have like my whole plan. Um and like once I decided. We’re doing this with our yard and we’re turning it into a homestead and we’re gonna put in a pool and like I had my vision I mean it’s been thirty days and I already have my garden in my chicken coop and chickens like when I know what I want I go after it and I am very impatient. So my husband has learned to just be like alright like. I give up because I was like the other weekend I was like no, we’re getting chickens today and I don’t care that another place is closed I’m going to drive an hour to this chicken farm because I want them today like and I’m going to make it happen. Um, and then the final thing that I will share is that i’m  Very nervous, but very excited and cannot wait for you guys to see this transformation. Whatever comes from it but I signed up for an all women’s ayahuasca retreat. So in September I am going to Costa Rica to the wild woman retreat. But Taylor Simpson who’s awesome. Um there’s 9 women I felt very called to actually do an all women’s retreat doing this because I’m trying to learn how to lean into my feminine side more. I live in my masculine most of the time. Um, and yeah I’m doing 4 nights of ayahuasca ceremony in I think it’s called a mallorca in Costa Rica they’re like temple with a shaman I’m very nervous and that’s a lot of control to surrender on ayahuasca 4 nights but it has been on my radar for the last two years um I think psychedelics when used. Properly and with the right intention and in the right environment are life changing. Um, so I’ve had a lot of I’ve been you know microdosing I’ve shared that on here. I’m almost to my ninety days of five days on two days off and it’s absolutely changed my life and I knew it would because I’ve done it in the past I just haven’t done it consistently. Like this, like on a protocol. Um, and so yeah ayahuasca has been on my radar and I got ah I applied and got into Taylor’s retreat and was like I’m doing this so I come back. We’re doing a month long trip in August with the kids Wyoming Montana California. Come back for a couple weeks and then I’m going to Costa Rica to do ayahuasca. So I don’t even know I feel like I don’t even know who I am anymore. But then in the same token when I tell people when they say that because I’ve had a lot of friends be like who are you like what is happening you’re doing like the opposite of what you used to do and. Actually I think that I am coming home to who I’ve always been, even the like gardening homestead thing like when I was a kid I wanted a farm I wanted to live on a farm I wanted horses I wanted to take care of the animals like that. Not that animals were my passion but having a farm And like natural food and just like that experience has actually been a dream of mine since I was a kid but I just forgot about it as I started my business and it wasn’t a dream anymore. Um, and so I’ve kind of. I think respared some of those things that I didn’t have the capacity for because I spent so many years becoming a young mom starting my business in survival mode of I got to take care of little kids and the breadwinner of the family I got to build my business and just in complete survivor flight or fight flight or fight. Whatever fight or flight. Um and I think I’ve been able to come out of that and process things and yeah, just live a much more grounded life anyways, all right. This is a 6 minute update you fast forward if you don’t care about it. Um. Let’s get into marketing now and if you guys want to message me about any of these things I love talking about it because I think it’s so rewarding for me to be able to impact others in this way because like marketing’s great. You know marketing is amazing. It’s my passion. I love it. But it’s not going to change your life. This stuff is going to change your life and so I really am so grateful for the platform and the impact to be able to share these things as well and share my journey and what I’m doing and if it speaks to you. It does if it doesn’t doesn’t like it might not be the time right. And I say that to people all the time with microdosing I say you have to be fully called to want to do it same with ayahuasca and any of these things like I think you have to be fully called to say this is what I know in my body is the right thing for me to do right now and if it’s not There’s nothing wrong with that. Um. But this work and the breathwork and the somatic therapy I’m doing and just learning how to relearn how to trust my body is life changing.

