In this podcast episode, I’m reflecting on my journey of presenting more than 50 webinars over the years. I’ll be sharing why the power of consistent action and progress through experience is so invaluable to growing as a leader and business owner, and how that led to my most recent live training being the best I’ve ever done. 


Listen in for:

  • Thoughts on my recent live training and why this webinar was my best yet.
  • Why embodying and experiencing knowledge, rather than seeking logical answers, is a crucial part of growth. 
  • How experience is the ultimate key to progress and the #1 question to ask yourself if you aren’t reaching your goals. 


This episode is an invitation for you to consider the impact of your own experiences and the value of consistency in both business and your personal life. 


Join me for a thought-provoking exploration and gain valuable insights for any entrepreneur or individual seeking personal and professional growth. 


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Emily Hirsh:


Hello, my friends. Welcome back to the podcast. This is my first podcast recording post to Costa Rica. I had another amazing experience in Costa Rica at a retreat, and it was a different retreat than the last time. I’m feeling, this time coming back, that I’m not ready to share a lot of it. It’s still very fresh. It was a very deep, deep experience, one that didn’t consist of knowledge that I learned, like logically in my brain, but knowledge, wisdom, deep deep in my body, and like embodied knowledge and experience and wisdom. So I’m in this place right now where I feel like it is taking a little bit of time for reality and my life to catch up with who I am. And so a lot of the experience is feeling very sacred and like I don’t want to turn it into a bunch of takeaways because that almost diminishes it and takes it from the experience I had that’s very embodied and deep and into the logical brain. Which it was very powerful to actually get out of that place and experience true surrender, true connection, and it’s a shift that it’s not like, oh I’m going to change this habit or I’m going to implement this or I came up with this idea.


It’s a shift that will be felt in every single moment in the interaction of my life moving forward and that’s really powerful. So I am super grateful to be back and spent the last week integrating back in. Integration is a big part of these experiences and afterwards what you do with it. So anyways, I feel inspired to do this podcast episode because it’s been on my mind for the last few days and this might be more of a short podcast episode, but I feel like it’s a message that a lot of people need to hear and it’s around the concept of what if you can’t go backwards? What if, as long as you’re committed to consistency and you’re committed to showing up and you’re committed to doing things. Even though they aren’t perfect, what if that was the answer to all of the goals and the growth and the money and the success that you want and this is coming because on Friday. I did a live training. We hosted our ultimate Facebook ads challenge last week and on the final day of the challenge, I do a training where everything comes together. I teach our 3-part system that we have had for years that we use in my own marketing and our clients’ marketing and basically how to create a marketing strategy. It’s very in-depth. 


But I’ve worked hours and hours and hours at continually refining it to get it so crystal clear for people to understand and have that true clarity with their marketing and so. I came back and did this training on Friday and it was by far my best training I’ve ever done. Not just the information, like the information actually was similar to the times before. I updated every single time I follow this process where every time I do a webinar immediately after doing the webinar. Have a note in my notes app and I write down anywhere that I felt like it was just a little off, like it didn’t flow. I wish that I talked about this more. I wish I changed this. I wish I broke this down easier and I write that down because then I go and use that to make changes to my slides before the next webinar because. You’ll think you’ll remember, but you will forget if you don’t write it right after in the moment when you were doing it. So I’ve learned to do that because sometimes I would have been like oh I want to change this and then come, you know, a couple of months later when I need to do the training I’m like what was that thing that I wanted to change. So. That’s a process I follow and so every single time my content gets updated, it gets improved not completely overhauled because the system is the same, but I improve the way I break things down and the examples I give and the clarity and like maybe I spend more time on one thing and less time on another.


So every time the content improved, so the content improved there was some specific things I changed especially around the third step, but the flow of it, the flow and my ability to interact with the audience and then bring that very off the cuff and natural into the content was. Beautiful, like, so I was super proud of it and I felt like afterwards I was like you know that was kind of like a performance, not because I wasn’t being myself, but because every word, every slide, and every part of the experience was intentional. It was art. It was truly an expression of my art and if you watched it, you probably saw it but especially like the flow and the energy and the engagement and the lack of I mean, honestly, flow is the best word because the lack of like robotic like this is my slide. Let me read this. It was just an experience. Watching it and being in it. An experience for me and experience for people and an experience for people watching the replay. So we started thinking about it after, and I was like that was freaking awesome. I’m really proud of that. And then I started thinking, well, number one, I’m sure that it was that good because of the energetic state I’m in post Costa Rica, like I’m vibrating at a different level, my mental clarity, my nervous system like that makes a difference, a hundred percent.

