In today’s episode, we’re going to dive into a topic that is crucial for anyone looking to have wildly successful live launches. One of the key strategies that can make or break your live launches is the consistent growth of your email list and audience. By utilizing visibility ads and lead generation ads in between your live launches, you’ll be able to expand your reach and have a larger audience to launch to. This is a fundamental principle of marketing that applies to every business.

But here’s the catch – it’s not just about growing your list for the sake of it. So, l’m going to breakdown how to create an intentional strategy that nurtures the leads you generate and builds a solid relationship with them. We’ll also delve into the importance of understanding your conversion rates and setting goals to ensure you’re growing your list at a pace that aligns with your desired sales outcomes. If you’ve ever wondered how to maximize the impact of your live launches and achieve massive success, this episode is a must-listen!

So, grab your headphones and tune in now to discover the secrets behind creating wildly successful live launches.

Key Points: 

  • The importance of intentional list growth:
      • Utilize visibility ads and lead generation ads to expand your audience.
      • Develop a nurture sequence to build relationships with your leads in between live launches.
      • Set realistic goals for your list growth based on your conversion rates.
  • Understanding your conversion rates:
      • Analyze past live launches to determine your conversion percentage.
      • Calculate the growth needed to achieve your desired sales outcomes.
      • Adjust your list growth strategy to align with your conversion rate goals.
  • Mapping out your live launch strategy:
    • Plan for regular live launches that work for your business model.
    • Fine-tune your messaging and offer to maximize conversion rates.
    • Continuously adapt and refine your strategy based on feedback and market changes.

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Emily Hirsh: 

Hello you guys, welcome back to the podcast. This week we’re running our free challenge that I do a few times a year. It is probably the number 1 experience that we run and I really enjoy doing it but I go live every day so I try to keep my schedule as clear as possible for all of those lives. It’s so much fun and it’s so cool to see everybody get their visibility ads live and just go through the experience so we are running that this week. This last weekend I planted my whole fall garden. I’m so excited! If you follow me on Instagram I showed somebody at Crossfit who was like “when you said you’re gardening, I was like oh that’s cute and then I saw your entire greenhouse and I was like oh like she’s actually gardening.” We have quite the setup now and I’m really excited that the vision is all coming together so I planted 40 different seeds for my fall crop between vegetables and we planted some cantaloupe and a few strawberries. It’s not really a season for strawberries but I decided I was gonna try it in the greenhouse since we live in a much warmer climate so we’ll see how those do. And then we planted a handful of herbs and yeah, I’m excited. Super excited! Also, my birthday is in a few weeks and for the first time I actually think since I was like 16, we’re having a birthday party. 


My husband is throwing me a birthday party and he’s planning all of it. He’s also planning a surprise trip for us after my birthday and I don’t know where we’re going, I don’t know who’s coming to my party, I gave him the list but I don’t know who’s coming. There’s people coming in from out of town and I don’t know who they are, I don’t know, I’ve just surrendered and stepped into that feminine energy of receiving for the entire experience and it’s super awesome and he’s also so pumped about it. He is so excited to have this thing that he gets to do and serve. You know, it’s just it’s cool to see the dynamic that’s shifted between us all right?


So today’s podcast is a little bit of a follow up from Thursday’s podcast and one of you sent me a message on Instagram. After I did Thursday’s podcast I wanted to clarify something and you were about to change your whole marketing strategy because of what I said and I’m glad you messaged me because I was able to clarify this for you. But I thought if others maybe had this question I want to clarify it and then it also feeds into how to have really, really successful live launches. So the question that I got was “I was about to start running lead generation ads to grow my list and I don’t have anywhere to send those leads yet because I live launch 3 times a year and so I sell them in my live launch. Is that a bad strategy? Because you said on your podcast to make sure you have a strategy that you’re sending your leads to. 


So I think she took that as “make sure you have something to sell the leads when you run the ads.” And so I want to clarify this because she’s doing it exactly right? And I’m really glad she messaged me because I want you to do what she was about to do. So on Thursday I talked about a really really good podcast about how to use paid ads in your business and how to make sure that paid ads amplify what you already have and amplify a strategy and if you have no strategy meaning like at the root of it and at the foundation you don’t have something in place that’s going to help you generate your audience and generate leads and turn those leads into sales and you don’t have that mapped out and you don’t have that planned and you don’t have your messaging clear – then ads are not going to do anything for you and you’re not ready for ads. That doesn’t mean that your strategy can’t play into a bigger picture. So what I wasn’t saying was that running just lead generation ads for a period of time is bad. Because you’re not sending those lead generation ads into an email series that then sells them. She has a very intentional strategy. She’s doing what I was saying to do which is live launching.


