If you’re struggling with sales and feeling like your audience doesn’t care about your offer, the problem isn’t the value you’re giving… it’s how you’re talking about it. Too often I see business owners try to be fancy, using complicated jargon to appear more professional or ‘qualified’, when all it does is confuse their audience. If they don’t understand what’s in it for them, they won’t buy. In this episode, I’m sharing how to SIMPLIFY your copy and boil down your messaging to reflect your audience’s core desires. This is the key to sensational copy that turns heads and makes sales!


I’ll be teach you how to:


  • Identify Your Business Category: Determine which of the three main categories your business falls into and infuse that into everything you do.
  • Evaluate Messaging Clarity: Review all your marketing assets and make sure your messaging clearly reflects your ideal customer’s core desires. 
  • Craft Clear Outcome Statements: When promoting a specific offer, how to be crystal clear about the outcome and use language that resonates with your audience.

If you can get potential customers to easily understand what your offer will help them know, be, or do, what the outcome is, and what the overall promise is, you will find selling feels so much easier.


Tune in for a 15 min crash course on how to write sensational copy that converts!


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Emily Hirsh:


Hello my friends, happy April. I can’t believe we’re in q two and I just feel like it’s going to be a good. It’s going to be a good next three months. We have the solar eclipse coming which is super cool. Where I am in Austin it’s going to be totality so 100% and I’m excited. There’s no school. It’s like a whole thing here. I think because they’re anticipating a lot of people will travel here to be able to see it, so I’m excited for that. I just got back from Greece which was so much fun and exhausting. I was only there when you take out travel for five full days so like the 24 hours of travel plus turning around the time and then doing it again. It was a lot but it was an amazing amazing trip. So much fun I forgot how much I love Europe. I haven’t been in a while and I’m like can I now go there for like two months because I love it all right? So today’s podcast is really a simple one and I was inspired to record this after some of my conversations in Greece with other female entrepreneurs. And we did some hot seats and different sessions and of course I always jump in on the marketing stuff and it always gives me content ideas because it shows me where people need the most support and so this is something that I said to one of the girls there as we were working on.


Messaging for something she has and I just think it’s a really good simple reminder for everything in our marketing. So I think you’re going to get a lot of value out of this and go back to your marketing today and literally get ideas of how you could say things better. So whenever I talk about messaging or I am coming up with ideas around messaging you really can break down the 3 categories that everything relates to into these three things and I actually didn’t come up with this I heard this, ah, gosh eight years ago from Russell Brunson but I don’t know if he’s the originator of this and it it just makes it really simple. So everything we create in our marketing and the outcome that we’re trying to give somebody whether it’s a free webinar or a podcast topic. Your actual paid offer. It doesn’t matter anything you are putting out there and the reason why somebody would want to take the action, consume it or buy the offer comes down to these 3 categories: health, relationships and wealth. We can boil down our human desires into those 3 categories pretty much always so what this means is when you are looking at the messaging of a webinar or the messaging around your offer. This was the process I was taking one of the girls through.


Okay, you have this offer that you want to put out tell me what I will be able to do if I buy this offer and go through it. What will I either be able to know be or do what’s the outcome? What’s the promise? Now you hear me talk about this a lot. I’m always like what’s the outcome like I I bring that back in everything related to your marketing but a lot of times what happens is people come back with the outcome and it’s not really what somebody wants like it is but it’s not the way that they would say it and it’s not connected to their true desires. So when you think about you know your free lead gen or your paid offer if I were to ask you today. What is the outcome? What is the promise? Why do I want this and what would I be able to know, be, or do after buying it. And using it or signing up for the webinar. Whatever it is and if your answer back is not baseline as clear as you can get related to a desire or a problem that I have in one of these 3 categories. You can go deeper. So is it health, is it relationships or is it wealth typically your business falls in one of these categories. So for me most of the time the outcomes and the promises that I have are related to wealth right? I can bring it back to it. 


The baseline foundation of what I am able to do in everything I create from my podcast to my free trainings to my free challenge to my paid offers is make you more money wealth right? and so there’s different ways. That we can say that there’s different ways that we can address that there’s different maybe problems that get in the way of that. But at the foundational baseline level. That’s what I’m doing. I’m giving you strategies, tactics, tools, entire programs and a service to make you more money. Right? And so if I’m super clear on that then my messaging will be so clear because then I can make sure when I look at a webinar opt-in page or I look at my sales page or I look at our application page I look at sales emails that even though I’m not saying directly this will make you more money because that would get really old if that’s all that I said I’m still maintaining the promise and the clarity around if you do this, you will make more money right? So first of all I would define what category is your business in. Health, relationships or wealth. That’s pretty simple. Okay, now when you go look at your messaging. Do you feel that it is clear in every part of your messaging like if I read a page if I read an email if I listen to your podcast. Whatever it is, if I watched your webinar would I feel confident and clear in the fact that you would either make me more money, improve my relationships or improve my health?