Number two, I have probably without exaggeration done over 50 to sixty webinars. 


I have done so many webinars and every single time you get better and so I started thinking about this concept of like no matter what. The first time you do something, the next time you do it you can choose to get better and the best way that we can improve genuinely improve is only through experience. You could sit. You could sign up for essential. You could watch my training videos where I literally tell you exactly how to run a webinar I give you play by play. All of my best practices how to do the pitch by webinar slide script all of it and it’s really good and it’s really helpful but that’s only going to take you like 50% of the way there. The rest of it is going to be accomplished by you doing and experiencing and embodying it and so that means if you want to get better at recording podcasts if you want to get better at creating any type of content and if you want to get better at webinars if you want to get better at selling or if you just want to do any of those things successfully the only way to make that happen is to start doing it and to understand that your idea of perfect tomorrow. No matter how good it is, it is going to improve the next time you do it because that’s the way we work.


And I can guarantee you on Friday that was my best webinar I’ve ever done hands down. I’m sure I’ll do a better one next time because I will have certain things that I will want to bring into the next one and I will just naturally improve and so for me the. Ability to interact with the audience in a very casual off the cuff way is the skill I’ve built over the time because for sure when I first started doing webinars I was like I needed it to be on my slides in order for me to remember to say it right? But over time I’ve improved that and so. Even look at the Youtube videos that I’ve been recording no matter how intentional I was with the first few videos the next ones are better because I learned through experience I recorded the videos I learned from it I watched the videos that I recorded I saw specific things that I wanted to change next time. And so experience is the best teacher and I just feel like so often entrepreneurs go seek the answers and this is actually cool because this is relevant to what I just said about my experience in Costa Rica. We try to seek the answers logically in our brain. Needs to understand if I buy this course if I sign up with this coach, if I hire this person, if they write my webinar script if I follow their exact method, if I replicate what she did on her podcast then surely I’ll be successful right? Logically. That makes sense but it doesn’t work that way because you have to embody it deep within you. It’s not just about your brain and having a formula or a template or a checklist in something you follow. 


You have to be able to experience it. And learn from that and fully embody it and then you will, you will get better every time you cannot go backward doing that you cannot.. It’s impossible and so I used to say things like if you’re not going forward. You’re going backward and I totally retract that statement. Because you can’t, you literally cannot go backward in your life. You can make mistakes, you can make choices that you’re not proud of in the future. You can make a choice to do nothing. You can make a choice to not take action. Those things are still going to lead you to your next place. So even when you have a webinar that didn’t work or you launch a podcast and it’s not getting the downloads you want or you feel like it’s not good enough. You will only go forwards by continuing on that path. Consistency is seriously the key. And if you make consistency your goal and if you are willing to look at the times where something doesn’t convert or you don’t make the sales or it’s frustrating or you don’t feel like you did the best job and instead of making that mean something about your ability. You say that I’m so glad I had that experience.


Because there’s no way that next time it won’t be better now. But I had to have that experience first for me to get to that next step. So just an invitation for you to look at your marketing in your business as a whole in your whole life if you want and. Ask yourself if you have put yourself in a box where it’s super freaking comfortable because you know that you if you keep doing the things that you do every day and you show up like this. You’re not going to risk feeling like you failed, you’re not going to risk judgment. You’re not going to risk doing something that maybe wasn’t as good as you wanted it to be and so you keep doing the same things every day and you keep getting the same results and then you’re wondering why you’re not hitting your goals and so an invitation to also ask yourself. What are the things that you’re not doing? Because you have told yourself that it needs to be perfect or that some other future thing has to happen first before you can do that and how and what would it look like if you just did it. You just launched it. You just started making videos. You just started writing posts. You did the webinar. You did seven webinars. How can you get yourself out of the box? You’ve put yourself in and out of the place of extreme comfort that we all try to put ourselves in because that’s what our mind wants. It’s safe. There. Our ego wants to be there right? We can’t get judged. We can’t fail.