3 times a year that’s what works for her business. I don’t know this business’s strategy personally but it sounds like that’s what works for her business and then in between those live launches growing her list now in between the live launches, she’s not selling those leads which makes sense because that’s not the structure of her strategy. However, that’s still a very intentional strategy because I’m bringing leads into my list. Hopefully in a best case scenario you would have a nurture sequence that’s nurturing them and you know they’re regularly building that relationship in between live launches and then you have your live launch strategy. I don’t know the details of all of those things but that’s a great strategy because now I’m intentionally bringing leads onto my list in between my live launches so that when I go and live launch I have a bigger audience and a bigger bucket of people to launch to. And that’s exactly what you want to do so this is actually a great example because this is somebody playing the long game in their marketing and not just thinking about making back the money this week which obviously yes, we all want to do that and we need to make back our money. But thinking about the bigger picture where those leads are going, what they’re feeding into and then even getting into. Okay, if I’ve live launched before and I know that I convert x percentage of my list then I know I need to grow my list this much in mid way of live launches. 


So for example, if you know – let’s just for ease of math – that you convert 2% of your list and you will know this if you’ve live launched before if you haven’t you’re going to be guessing on this but this individual has had live launched and so how you figure that out is you look at how many sales did you get by your entire list and what percentage is that so let’s just say that you convert 2% of your entire list and so if I say okay how many sales do you want to get your next launch? Okay I want to get 10 sales. Okay, if you convert 2% of your list, how many leads do you need for every 100 you’re going to get 2 sales. You need 500 people on your list and so if you are at 400 people on your list right now between now and your next launch you would need to add a hundred people to your list and and now we can get really intentional. That’s exactly what I was talking about on Thursday. So if you took my podcast as if you don’t have something to sell right away to your leads in a strategy that’s going to convert them, that is bad and you’re not ready for ads or you shouldn’t be writing ads that’s definitely not what I was saying. Now if you were just running lead generation ads and hoping that these guys would convert but you didn’t really have a strategy to convert them like you didn’t have live launches planned, you didn’t have an email sequence, you didn’t have a solid way to to sell them into your offer, that is when you’re getting into the grounds of ads are not going to work because you know this backend strategy, this individual’s being intentional by growing her list in between the live launches. 


And so now the second part of this episode. What I want to talk about is how to have successful live launches because a lot of people want to have these big successful live launches and I don’t care if you’re a product business, service business, digital product, live launches are great and a live launch is defined as it’s got a date, there is a live webinar happening, there’s a live challenge happening, there’s a new product launching, there’s new branding, there’s a new line. Whatever it is you can create experiences that are date based, that create buzz for your audience, because everybody’s signing up or participating in or getting the announcement at the same time. All big brands do this. Look at Amazon. Amazon prime day, the most successful businesses all do this, if you look at Apple New product launches, if you look at very big coaching and service providers, they will do this. They will have promotions or they’ll have different reasons to come and engage with their brand.


Centered around a date. That’s a live launch. That’s an experience. I love creating epic experiences through my live launches because I’m getting not only my entire warm audience bought in but I’m also getting new people coming in and then everybody gets to go through this experience and it just creates extra buzz. Almost always live is going to convert higher than automated and evergreen but you can’t do it every month or you can, but it’s a lot and you need to have a team running all of it. It’s about a once a quarter thing. So therefore as I teach you need to have both, you need to have the evergreen automated ongoing, lead generation ongoing sales and then also the live launches. So live launches are great. I think every business should strategize that now the success of the live launches in a big way is going to be dependent on what you do in between the live launches. A lot of people will follow this kind of path where they live launch. They have a successful live launch. They get people in their funnel. They make sales, they get leads. Everything goes well and then they’re so exhausted after the live launch that they do nothing and they go totally silent. Maybe they email their list but they don’t grow their list. They don’t grow their audience and then a couple months goes by.


They’re busy delivering and running their business.. It’s not that they’re doing nothing. They’re just not being intentional with it. They’re busy running their business. And then they need to live launch again to create revenue for their business but they’ve barely if at all grown their leads and grown their audience during this time. So now when you go to live launch all those people just heard about this live launch like your warm bucket is not growing and so therefore the success of it is going to really dwindle if you’re not building your live audience in between. So how to have a successful live launch is to make sure in between your live launches you’re growing your email list and you are growing your audience. So you’re using visibility ads and you’re using lead generation ads because now when I go live launch I’m going to have a much bigger audience to live launch to and also this is just part of how marketing works because most people are not going to buy from your business or your brand. The first time they come across you they’re just like most people who need multiple touch points before they make the decision to buy, so the more that you grow your list and the more that you increase that audience and increase the leads, then you’re able to nurture those relationships and build them up and strengthen them before the live launch and then those people are the most likely to convert.


