536: Most Of You Are Thinking About Your Marketing Wrong…Here’s Why

Today, we’re diving deep into the world of marketing, specifically focusing on the power of visibility ads and building genuine relationships with your audience. 

During this episode, I’m tackling a common question that arises when discussing visibility ads: “Why aren’t these ads driving people to my website, lead magnet, webinar, or product? Isn’t that the point of marketing?” This mindset often leads to one of the most significant challenges people face when embracing visibility ads – the concept of providing value without immediate, direct conversions.

Listen in to learn how your sales and business growth will become natural byproducts of these successful marketing strategies! 


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Emily Hirsh

Hello everybody, welcome back to the podcast. Oh man I have been, I don’t know I’ve been so busy but in a good way because I just realized like on Friday last week that this is going to be my last weekend here in Austin until September. And so to my husband I was like oh my gosh we have to get all these things done like I have these projects that I wanted done so we spent a lot of the weekend um, having some really quality. Great time with our kids and working on house projects because I’m about to do some big travel adventures. We leave. Husband and I go to Alaska for eight days I am so excited a dream of a trip I’ve talked about it on here and then we come home for like four days and we take our whole family and we’re going to Wyoming for two weeks in California for ten days getting out of the Texas heat and crossing off some bucket list. Things. So I’ve been. Just trying to like air traffic control and coordinate everything and we kicked off our challenge this week so this episode is actually inspired from the challenge and I’m recording it and we’re gonna release it because I really wanna push this out. It’s very fresh for me and so I know it will be valuable. 

So this episode is inspired because today we had the kickoff of the challenge which it’s not too late to join still if you listen to this episode, especially the day it comes out. Um, the challenge is happening July seventeenth the whole week so we are getting visibility ads live this week And we’re going to attract people to your business attract ideal customers to your business and help you do that choose the content set up the ad understand what metrics to look for and then how to tie that into a bigger picture marketing strategy is what I’m talking about on the training on Friday. So if you’re not in it. We’ve got like over 1000 people signed up for it if you go to hirshmarketing.com/challenge, you can still get in and you can get access to the recordings. The private Facebook group you can jump in you can catch up so today everybody’s job. The action of the day was to choose. What content they’re going to use for their visibility ads if you’re like what the heck is a visibility ad go back to last week’s podcast and listen to those because that was kind of like pre podcast to prep you for the challenge. So a visibility ad is content right. And a lot of questions that came up around what content to choose for The visibility ads was related to getting people over the hump but wait this is not lead generation ads this is not an ad that’s driving to my website. And I don’t understand like what’s what’s the purpose of this. It’s not sending but somebody to my website. It’s not sending somebody to my lead magnet. It’s not sending somebody to my webinar. It’s not sending somebody to my product. Why am I doing this like that’s not the point of marketing and I’ve run this challenge before and that is also The biggest struggle that people have to get over is like the concept of visibility ads and like this is not what I’m taught with marketing and so here’s the thing I realized today after I got the question 7 different times in the 45 minute call I did which I love the question like don’t not ask me questions if you’re in the challenge. But it shows me that this is a huge block for people. This is really shifting the way that you look at your marketing and I want to explain the why and I realize like I think a lot of you are thinking about your marketing wrong and it’s really impacting your results. So here is why I think a lot of you. As business owners. You look at your marketing and you go okay I have to market my business and I need to get people to wherever lead magnet webinar product page application. Um service offer whatever like whatever actually in your mind Contributes to buyers and so you’re going. Okay I need to do this and therefore I need to create a marketing strategy. That’s gonna do this so you jump right into it. Okay, how do I get people to sign up for my webinar, fill out my application, buy my product, buy my service. And you start to craft your marketing strategy around this as you should, but what most of you are missing is the why and the actual goal with marketing because getting people to take those actions is really a byproduct of good marketing. 