Like is that subtly infused into everything you do? That’s the first part and the next thing is. In all of your messaging. So whenever you have something specific that you want someone to take action on so that can be a free offer or your paid offer you have to get very very clear about the outcome and using their language and so an exercise that I do all the time is if you have like a headline or even a a main like a subheadline description of your offer or of your free webinar I read it back in the in the form of someone saying I want and then I read it. So if it’s like I want to uplevel my communication with my husband like would somebody say that I don’t know probably not like that’s not really how they would talk that one that one is like close but you get where I’m going that sometimes we use these big. Complicated words or we try to make it more fancy. How we say something and I want you to do the exercise of reading it back as if you were your ideal customer and just saying I want and then read the sentence and if you’re like okay, nobody would say that then.


You need to change the language you need to get more clear and so today an exercise you can do is first define out of the 3 categories what your business falls under then kind of take inventory if I were to go look at all of my different assets as it relates to my marketing. Is there a subtle clear message that everything I do is going to improve their health or improve their relationships or wealth make them more money because that’s important than the specific things that you have in your marketing. The free webinar the free challenge the free lead gen the actual paid offer signing up for a call. All those things are the outcome very very clear about if you do that you will get this. You will have this, you will get clarity around this and is that in their own language almost every single time somebody’s answer to me around this I go a layer deeper so somebody will say back to me here’s an example somebody said back to me recently around this. They said oh well my offer helps someone find their truth. It’s not a bad thing I’m sure that it does but what does that mean? Why do I want to find my truth? Why do I want to connect back to myself? Why do I want to have that connection? What is that going to do for me? Okay, now we can look at.


If you have that, you have alignment then you’re not going to be burned out then you’re probably going to make more money because the actions you take just make sense and you’re not following somebody else. But do you see how if we just said hey sign up for this webinar where I’m going to help you connect and find your truth. Like I don’t think a lot of people, maybe some but I don’t think a lot of people say like I want to find my truth There’s a deeper layer right? If I said to you hey come to this training and I will help you create your Facebook ads strategy that one’s pretty good, but even then why do you want a Facebook ad strategy right? There’s a reason why you want it? The Facebook ad strategy equals something to you. It equals more leads, more sales, more money. Right? So if I just say hey come to this training where I will help you with your Facebook ad strategy. That’s not necessarily bad because that one is pretty specific but there is I can go a layer deeper so keep asking the question. Why? Okay my answer to the outcome you will have if you sign up for this training or you buy this offer is x why does that matter. Okay, why does that matter and what you’ll find is you’ll get to the foundational level of why somebody wants something and it always has to do with health relationships or wealth right? and there are sometimes like.


My overall business addresses the wealth and making more money but I’m able to bring in things like hey if you have an automated marketing strategy then one of the benefits to that is you’re not going to be burnt out and not present in your business. Relationships will improve your health will improve right? So I can actually bring some of that in even though the core promise is wealth for my personal business but the goal is to keep asking yourself the question. Why until you can’t ask the question why anymore and you are at the base deep level of why somebody would want to do something that you’re asking them to do sign up for something for free, buy a paid offer and I can almost guarantee that every single one of you will find opportunity in your messaging if you go do this exercise today. The goal is to get so deep and it doesn’t really take that long but to get so deep that there is no more why you’ve gotten to the base foundation and it’s never complicated like our desires are not complicated as humans again, we want to make more money. We want to be healthy and we want to have great relationships. That’s it there’s different ways to say that there’s different ways that this comes into play but those are our desires. So if you’re saying something that’s in the middle of that like I want to connect to my truth or.


Even if you look at health and you’re like oh well, the outcome is that you would be able to have a diet that you’re clear on. Well why do I want to do that because I want to lose weight because I want to feel better because I want more energy. There’s a layer deeper almost always that most people are missing in their messaging. Go do this exercise today and it’ll make you more money. I promise messaging is so important and sometimes we are not clear on it ourselves and so talking it out is very helpful like this is something that we do with clients and something I do with my mastermind members is getting to that baseline root desire or root problem that we’re solving. And sometimes the only way to do that is to actually talk it out and then kind of look back on it and say okay is this what my ideal customer would say so I know this was a short one today but pretty powerful. Simple simple concept that will make you a lot of money you see that you guys. Going to make you a lot of money if you implement this all right? Thank you so much for tuning in have a beautiful rest of your day and I will talk to you on Thursday.