Now, let me use my business for an example. We live launch quite a lot. We’re probably going to pull it back a little bit just because I want to do bigger ones in less frequency but we have live launched almost every month this year and it’s a great strategy for me. It converts really well. In between the live launch we grow our list with a couple of different funnels. 1 being my newsletter funnel and then we’re always running visibility ads so when I go to live launch I will promote the live launch to my organic traffic. The podcast. Our email list. We’ll send out emails and then we’re also running cold traffic ads so this challenge, for example that we’re doing, we spent a good amount of money getting more than half of our leads who came from cold traffic ads came from our ads. I know that a good percentage of those leads, probably like 99%, are not going to become clients of this challenge, a lot of them are going to participate in this challenge, they are going to build the relationship with me. They’re going to build the trust with their brand. They’re going to probably start listening to my podcast after and then we’re going to be setting that foundation. And then maybe next month or December or January when we do something again or they’ve listened to my podcast for a couple of months, now becomes the right time. Their business may be progressing. They maybe are making a little bit more money. And now they’re looking for that marketing support and who’s the first person they’re going to turn to? Me because they participated in the challenge. 


They’ve listened to my podcast ever since they’ve read our emails. They follow me on social media. They’re right there. So I understand that with my marketing, and this is so huge once you can understand this, because now your goal with your marketing is to grow your audience, grow your list and constantly create opportunities and leverage so that your audience and your leads choose to buy your offer or sign up for your service and when that opportunity is right for them. they’re going to jump on it and choose your company because you have stayed top of mind. You’ve consistently delivered value and built that relationship and so now they are going to choose you. You don’t know exactly when that time is. You can’t control that. I can’t look at the 600 leads we got from our ads into the challenge and be like okay I need to make it so all of you guys can sign up right now to work with us. Some are just starting their business. Some maybe need to finish a project. Some maybe need to accomplish something or sell their offer first. All I care about is generating more leads for a good cost and then nurturing the crap out of those leads consistently.


Even me showing up in this challenge I know that I’m going to over deliver and spend a ton of time pouring into the group this week and that there is a huge percentage of the people showing up on the live video and putting in the work and consuming and using all the resources that we give. We put into providing for them and not pay our company a penny and I’m okay with that because I’m playing the long game. Some people get caught up and like well I’m just sick of these freeloaders in my groups or consuming my content or on my webinar and they just don’t want to buy. They’re just not there yet. Create the ideal customer through your content. 


So anyways, that’s a little bit of a side tangent and sharing of my strategy but the priorities that you need to focus on are, one, live launching is a great strategy. Creating some sort of buzz every three months for your audience and inviting new people into that is an excellent strategy that needs to be paired with an ongoing consistent evergreen strategy. Now, that ongoing consistent evergreen strategy is going to build your list so that your live launches are more successful and the worst thing you could do is not show up in between your live launches and then not grow your audience, not build the relationships, not grow your list and live launch again because what’s going to happen is those will just get smaller because your pool of people isn’t growing. 


If I look at this person who dm’d me, this business owner, the thing I would change about her strategy is it is a liability for a business only to make your money during 3 live launches a year. Right? Because now I’m very limited to when I’m making money. I literally don’t know this person’s strategy in depth, this is just a short dm conversation, but if that was the case that they were only making money during those 3 live launches I would say okay. 1 thing we need to figure out over the next ninety days how to make money in between the live launches and grow the list because then we’re creating a lot more sustainability and predictability for the business so that is how to crush your live launch is 1 big important part. Obviously this one, this is what like, I could go into live launch strategies. Maybe I’ll do a separate podcast on that that talks about the urgency and experience bonuses but I wanted to really point out that honestly the success of a live launch really determines what happens before and after those live launches. It’s not the live launch itself. I mean that obviously plays a part in the experience. What’s really important in the live launch is that you’re creating and there’s a method to that but a lot of the success is going to depend on “did you show up?”


After your live launch even for the people who didn’t buy, don’t write those people off, they might buy in the next month, two months, six months, a year. Do you actually care if it’s in a year? Imagine if in a year from now you now have multiple people buying your offer that you paid for as leads a year ago. Well now it doesn’t cost you anything right? It’s a snowball effect, you start doing that and it starts picking up momentum and there’s no way you can’t be successful after that. But you’ve got to stay committed. You’ve got to stay in it for the long game and really see that big picture. Alright everybody. Thanks so much for tuning in, I will talk to you on Thursday!