So let’s back up and think about what our actual goal with marketing is. Your goal if we boil it down with marketing is to build a relationship and trust with your audience with your leads and with your potential customers and do you think. That you’re going to build a solid relationship by saying hey guys go buy my product who has no idea who you are or go to my website or someone said why can’t I ask someone to follow me on Instagram as my visibility ads and I very bluntly said why would they? they don’t care about you. You know what? what is in it for them for them to go follow you on Instagram that’s beneficial to you to gain followers not to them. Everybody is selfish. Okay, everybody is going to take action for what’s in it for them literally like everything that people do Is driven by a selfish at the root of it desire because we have to be to survive. We have to be selfish. We have to take care of ourselves. We have to look out for ourselves in order to survive so it’s ingrained in humans to be selfish and I don’t say that as like a negative thing I mean yes I believe even people who are doing things very. To help. Let’s say even like charity. It’s like to do that because they need that belief in themselves and it’s not a bad thing right? So everybody is selfish and therefore everybody is going to take action only if there’s something in it for them so in your marketing If You’re marketing something or you’re asking somebody to take an action that’s going to only benefit you It is not going to Work. You have to do things that are going to only benefit, not only benefit that are going to benefit the person you’re asking to do the thing, so asking somebody to go to your website And check it out has no value to them unless maybe they’re actively looking for your support if they’re like oh I really need a hairstylist and they’re googling and they find your website. Okay, now that’s beneficial to them right? They were actively looking to it. Most of the time though with marketing you’re trying to capture the people who aren’t actively googling your business and actively like trying to find what you sell we’re trying to attract an audience and build leads and then convert people into sales. That’s how we ultimately grow a business.. Otherwise if we’re just counting on people googling and finding our business or getting recommended by their friends. We’re not going to grow So we’re trying to find those people and the way that we do that is we serve them. We build a relationship, we create trust then we make an ask and we position the ask so that it’s beneficial to them. Not you. So. A lot of people could not get past this so with visibility ads the goal is you are creating content podcast blog a video um a social post and you’re not creating a post to say hey look how awesome I am go to my website where you can learn more. That’s not in it for the audience. You’re creating a post that can be used or a video that’s going to provide value that’s going to get someone to go oh. That’s what I’ve been doing wrong or oh that’s a better way that I can think about things and. And get the result that I want or oh I’ve never thought about that before because if they have that experience. What do you think they’re likely to do? I want you to think about when you go on social media if you see a video that provides your life value that makes you think about something differently that gives you a tip that. Helps you get to a goal Whatever you’re gonna do. You’re gonna follow that person you want more of their content you now like what they put out. You’re going to listen to more, you’re going to subscribe to the podcast now they’re in your world now you can lead them to take the actions. Like signing up for your webinar like downloading your lead magnet and I’m not saying that everybody has to go through a visibility ad before they can download your lead magnet but it should be a percentage of your marketing and the why is we have to provide that value before we can ask for something and then when. Do ask for something you have to think about what is in it for them and saying that something is free is also not good enough like I’ve seen people make this mistake with their marketing like their lead Gen or their webinar. It’s like oh because it’s a free training  Or it’s a free download I don’t really have to sell getting it cause it’s free. You do have to sell getting downloading that signing up for the webinar. Whatever because you’re asking for their time which is more valuable than money for people. So when you’re asking someone to come to your webinar that is oftentimes. Just as hard as selling someone to buy an offer. Yeah, it’s free, but they got to take an hour out of their day. They have to remember the time and go to the link and commit to that. So with your marketing a lot of you are thinking about it. Here’s my goal: I need to generate leads. I need to generate sales. And so I’m just going to talk about the thing that’s going to do that and you’re missing the point of marketing you’re missing the point that is about relationships and serving and providing value which then in turn builds trust which all of those things then equal leads in sales. And so people skip over this so I want you to think this is an example I gave today if you got an opportunity to stand in front of 1000 people on a stage and I told you you get 1 chance to go up on that stage. And get as many people as possible to come into your world and follow you would you choose to go up there and say hey guys this is my name. This is my business here’s my website or hey guys this is my business. This is my name um download my lead magnet or Would you go up there and provide value and and give some sort of tip or piece of advice or takeaway that you have or something that’s going to make an impact you’re probably going to choose the ladder if you thought about it smartly right. There’s nothing in it for people for you to just say hey download this. It’s free and then when you do actually promote to download a lead magnet or buy a product or sign up for a webinar. You have to speak about what’s in it for them. If you download this here’s what you’re gonna be able to do if you watch this webinar here’s what you’re gonna be able to do. If you buy this product, here’s the problem. It’s going to solve but we have to earn that right and the way that we earn that right is we provide value. So sometimes I feel with digital marketing. We lose track of this and I think one way that you can come back to this is you can think about what you would do in person. You would never make a new friend. Or go out on a date without ever talking to that person. You’re not going to make a new friend without trying to get to know them or go on a date without getting to know them. You’re going to build the relationship, you’re going to listen to them. You are going to provide value to them by connecting to them that’s valuable to people right. You are going to learn about them. You’re