We’ve been on the ‘mom business owner’ track lately because a lot of you have asked questions and have been interested in HOW this whole situation look for me.


I have two babies, a husband and a pre-7 figure business… so yeah, it’s a full load.

#1 Block Scheduling and Batching Will Save You


Whatever you do, schedule the things that you need to do. Workout? Family time? Housework? Work? All of that needs to go on your calendar so that you know what is going on every single day. If not, you’ll likely end up spinning in circles, jumping from one task to another and never really completing anything.


When I schedule my work stuff, I do it in batches so I can do multiple at one time and I don’t have to change gears from one thing to the next. Video creation is several hours one day, a couple hours for checking and responding to email, client strategy calls are only available certain days, etc.


#2 Stop Multi-Tasking and Focus Already


I have family time blocked off after 2 or 3 pm every day and will go several hours without even looking at my phone and my team knows that I likely won’t respond in that timeframe. I also practice being present with my family. If we go to the park, I don’t bring my phone so that my focus is on them. That way the mom guilt stays away 😉


I used to think multi-tasking was awesome until I learned how inefficient I was jumping from task to task.


#3 Delegate


You have to find help and support too… as much as you can. I grew up to DIY like crazy. I’m fortunate enough to have a nanny, a housekeeper and a chef as well as my husband home too so we can take turns with the kids.


You have to prioritize. If I’m spending 5 hours weekly cooking meals, I’m missing 5 hours in my business that I could be generating income. If I have 4 hours with my kids, I don’t want to spend that time cleaning our house and NOT focusing on the babies.


You can absolutely oversee things but you don’t have to DO everything yourself. Get support and get more done. I would have never grown my business to the level it is right now without delegation. You’ll never regret being purposeful with your time.


I think those are the best, BIG tips that I’ve learned over the last 2.5 years. What have you learned in managing family and business? I’d love to hear!