We can’t feel any negative emotions when we’re comfortable. The only way to grow your business and yourself and really experience what you came here to experience is to experience. And to take action and to try things and to even hesitate to say this like suck at things because that’s a judgment but you might think you suck like my first podcast. However, many years ago I am sure that I would listen to them today and now my standard is different. Because of how I podcast today and I’d be like oh those suck but I’m so grateful for her I’m so grateful that she showed up twice a week all the way back in 2018 and did these podcasts even though I hope nobody listens to them anymore because 600 podcast episodes later and I’m a hundred times better at podcasting. But I’m so grateful to her because I would never be where I am today if if it wasn’t for her or if I go back to my webinars one or two years ago I am sure that I would watch them and I’d be like man that was a little brutal that was cringe. But I’m so grateful to her because I could not have crushed my webinar with a 10% live conversion rate on Friday to applications, the best engagement I’ve ever had and feel like I’m absolutely lit up on fire if I hadn’t done so many of these there is no course there is no coach. There is no other answer besides experiencing it yourself, embodying it yourself and making it you. 


That’s how you create authenticity. So I called on Friday at performance because I feel it was so intentional. It was art but it was fully me there was no template. There was nobody’s advice I was following. I was in my body and I was authentically expressing as me in the flow and it was beautiful and it’s the same thing with me. I mean everything podcast the offers we sell my team and my leadership. My social media everywhere I look because I have chosen over and over again to just take the next action to try things to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone because I have chosen to do that. Naturally I have grown and I can look back and say wow like look how far I’ve come that would not have happened if I sat there trying to perfect my webinar slides with somebody else’s template and allowed myself to be so afraid of messing up and of judgment that I never did webinars. So if you look at anything in your business and you’re like how do I get x y z and you’ll get somebody else who has it the answer is they’ve embodied. They’ve experienced it. 


They’ve experienced things that have led them here today and everybody’s also on their own journey so you don’t know where 1 experience is going to lead. It’s about getting clear about what those experiences should be today, staying open to all the future experiences and then just staying consistent and challenging yourself to get outside of your comfort zone because so often we stay in our comfort zone. And really also understanding and shutting down this concept that you can go backwards like being afraid to fail in this sense that it’s a negative thing is going to keep you where you are because it’s going to keep you from doing things that step outside of that comfort zone that risk you quote failing. But if you can’t go backwards what if you can’t fail, what if it can only lead to the next thing and what if you had to go through whatever that thing is that was challenging that wasn’t what you wanted it to be that didn’t hit your numbers but didn’t hit your goal. Whatever it is to get to the next big thing and if you operate that way you have a level of gratitude and acceptance for everything and anything, and you don’t let it prevent you from taking the next step. 


So, I felt inspired to share this with you guys today because after my webinar on Friday, I was just thinking, like, how did I build myself to this level that I was able to do that? And it’s only because I’ve done 50 or sixty webinars. I’m not saying you have to go do 50 or sixty webinars, but I am saying if you do, you’ll be freaking good at webinars because there’s no way you won’t. Every time you do it, you imprint and experience deep within you, not just logically. That you take into the next one, and that’s the best way to learn. Like, that’s how I’ve built my entire business, through experience. I don’t have a college degree; I didn’t take marketing courses that taught me everything. I didn’t follow somebody else’s blueprint. I showed up, I messed up, I made wrong decisions, I made right decisions, right? And wrongs also just said judgment, but I made decisions that brought me closer to my goals, and I made decisions that did bring me closer to my goals, but not in a way I wanted them to, right? And so, through experience, I’ve built every single thing in my life, and I believe that is what we are here to do is experience all spectrums of life, even the struggles, even the challenges, even the failures, even the frustration, even the anger because those things lead to the other spectrums, to the other side of that spectrum. 


Without them and without contrast, like if we never did anything, felt like, ‘Whoa, that did not feel good.’ We would never have the contrast to what does feel good. If we never did a webinar that we weren’t proud of, we wouldn’t have the contrast to know what we would be proud of, so that other side is very important. All right, I hope this makes sense, you guys. I still am in a vortex where sometimes I talk, and I’m like, ‘This is making total sense to me, isn’t making sense to you?’ So, I hope this made sense, and I hope this inspired you to just experience, like, make that your goal this year: how can I just widen my experience? Step outside the box, step outside my comfort zone, try things, and be completely open to whatever comes from that. All right, everybody, I’ll talk to you on Thursday.