going to make sure that you’re connected and then you might ask them to go out and then when you ask them to go out and meet you for coffee. You’re not saying oh hey, can you watch my dog next week while I’m out of town or can you go pick up my kids and help me out. No, you don’t have the relationship yet to do that. You’re going to build the relationship you’re going to build the trust you’re going to provide value to them and then you’ll have that over time and maybe you will ask them to watch your dog or maybe you will ask them to help you pick up your kids or whatever favor you want think about the friends or the people in your life that you ask something of you ask a favor of. And they do it for you and maybe it doesn’t even in this case, maybe it doesn’t even provide value for them. What you’re selling and giving hopefully will provide value but you’re not going to ask for that until that person trusts you. You’d be a total jerk if you did that and you wouldn’t have a lot of friends. So Why when we move to digital marketing. Do We forget? How to build real relationships and how to connect with real people. It’s like we think that these people turn into robots and they’re just behind a screen. So with all of this said. My goal with this episode is to provide you an opportunity to just think about the way you look at your marketing and to ask yourself is my priority providing value doing something for my audience that will give them value that doesn’t have something for me. I put out podcasts every single week and I don’t care if you listen to my podcast and you never buy from me because I know when it is right for you to sign up and work with me. I’ve provided the journey, the experience, the trust and the value that you’re going to choose me. But I’m not like oh you are a loser because you listen to my podcast and you’re not buying for me I put out value with no strings attached and therefore build an audience of very loyal people who then eventually convert somebody who was actually on the Training today and said yeah you know this is what I did I heard you on Amy Porterfield I went to your website I listened to 10 of your podcast episodes before I even downloaded your lead magnet then I downloaded your lead magnet I went through your funnel and then I signed up to work with you and I said yeah and that’s even fast and the reason it was fast. Is because you heard me on Amy’s podcast who you’ve already listened to for hours and you already trust and then she gave me the credibility and said I trust Emily and so therefore you trusted me and even with that you didn’t go straight to sign up and work with me. You listen to 10 podcasts and then in a lead magnet and so remember that is how people operate they take time. There’s a lot of hesitancy often you have to build the relationship so with your marketing ask yourself is my priority right now providing value with no strings attached. And that doesn’t mean you’re not smart about it, that doesn’t mean you’re just randomly like putting out valuable posts and valuable content. Your goal is still to convert people to buyers. You still can ask yourself what does somebody need to hear or realize or understand better so that they can become a buyer that is still relevant. But you’re putting it out saying it’s okay if you listen to my content for six months before you buy or even a year before you buy because I’m in this for the long game and my priority is building relationships, building an audience, building your trust and then over time as you build your marketing. You’re creating an experience. So let’s say you have a podcast. Well absolutely in that podcast. Can you say hey if you love this and you want more go to my webinar I just did it to you guys in the beginning go to my challenge where there’s more value right? That’s totally fine. People were like well can I put something in my podcast that has a call to action. Yes. Because you’ve provided value. You’ve served them with no strings attached and if they want more value they can go to the next step and so you want to build. That’s your strategy. It’s an experience of taking someone from content to lead generation to sale. At every point it is serving them. The content is serving them. The lead generation is serving them and solving a problem and providing value and then the offer is doing obviously the same thing but now they trust it. They trust that it will solve their problem and help them achieve whatever your offer does. But that trust takes time and it takes you showing up and building those relationships. So I hope this made you guys think I know that a lot of people, especially newer businesses, They look at marketing as like I just need to get people to book holes or I need to get them to my website or whatever action is right before they buy that will not happen without relationships and without value that you have provided with no strings attached and you’ve shown up consistently. And I guarantee you you go look at any business thriving, any one of them and they are doing this and they’ve probably been doing it for five plus years when you look at a multimillion dollar business they’ve been here for probably a decade doing this consistently. And so then people come in and they’re like well it’s been three months and I haven’t found the success I want yeah because you haven’t been consistent enough. You haven’t built their relationships enough to make that the goal and sales and business growth becomes a byproduct. I promise you guys it will become easy. When your goal is to provide value, create an amazing experience to serve people, sales become super easy and don’t forget just because we’re online just because we’re behind a screen doesn’t mean we’re just dealing with humans so treat the way you connect with your audience the way you would with a friend. The way you would in front of 1000 people in a stadium. How would you act? What would you say that was another piece of advice I gave people is they’re like well what do I make my content so I gave that analogy of like okay, if you were talking in front of 1000 people and you had 1 chance to kind of win them over And get them to give you credibility and listen to you and want more of what you had to say what would you say? That’s your topics. You wouldn’t talk about yourself I promise you that because that would not work right. Right? Everybody, I was a little fired up for this. So thank you to the challenge members in there asking the questions getting me fired up for this because now I get to bring this and support more of you and shift and change your mind if you love this I’d appreciate if you share it I haven’t asked for that in a while but I love it when you guys share my podcast. It really helps me impact more people and. Um I love to know like any specific content that hits you guys. It gives me more inspiration and just helps me realize what the impact is of the content. So thanks everybody for tuning in and I’ll talk to you on thursday.