So anyways, all right? What we’re talking about today is the 3 layers. This is an overview of the not for lazy marketers process. But I thought it would be a good episode to kind of carry off of the one that we did on Tuesday which talked all about visibility ads which is the first layer to your ads and as a reminder if you didn’t listen to that episode. Next week just starting July seventeenth I’m doing a five day free challenge where we’re going to get your ads live. We’re going to get visibility ads live. I’m going to walk you through how to pick out the right content. To attract ideal customers targeting. We have a video on how to set up the ads. We’re going to set up the ads and then we’re going to look at the data together. In those five days you only need twenty thirty minutes a day. It’s a free challenge. We’re going to attract at least a thousand or more Of your ideal customers in the challenge. So if you haven’t signed up go to hirshmarketing.com/challenge and let’s talk about the other 2 layers. So just to recap in case you didn’t listen to Tuesday’s episode um the first layer in your ads is building your audience. So there’s 3 goals with marketing. There is building an audience There’s generating leads and then there’s generating sales and you can’t have one without the other and they have to go in that order so your marketing strategy should always be doing those 3 things a lot of people just jump to I got to make sales which is true. But how do you make sales? You build the audience, you generate the leads then the sales come super easily so you need those 3 layers both in your strategy. But also your ads. 

So the first layer building an audience is if you want to go back to Tuesday’s episode I did a lot more detail on this but it’s your visibility your brand awareness ads the goal with this ad is its content. There’s not a call to action to it. It’s it go listen to this podcast episode or watch this video. Ah, read this blog. It is pure valuable content with the goal to build the audience to get people consuming the content. You’re probably already working really hard to create and building that audience of followers engagers consumers of your content. 

The second layer Then moves to lead generation and I don’t care what type of business you have ecommerce service digital product. It doesn’t matter everybody needs leads because leads are what turn into sales now the percentage of your marketing budget that you put into leads is going to vary. Because if you’re an e-commerce company. You’re not going to put all your marketing budget into leads. But if you’re selling a digital product or a digital service. They probably have to become leads before they’re going to buy from you so you might be putting almost all your marketing budget into leads. So the second layer to your marketing strategy is generating leads and this can obviously be done in so many different ways and this is where customization comes in on a marketing strategy because it can be a lead magnet that they download. It can be a quiz It can be a webinar It can be a free challenge. It can be a mini video vsl video that they opt in for there’s a lot of different options of what it can be and you need to create that so that it does 2 things and I’ve said this before on the podcast. But I’m going to say it again. The goal with all lead generation. No matter what it is. Is of course to provide value. But it’s to do these two things. It’s one to make your leads see a different possibility either see the mistakes. They’ve been making or getting the clarity they need to see the pathway to the result they want or to see that there’s a different way Or to believe in the possibility of accomplishing the desired result that they want to accomplish. That’s the first thing it needs to do so the way this can happen is through content that maps out a specific path or it gives them enough value to be able to. Get somewhere to be able to accomplish something but then that just feeds and gives them belief in being able to get to the ultimate desired result. So in other words also what I’m saying is you can’t overwhelm them. So. The first thing it needs to do is that the second thing it needs to do is it has to create a gap. Your offer fills this is where the not overwhelming comes in because if you create a lead magnet or you have a webinar and you just firehose people with information and they’re like okay that was so awesome and I got value out of that. But now I have 17 things to go and do. Before I can even think about signing up for your program or working with you or buying your product then that’s a problem right? So you have to give enough value, give a piece of what somebody needs to get them a micro mini result and help them see the possibility but then at the end of that there needs to be a gap. Your offer will fill. So. For example I can use myself. I’m going to teach you guys next week. How to do visibility ads. That’s the first step in your marketing. It is a huge accomplishment that allows you to see the possibility that paid ads can get you thousands of people in a week To look at your content. This gives you clarity and brings you momentum. You’re getting your ads alive and you see the possibility when you add it in but do you still need our help absolutely because you need lead generation. You need a full strategy. You need your ads run for you. You need your sales to convert. You still need our help but I gave you enough value so this is obviously very unique to your business, but this is something we spend a lot of time with with clients because I don’t think people understand that in that lead generation step the amount of value that you need to put into that and thought in the. Experience that you’re creating is a lot. It’s very intentional and a big mistake people make. They either make 1 or 2 mistakes. They stay superficial because they’re afraid of giving away too much and not getting sales. So then they don’t give away very much value and then. The person doesn’t want to buy because they didn’t have a good experience or even more commonly they’ll give way too much and they’ll overwhelm people and that’s very common like when we audit webinars a lot of times what we’re seeing is the way it’s laid out is super overwhelming and it needs to be more strategic more intentional. And create that gap when you go into the pitch so that’s the second layer lead generation. We have to generate leads. What you actually create for your lead generation is going to vary based on your audience, the offer you’re trying to sell and what experience you need to create in order to sell that offer So it’s custom. 

