When you think of the Big Names in your industry, do you think, “I can do that, too!” or do you say, “NO WAY! Rachel Hollis, Marie Foleo, Tony Robbins.. They have something I don’t have, and that’s what makes them successful.”

Too many rising influencers make this mistake in thinking – and today, I’m here to bust that myth. Because, for the past several years, I’ve basically studied “how to become an influencer.” And I discovered a not-so-surprising truth…

It’s not about good luck, or best timing, or *magic.*

There’s a strategy behind building influence, and honestly, it’s accessible to you, too. (Don’t believe me? Tune into this episode, and HEAR ME OUT!)

Yes, the word “influencer” is thrown around a lot, but true influence? It’s not about having the most followers on Instagram (that’s lame, and people are growing skeptical). Building real influence is about growing a community of people who genuinely TRUST you, because you show up for them, time and again (with strategy, ya’ll).

So, in this episode, I’m sharing the 3 most important things you need to do a.s.a.p. to create “true” influence and literally change the world + the lives of your people! Tune into this episode for more about…

The truth about “real influence” in 2019
The tried and true methods of becoming an influencer – per the Big Names
And what you can do to get started today

Tune into this episode for all kinds of truth bombs (and especially if you’re ready to IGNITE your up-and-coming influence!). And then head over to Instagram to share a screenshot of this episode to your stories! Tag @emilyhirsh for a shoutout.

Key Points:
[2:15] What if you had a following so loyal they would buy anything you sell?
[4:27] The word ‘influencer’ is thrown around a lot, but what is it?
[6:18] What creates true influence? Here’s the main 3 things.
[8:04] You have to make time for this! It doesn’t just magically happen.
[9:51] “Nobody says this, but it’s how they’re making millions.”
[12:45] Now, let’s talk about the money maker: your messaging.
[16:44] I was at Russel Brunson’s Inner Circle, and someone asked this question

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