The third piece is sales and oftentimes in ads the way this looks is we will spend let’s say for a typical like webinar funnel. We’ll spend 5% of the monthly budget on visibility ads will spend 90% of the budget on lead generation ads and then we’ll spend another 5% on sales retargeting ads so we will now retarget all the leads all the audience we’re building into the sales offer and so the third layer to this is sales which comes in the form of. Retargeting ads but also email sequence follow-ups your webinar pitch text messages applications call sales calls so you have these 3 layers this is everybody should have these. Now I said that the difference in businesses can be the percentage that you spend in each of these. So I said okay, a webinar funnel. We’re doing 5% visibility ads 90 % lead generation ads 5 % retargeting now if you’re an ecommerce business What do you think? The difference is. Ecommerce seems to focus more on direct sales because they can’t have multiple steps to get all their customers because it will be hard to be profitable plus their product price is probably lower and so their leads and their audience need less steps to be able to buy so ecommerce might look like 10 % visibility ads to grow audiences that we can retarget 10 percent lead generation ads and 80% sales ads to cold and warm traffic because we can drive direct sales ads to a 27 $ 47 e-commerce product right. 

So every business has these 3 layers visibility and brand new awareness lead generation sales the way that you execute them is going to vary based on your business in your offer and your audience. The percentage of your marketing budget is going to vary. Based on those things so most of our clients have every 1 of our clients has visibility in lead generation and depending on their total monthly budget. They may or may not have sales retargeting until you’re spending about $3 to $ 5000 a month in lead generation ads. You really don’t need sales retargeting because you don’t have a big enough audience to retarget and actually your budget is better put into the lead generation and letting the emails and the follow up within your funnel to do the work. Because retargeting ads at the sales level is like icing on the cake. It’s not going to make or break your funnel conversion and your sales but it’s going to add to what you’re already doing so if you’re already getting some sales and you’ve gotten your budget to $3 to $ 5000 a monthly generation. Now if we do retargeting ads and more people see it. We’re going to add some more sales we’re going to improve that sales conversion. So that’s a mistake people make too is they jump into retargeting ads too soon now retargeting ads from visibility to lead generation. Everyone should be doing. Because visibility ads are so inexpensive like I said on Tuesday’s episode you can spend $5 a day you can spend $100 a month and see progress in results from your visibility ads and then retarget those people to your lead generation ads so those are the 3 layers. Every business needs to have you can’t just jump into the sales. You need all 3 of these. You have to be generating an audience leads and sales and then the way that you execute each one of these is going to be unique to your business. So next week in the free challenge. We are going to get your visibility ads live and then on the last day of the challenge I’m going to do a pretty in-depth training that shows you how to create this custom strategy for your business taking your visibility ads and combining it with the leads and the sales. So. y’all should be there because it’s free. It’s going to be so much value. It’s going to help you get visibility ads live and then also see how to plug that into your bigger picture strategy. So if you haven’t saved your spot. Go to hirshmarketing.com/challenge. Can’t wait, I’ll be hanging out with you guys every day next week in the Facebook group that goes with the challenge. So come hang out with me I’ll be live every day there will be replays in the group. Um lots and lots of support for myself and the team thanks for tuning in today. And thanks for listening to the beginning of the episode where I can share some updates. I love to hear if you guys appreciate that or not because I never know I say that I never know but then also every time I do it I get amazing messages so that’s why I do it and I also um. Feel very grateful to have the impact beyond just marketing but also leadership and personal growth and just being able to be transparent with my journey and letting that help people. So appreciate you guys and I will talk to you next week.